FS3 uses a very simple Experience Point (XP) system. Each week you earn XP that can be used to learn new skills or improve existing ones. This is an IC award, not an OOC one. It reflects the time your character has spent learning/practicing/gaining experience.

Action Skills, Background Skills, and Language Skills are all raised using XP.

Attributes cannot be changed using XP. They reflect aptitudes your character was born with and will only change due to drastic plot developments (disability, genetic manipulation, etc.) at the discretion of staff.

Quirks are also not affected by XP. Quirks can only be changed through roleplay, also at the discretion of staff.

The following chart shows the cost for improving or learning a skill, based on the current level. You may only stockpile up to 16 XP at once, and can only spend them once every 72 hours. This prevents someone from spending a ton of XP to become an expert in something overnight.

Current Level Cost (Action Skill)
0 1
1 2
2 2
3 4
4 4
5 4
6 8
7 8
8 8
9 12
10 12
11 12

Note: Background Skills are half the listed cost. Language Skills cost 3 XP.

Commands for advancement:
+xp/costs - Shows the general cost table and limits on XP spending.
+xp/cost <skill> - Shows the cost to learn or raise one of your skills.
+xp/raise <skill> - Spends XP to raise an Action or Background Skill.
+xp/lang <language> - Spends XP to learn a Language Skill.
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