Full Name: Frankie Kelly
Gender: Female
Age: Mid Twenties
Birthdate: June 5th
Birthplace: Paquin
Occupation: Mechanic
Organization: Unaffiliated
Parents: A mom. Somewhere.
Siblings: Probably not.
Spouse: Pfffft
Actor: Hattie Watson

Known Information

Frankie is a mechanic in town that is looking for a job or even just a way off Persephone, as just about anyone who frequents the docks or local dive bars can certainly attend too. She talks about it ad nauseam, especially after a drink or two. She's cocky too. And a little rough around the edges.



There's something a little odd about Frankie, and it's likely not her pale, freckled face, or the mass of messy red hair that she sports, usually left wild or tethered in a loose ponytail or bun. It's probably not her petite nose or lightly hued lips, or the various bits of silver jewelry that pierce her eyebrows and ears, nor her many tattoos. And it's almost certainly not the bright and welcoming smile that often lights up her face and exudes a youthful innocence. It's the eyes. Large Hazel eyes that sometimes seem to contradict that innocence she's projecting. A little too crazy those eyes, one might think. A little too intense.

Rising to only a few inches over five feet, this young woman appears to be in her mid twenties. Her slender shoulders have been left nearly bare today, only the slender straps of her tank-top crossing them. Her top is a simple grey cotton number, scooped low enough in front to show just a hint of her cleavage, cleavage that is topped by a large, wonderfully coloured heart tattoo. The top is snug and ends just low enough to expose a hint of tummy before her low-riding cargo pants take over her coverings. Simple, worn black work boots complete her outfit, giving her a rather unassuming look.


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