Chandra Harris
Full Name: Chandra Harris
Gender: Non-Binary
Age: 24
Birthdate: July 19
Birthplace: Persephone
Occupation: Many Trades
Organization: Unaffiliated
Parents: Jerome Harris (Deceased)
Nancy Ward (Deceased)
Siblings: Edwin Harris
Vivian Harris
Spouse: Reaper Grimm
Children: Absolutely Not
Actor: Ruby Rose

Known Information

She often frequents Eavesdown Clinic to visit her brother whom she is usually in a fight with…according to most reports. Otherwise, little is known about her and she seems to prefer to keep it that way.


I was born. Now I survive. What else do you want to know?


Standing at just about an even six feet, she has curves filled out where they matter without seeming to ever put on another pound of weight or inch of body. Piercing blue eyes stand out from pale skin and dark hair styled in a sort of pixie cut. A tomboy at best, she wears blue jeans, a black tee shirt and a leather 'biker' style jacket along with a pair of black biker boots.


(2530-09-26) The Church Fundraiser
Summary: A fundraiser for the reopened church doesn't go as planned RL Date: 26 Sept 2020 ...

(2530-08-01) War and Peace
Summary: Two brothers fight, and then sort of make up. RL Date: 01 Aug 2020 Related: None ...

(2530-08-01) Summer Festival at the Clinic
Summary: A blood and vaccine drive outside the clinic RL Date: 1 Aug 2020 Related: None ...

(2530-06-20) The Persephone Polka
Summary: The ball continues, with dancing and merriment. RL Date: 20 Jun...

(2530-06-20) Ballroom Blitz
Summary: The Midsummer Ball ends with a few bangs. RL Date: 21 Jun...

(2530-05-15) The Underground Kidnapping
Summary: Chandra learns of some nobles children being kidnapped and enlists Max to help her save...

(2530-05-09) A Trip to Santos
Summary: Jude wants to celebrate surviving his exams on Santos. Tagging along with Gideon turned out...

(2530-04-29) Of Feds and Criminals
Summary: A gentle conversation becomes heated RL Date: 04 29 2530 Related: None ...

(2530-04-29) Not-Vulture Alfredo Dinner
Summary: Marcus makes a special dinner for Betsy and the crew. Just as they dive into things, the...

(2530-04-27) Miscreants on Main
Summary: Folks run into one another on Main Street. RL Date: 27 Apr 2020 Related: None. ...

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