Donna McKellen
Full Name: Donna McKellen
Gender: Female
Age: 44
Birthdate: 17 Sept
Birthplace: Osiris
Occupation: Nurse
Organization: Eavesdown Clinic
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: None
Spouse: Karn Dalton (2516-2523, divorced)
Children: Marie Caitlin Dalton, b. Dec 2516 (age 13)
Louis Orion Dalton, b. Jan 2518 (age 12)
Adriana "Nina" Carvalho, b. Nov 2515 (age 14, "adopted")
Actor: Kerry Condon

Known Information

Donna McKellen is a nurse at Eavesdown Clinic, recently having settled on Persephone with her family. Previous to that, she was a nurse on the Guan-Yin II hospital ship. In the past, she even captained that ship, and before that she was an engineer. She seems entirely dedicated to her nursing career and her friends and family at this point.

OOC Note: I played Donna actively on SerenityMush from 2008-2012, and again from 2017-2019. I have made slight adjustments to her background, and that of the Guan-Yin, to fit the timeline on FSF. In all aspects that matter, she is the same character.


Records show that Donna McKellen was born on Osiris to parents who ran a moderately successful business together. They were middle class, especially by Core standards, but did well enough. The family moved back and forth several times between Osiris and Beaumonde, where they had a few factories, and Donna went through public education on both worlds (through high school level). She also received training and worked at the factory's machine shop, repairing hover-lifts and other equipment.

Her parents died when she was seventeen, and some time after this she began working on one of the company's cargo liners as an assistant engineer. Both Donna and the company hit hard times. She began drinking heavily and using drops. When the company closed down, she drifted from one job to another for several years, until she was finally forced to pull herself together and turn things around. She went through rehab.


Just after she turned 26, Donna got a job as an engineer on the Guan-Yin, a hospital ship which had started serving those in need during the War. The crew soon switched to a new ship (a Trans-U), which Donna helped to overhaul. She settled in among the crew and got her footing with living sober. She was promoted to XO, and through a bizarre twist ended up as captain of the Guan-Yin II at age 28. Though uncertain of her qualifications, she grew into it and led the crew like a big family. They included her XO, Shepherd Stephen McManus; and another engineer, Karn Dalton, who she would date and marry. The ship traveled throughout the Verse, offering medical care free of charge to those who needed it. The did fundraising and medical cargo runs. They responded to outbreaks of disease, man-made and natural disasters, calls for evacuation, and similar situations. However, most of the ship's work was ordinary, honest medical care provided throughout the Rim and Border worlds.

As she approached her 30th birthday, Donna decided to start training as a nurse. Ever since joining the Guan-Yin, she had wanted to be able to help the patients more directly. Later that year, she and Karn had a daughter: Marie Caitlin Dalton. With the demands of motherhood and nursing studies added to her responsibilities as captain, and with several good friends disappearing or leaving the crew, Donna's health began to suffer. When she became pregnant again, she and Karn decided to leave the ship and settle on Paquin to start their family. There, she gave birth to a son: Louis Orion Dalton.


Not long after completing nursing school and starting her residency, Donna learned that Karn was cheating on her. They tried to work past it. He swore it wouldn't happen again. But it did. She separated from him and spiraled for a while, falling off the wagon and having several affairs. She pulled herself back together, and back into recovery. She and Karn divorced in 2523. A year and a half later, she moved with the children to New Melbourne, taking a job at New Melbourne City Center Hospital. This was a fresh start, re-establishing her family unit and her new self-image as a nurse.


In 2528, she received a wave from her old friend Shepherd McManus, requesting help on Aberdeen. This event brought her back to the Guan-Yin, and they worked together to stop a highly virulent outbreak. Unfortunately, the disease claimed the shepherd's life. Before he died, he surprised Donna with the news that he had a son, and asked her to locate and check on Jude. Donna decided to stay with the Guan-Yin, and convinced Jude to sign on with the crew as well. For the next year and a half, she served on board as a nurse. During that time, she met and started dating Dr. Arcangelo "Archie" Maldini, while helping find a cure for his ward Nina (a fast friend to Marie).

At the end of 2529, Donna and Archie moved with the children to Persephone City, once again settling on land for a variety of reasons. She now works at the Eavesdown Clinic and is studying to become a nurse practitioner.


This woman stands barely over one and a half meters (five feet) but she carries herself with confidence. She looks to be in her early forties, and she hasn't tried to wipe away
the lines that are starting to show her age. Those collect mostly around her vibrant, steel blue eyes. She has chestnut hair which falls loose and straight, to the middle of her
back. She wears minimal make-up. Her voice is rather coarse, and she speaks with an Irish accent.


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