Full Name: Björn Birkir Sverrirsson
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Birthdate: July 27
Birthplace: Londinium
Occupation: Gun for hire
Organization: Unaffiliated
Parents: Sverre Dagsson & Hildur Bjarnadottir
Siblings: Thora Sverrirdottir, Gudmund Sverrirsson
Spouse: None
Children: None
Actor: Jai Courtney

Known Information

Former Allience soldier, now hired gun.


Born on Londinium as the son of Sverre Dagsson and his wife Hildur, Björn Birkir Sverrirsson was born into a family that clung to their old Icelandic roots from Earth-that-was. He had two siblings, an older sister named Thora and a younger brother named Gudmund, and they were all a rather close-knit family, even though Sverre and Hildur had to work a lot to earn the money that kept the family living comfortably, the two always took time for a meal together with their children, finding it an important thing to do.
Growing up, it was clear that Björn was someone who was protective of people, and soon, it became apparent that he was going to enlist in the Alliance Military, which he did when he was 18. For about eight years, he was happy there, picking up some other skills from his fellow soldiers, like playing the harmonica and storytelling and such things, aside from his professional skill set.
But then something happened that made him leave the military. What really transpired was never public knowledge, and if you ask Björn, he would only say something like the past being in the past or something, but it’s said it involved an order that might have been a bit on the shady side, Björn’s refusal to do so, and then some altercation between the person giving the order and Björn. In the end, what it came down to was that he was no longer a part of the military.
Spending the next few months going from planet to planet doing odd jobs (and spending a lot of the earned money on alcohol), it was his sister and her husband that caught up with him. They let him stay at their place for a while as he was trying to figure out what to do with himself. After all, being a soldier was what he was good at, not many other things. So after a long time of deliberation, he decided that it was to help people in need as a gun for hire he should be doing. Since then, that has been his work, moving around the verse as needed.


An athletic build and standing slightly above six feet tall, this man looks like someone in the habit of working out regularly. His dark blonde hair, which might look darker than it is in some situations, is kept carefully short in a way that seems to be chosen more for utility than for fashion. His skin looks lightly tanned and weathered, like he tends to spend a bit of time outside. Facial features include pale lips, a nose that seems to be just ever so slightly on the larger side than the average, as well as grey eyes that seem to study the world rather carefully.
He’s currently dressed in comfortable clothes, looking to be chosen for utility as well. Dark trousers and a light shirt as well as a worn leather jacket and comfortable boots.


(2530-09-20) Unification Day
Summary: Speeches, medals, and a gas attack by drone. RL Date: 20 Sep 2020 Related: None ...

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