Dr. Leo Ito - NPC
Full Name: Dr. Leonard "Leo" Ito
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Birthdate: 2476
Birthplace: Osiris
Occupation: Doctor of Family Medicine, Senior Doctor at Eavesdown Clinic
Organization: Eavesdown Clinic
Parents: George and Laura Ito
Siblings: Michael and Alice
Spouse: Pamela Smith Ito
Children: Sarah (20) and Jeanne (18)
Actor: Hiroyuki Sanada

Known Information

He received his medical degree from the MedAcad on Osiris and has worked there for most of his prestigious career in Family Medicine. After retiring from his personal practice, he decided to take on a little 'lighter' work by accepting the role of Senior Doctor at Eavesdown Medical Clinic. With both of his daughters now in college on Osiris, he and his wife have moved to a reputable neighborhood in Eavesdown.


He has a wonderful background about which very few people know. He chooses to manage those who work for him by guiding and encouraging, rather than lording over them. He is generally well liked.



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