Full Name: Elisabeta "Betsy" Marcos
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Birthdate: May 24
Birthplace: Londinium
Occupation: "The Muscle"
Organization: Unaffiliated
Parents: Varos and Isabel Marcos, Alliance
Siblings: NA
Spouse: "Oh no…"
Children: "GOD no."
Actor: Natalie Dormer

Known Information

Betsy or "Bets," as she's been going by lately, is known to be incredibly effective muscle for hire. She's talented with a gun, in unarmed combat, and a few other basic weapons. She has the sort of training that talks about a military background but has never been known to given an explanation. Her prices are suspiciously cheap but she's never been known to stay with a crew overly long. Still, if you need a second set of eyes and some specialized protection for a short job, Bets is your girl.


(Warning: Vague spoilers lie ahead!)
Elisabeta Marcos once had a good job as an Alliance security agent. She worked for the government loyally, protected the core planets, and followed orders well. Sure, she questioned some orders on occasion and didn't really like it when her superiors threw their weight around, but no job was perfect, right? For over a decade, she served without issue. She moved up in rank. She gained more trust.

But, as she got more trust, her smarts got her into trouble more often than not. She couldn't ignore some of the things that were happening behind the scenes. There were things going on - tests some of her old friends had been subject to and simply disappeared, highly secret security details to hospitals in the richest of core planets, rumors about experiments on soldiers to make them better - things that kept getting swept under the rug but she couldn't entirely ignore. So, she poked her nose in deeper.

To this day, she couldn't explain all of what happened. Over the last two years, she's managed to put a few pieces of the timeline together, but there's just as much gone. She knew that she felt like she was onto something and gunned for a promotion that got her in the core security team for two hospitals on Londinium. The job included some recovery operations? She knows there were definitely a few hunts for missing criminals (patients??) but most of those memories are fuzzy. She remembers signing a security clearance contract to take the position, a contract that included the agreement to never disclose information she found there, but could they truly take that from her head? Surely not. She remembers drinking a lot in that last year. It was a hard year. Fighting with her boss. Not sleeping. But she still can't quite remember why?

But, whatever reason, she finally ran. All her years of training, security skills, the comfortable Alliance pay, the posh apartment on Londinium, she abandoned it all. Now she's been out on the edge worlds, trying to get jobs that will at least cover enough to drink the worries away and help with a few pills to keep her fighting back the nightmares. She had a nice job on a decent ship for a few months, but then she could feel the Alliance getting too close and she ran. Who knows if they were even looking for her, it might be all in her head. Paranoia is a hell of a drug. But now she's out a job again and has more than a few habits to feed?

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The woman before you looks as much part shadow as she does a woman, her clothes made to blend into the background of whatever setting she's found herself within and loose enough not to tell much about her frame. She's got a set of bags beneath blue-gray eyes to match her dark clothes and her once blonde hair has a dishwater cast to its tone. Her face is normally obscured behind some puff of smoke that comes from a cigarillo hanging out of the corner of her lips. She has a generous mouth, when it's not occupied, and a somewhat aquiline nose. The cut of her shoulders, jaw, and the callouses on her hands all speak of someone with a fair amount of martial training. She's got muscle hidden beneath that draped clothing.

On closer inspection, her clothes are made for movement. The pants gather at her ankles in well loved, heavy treaded boots and then wrap close to her waist with large amounts of fabric between so they fall half like a skirt. She's got a black undershirt that hugs close to her muscled frame but a looser dark cardigan over it and then zip up leather jacket over that, generally left open. Her dishwater blonde hair has been shaved underneath to about halfway up her skull but is little cared for otherwise, in careless waves around her face.


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