Full Name: Ava Everson Arnett
Gender: Purple
Age: 18yo
Birthdate: April 18th, 2510
Birthplace: In Space on a ship
Occupation: Techie!
Organization: TBD
Parents: Dr. Juliet Arnett and Aeddan Li
Siblings: None she knows of
Spouse: Nope
Children: Nope!
Actor: Cameron Dove

Known Information


She was born on the Medical Transport Ship to Dr.Juliet Arnett towards the end of the war. She was delivered by a screaming Ship's Computer Tech, Aubrey Everson. So she entered the world. Aubrey was declared her godfather and from and early age she wanted to follow in his footsteps. Learning sign language even as a toddler, traditional and having their own signs between them. Raised on ships for much of her life until about 10 when her mother took a position with a hospital on Londinium and so started the life of boarding schools. Yes plural. She was not well suited for the environment and felt desires to express herself in ways contrary to the schools ideals. And then there was the hacking.. When Her mother was offered to run the Surgical department at the hospital..well it was about the same time as Ava was kicked out of her latest school and she begged to stay with her godfather, Aubrey at the Sanctuary and won. So she has lived there for the last few years, helping out with the kidlets, taking academic lessons from various members of the house, honing her computer skills and the like. She is now striking out on her own in the world.


Well Ava is what one would call a pocket rocket. Only a smidge over five feet tall and with youthful features that will makely have her decrying for many years 'But I am an adult!' Her hair is coloured, most often in any shade of purple from lavender to dark plum. Her eyes are grey with dark ringed irisis with flecks of blue like her mother. Often wearing long tops with leggings or long sleeved tops with miniskirt and leggings. Oddly modest but quirky in design. Whatever outfit she is wearing is often completed with combat boots of some description, from scuffed black to sparkly purple.


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