Karl Fine
Full Name: Karl Rupert Fine
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Birthdate: November 28
Birthplace: Persephone
Occupation: Port Master
Spouse: Suzie
Children: Never!
Actor: Mark Addy

Known Information

Karl's official title is Port Master of the Eavesdown Docks. He runs the operation with the proverbial iron fist in a (very raggedy, by now) velvet glove (and when push comes to shove, a baseball bat and a sawn-off shotgun). Not much escapes his attention. The Port Master's office is a rusting shipping container painted in chequered white and black, and his inner sanctum is guarded by a young woman going by the name of Stacey, who has spent so much money on tattoos she has very little left for clothes. She has the manners of a pitbull, and sees it her task to keep people away by means of loading them down with paperwork.


EARLY LIFE: Karl Fine's early life centered around the docks on Persephone. His father was a stevedore, there was no question that Fine wouldn't follow in his footsteps. His father was gullible, subscribing to every Cortex-spread idea that the Alliance was run by alien shape-shifting lizard-men, the Alliance secretly drugged the water supplies to keep people submissive, etc. Oh, wait. So Karl developed the same mindset. Academic schooling was brief and mostly ignored other than to note that other people's skillsets could be useful in completing his homework, especially if encouraged with his fists. But he was never a bully for the sake of being a bully - inflicting pain for pain's sake was not his style. What prevented (to a point) more frequent suspensions was his solid ability as a hooker in the scrum. What happens in the scrum stays in the scrum.

GETTING AHEAD: His last day at school was literally his first day of work, and he was and is a solid worker, progressing steadily from the lowest of the low moving cargo manually, to driving the MULEs, to foreman. He is unafraid to use his fists and he's unafraid to fight - not exactly dirty, but with an uncanny ability to end a fight quickly. He is smart enough to pick his fights carefully and to use any psychological advantage he can get, picking out a person's weaknesses and using them to his advantage without, by preference, that person knowing his exploitation. So he elicits respect, and sometimes fear, without those around him being able to put a finger on why. Leapfrogging up the heirarchy of the docks, he is now dock superintendant or dockmaster, an ideal position to play the field, keep the status quo or shake it up when necessary, and provide information or services rendered for profit.

PERSONAL LIFE: Karl married in his early twenties, which even so was a little late by Persephone standards. His wife, Suzie, is a skinny and somewhat plain girl with a similar background and they married when she was barely legal. He adores her, so smotheringly so that she finally rebelled by starting a series of one-night stands when he was working night shift. Some years ago he walked in on one, she played the wide-eyed innocent, and for the first and only time in his life he completely lost it. The man's body was found some days later in a drainage canal. Now she's smarter in keeping her infidelity from him, and she is seeing another woman. How that will play out with Karl's macho nature remains to be seen. They are childless, not through want of unprotected sex but because he is infertile. Not that he'll ever admit it or seek treatment for it. As a result, his deep subconscious has developed a phobia of children as an excuse for starting to wear protection. Another reason for Suzie to play the field.



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