Dr. Edwin Harris - NPC
Full Name: Edwin Harris
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Birthdate: Nov 25th
Birthplace: Persephone
Occupation: Psychologist
Organization: Private Practice
Parents: Jerome Harris (Deceased)
Nancy Ward (Deceased)
Siblings: Chandra Harris
Vivian Harris
Spouse: None
Children: Liam (Unknown)
Actor: Daniel Brühl

Known Information




(2530-09-26) The Church Fundraiser
Summary: A fundraiser for the reopened church doesn't go as planned RL Date: 26 Sept 2020 ...

(2530-08-01) Doctor Blight
Summary: Saoirse tries to kill Darius but is stopped by Kieran. RL Date: 01 Aug 2020 Related:...

(2530-03-15) Donna meets Dr. Harris
Summary: Donna and Dr. Harris chat during a calm day of work. RL Date: 2019 Mar 15 Related: None...

(2530-02-06) Dr. Harris' Sister
Summary: Dr. Edwin Harris' sister needs patching up. RL Date: 6 Feb 2530 Related: None ...

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