Galen Thatcher
Full Name: Galen Aeryn Thatcher
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthdate: January 6
Birthplace: Persephone
Occupation: Criminal
Organization: Underground
Parents: Jillian & Brent
Siblings: Mark (Three Years Older)
Brandt [Deceased]
Elwin (Four Years Younger)
Actor: Drew Fuller

Known Information


Brent and Jillian lived in two worlds: one from a wealthy family on the nicer side of Persephone, and the other destitute. When they met, however, the two of them connected and became fast childhood friends despite the differences. When he left for Medical school over on Ariel, he had never forgotten about his best friend. The love he had for Jillian was true and pure, and when he completed his schooling he returned to Persephone and married her, focusing on the life as a Doctor, working out of a practice on Persephone.

Their first son, Mark, was born, and they couldn’t be happier. Two years later they had Brandt, and a year later Galen was born. The last was born four years later as a surprise, and much to the displeasure of Galen, who was the third born. Mark was destined to become a Doctor like his father. He was an over achiever, a hard worker, and focused too much on work rather than pleasure and was determined to make his father proud of him.

Galen was close to Brandt, his brother that was closest to him in age. The two of them were best friends, got into mischief together and got along really well together. They got into their share of trouble, got mixed up into things they shouldn’t, which only frustrated their parents and the oldest brother. Mark, who never got along with Galen and who thought Galen was insufferable, especially when together with Brandt. So Mark intervened, hoping to create responsibilities and to help his younger brothers grow. He encouraged Brandt to work hard and get into Medical school, aided him in doing so, and was awarded when Brandt was sent a letter at fifteen with a position that will be open for him when he was old enough to take the classes.

Galen was not happy. He was infuriated with Mark’s interference. With Brandt so busy, Galen was left to his own devices and so often ended up in a troubling situation that put his parents at their wits end. He was rebellious, was often too lazy to complete his studies, and fell in with the wrong crowd. Brandt tried to make time for him and to hang out, but things had changed.

When Galen was sixteen and Brandt was seventeen, the two of them were hanging out where Galen preferred it: over on the rougher side of the Persephone. Typically, Galen got into a fight. With Brandt there he, of course, had his brother’s back, but the people he started a fight with were not messing around. They took out their weapons and things got real, very fast when Brandt was stabbed. The wound was too serious and he did not pull through. Galen was devastated, and felt immensely guilty, which didn’t help that his family blamed him, too.

He walked away from his home and didn’t look back. From sixteen and onward he stayed on the streets, living life the way he liked it. Sometimes sleeping where ever he could find a bit of shelter; sometimes sleeping in a little more luxury if he managed to win big at gambling. He became a thief, and then a smuggler as he got older, working on skills to survive on the streets, making sure to hold his trusty pistol close should things go awry. He has also got it out for those people who killed his brother.



Galen is a tall, striking young man that comes up to six feet. His almost wild features give him a sort of dangerous look, his appearance easily giving the impression that he might be up to no good. His black hair is about ear length, and flops over his head in an unkempt style, often spiked unevenly from dragging his hands through it. A shadow of facial hair covers his oval shaped face, and his green eyes stand out sharply.


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