Dr. Cassiopeia Johnstone
Full Name: Cassiopeia Johnstone
Gender: female
Age: 32
Birthdate: Feb 14th
Birthplace: Londinium
Occupation: Medic
Organization: Eavesdown Clinic
Parents: Dr Hieronymus Johnstone, Liberty Johnstone
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Actor: Scarlett Johansson

Known Information

A doctor working at the Eavesdown Clinic.


Cassiopeia was born 28 ears ago on Londinium, daughter of the known medical researcher Dr. Hieronymus Johnstone and his wife Liberty, and grew up in an intact higher middle class family. She studied Medicine at the University at Londinium, because her parents wished her to, and when she graduated her father expected her to become a researcher just as he, in the area of microbiology. Cassie however had other plans. There is that hobby of hers that has almost turned into an obsession - she collects samples of insects, and is on her way to become a renowned entomologist. That may be the reason why she applied for a job on a spaceship right after she got off university, as she wanted to travel to other worlds allowing her to find and study new specimen. She has been single so far apart from a brief episode with a fellow student and a more recent romance with a captain of a ship, which have led her to the decision not to engage in any complicate relationships for the future and to focus on her work instead.

Cassiopeia's father was very dominant, he really wanted her to become a researcher in microbiology like him. Her mother was always there for her when she needed her. She still misses her now and then.

The most pivotal or important point in her life was when Cassie learned her father had done research in the area of biochemical weapons. A thing she could not accept, with her own high moral standards. It was what made her decide to choose a different path in life, and to start work on a space ship. And to get away from it all.

Some years ago Cassie was easily hired to join the crew of the Morning Star, a cargo ship of sorts, that got her to Eavesdown where she has decided to settle for now, working as a doctor at the local hospital and leading a comparatively low key life.


This slender woman is in her late twenties, it seems. Blonde hair that is usually worn in a orderly ponytail frame a face with blue eyes hiding behind a pair of glasses, that give the woman the competent look one might expect from a Medical Doctor. She wears the functional light blue attire of medical staff worn on a space ship, a longsleeved shirt and comfortable pants, a pair of white slippers covers her feet.


jude Jude : Nurse.
finnegan Finnegan Hill : The other doc.


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