Florence Yang - NPC
Full Name: Florence Yang
Gender: female
Age: has been 45 for a while
Birthdate: known to few
Birthplace: Sihnon
Occupation: Owner of the Pearl House in Eavesdown
Organization: Pearl
Parents: Yang Jianhong, Yang Huiyin
Siblings: several
Spouse: none
Children: none
Actor: Michelle Yeoh

Known Information

Florence Yang has been running the Pearl Companion House in Eavesdown for the last six years. She's known to treat her girls with a kind but firm hand. She insists on extra good manners and a girl prone to lose her temper will soon find herself on the streets. While it is common knowledge that she originally hails from Sihnon, few people know what made her leave the planet and even fewer know why she always takes such great care to cover herself up. She rarely receives clients herself, but makes sure that every client will walk away happy from time spent with one of the companions of Pearl House.


Yang Ming Zhu, better known under her anglicized name Florence Yang, was born amid the fabulously rich, successful and influential Yang Clan on Sihnon. Like most Chinese families, they could trace their ancestors back to Earth-that-was and always stuck together once they had settled on Sihnon. Ming Zhu’s life was pretty much mapped out for her, enjoy a few years of partying, shopping and exploring herself before settling down for a successful business career and equally rich husband. Except… when going out to party, teenage Ming Zhu became really impressed with the companions she saw moving around the high-class establishments – their beauty, grace and wit – and became intrigued by their lifestyle.

Her family was of course absolutely horrified when Ming Zhu finally told them that she would not go into a high-flying career to make lots of money and marry the man they had already picked out for her, but to train as a companion instead. Breaking with them and her whole support system was the hardest thing she ever did and something she never really fully got over. It made her hard and cool inside, but also determined to become the best of the best. To spare her family, she assumed the English name Florence and moved from Sihnon to more westernized Londinium, where she could better trade on her exoticisim and also get closer to important politicians.

For years Florence was one of the most in-demand companions with only a few very well-paying rich clients. But eventually a younger rival turned up, the beautiful Feng Ying Yue, also known as Allegra Feng, who had her eyes set on one of Florence’s best clients to use him for influence in parliament and help her middle class family on Sihnon to prosper. This turned into a veritable feud and bitch fest and at one point, during a classy dinner in a Chinese restaurant on Londinium, scalding hot fat from a traditional steamboat dinner was “accidentally” poured over Florence by a (bribed) waitress. She suffered burns on her upper body and right arm and despite all the magic of modern plastic surgery, the scars never entirely disappeared. Feeling “broken” and also defeated by Allegra (and realizing her advancing age), Florence decided to retire and start her own house of a new generation of companions somewhere far away. She also started only ever wearing long-sleeved buttoned-up cheongsams and similar garb to cover up her blemishes.

One of her clients knew that the companion house in Eavesdown was in need of leadership as not many high class companions wanted to work this far from Persephone City, but the quiet little town with access to the big city and the vast spaceport turned out to be the perfect choice for Florence: Here she could be a big fish in a small pond, training girls and enjoying her status. She’s never forgiven Allegra Feng though and might deep inside still be plotting revenge against her former rival on Londinium….



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