Full Name: Jude Connolly
Gender: male
Age: 19
Birthdate: 28-01-2510
Birthplace: Persephone City
Occupation: Aspiring Rockstar / Trainee Nurse
Organization: Eavesdown Clinic
Parents: Charlene and Stephen
Siblings: Cian, Melanie + Megan (Twins)

Known Information

Jude is currently in his first year at Nursing School in Persephone City, helping out at Eavesdown Clinic to gain practical experience with patients. His greatest ambition and wildest dream is to become a rock star, playing stadium tours all over the Verse. So far he's only busking in the Main Street though and once in a while doing little gigs in the pubs of Eavesdown.


Jude grew up on the small rural planet of Kerry with his mum Charlene and stepdad Dean, who was one of the first settlers there and acquired a large area of good farmland where they keep cattle and grow wheat. Jude does remember that it wasn’t always thus. That he spent his first years in a rough neighbourhood of Persephone City, where Charlene worked as a waitress, barely making enough to keep them both afloat. That she had told him his father was dead. He didn’t question that further and was glad when they moved to Kerry and he got a stepdad with Dean. He also welcomed the siblings that arrived later, first his brother Cian, then the twins Melanie and Megan.

He couldn’t help feeling that Dean, perhaps unconsciously, preferred his own son Cian and as he grew into a teenager, started to hang out with the bad boys of the nearest bigger town where they all went to school. He picked up the guitar and began dressing in some sort of poor man’s rock star chic with too-tight pants and leather jacket. Eventually he started dying his naturally black hair platinum blonde and got some questionable tattoos, while dreaming of getting out of Kerry and experience the bright lights of the big cities. Charlene didn’t know how to make him feel better about anything or convince him that college might be a splendid idea.

The Truth comes out

He was still moping about at home, recently graduated from school and unsure what to do with himself, when a certain Donna McKellen appeared on the farm, introducing herself as an old friend of his real father – and finally the whole truth came out. Charlene had had a brief love affair with young Shepherd Stephen McManus, who, when forced to make a choice, chose God and his calling over the woman, unaware that he had left her pregnant. And while he was willing to support her and the child financially, he wasn’t ready to give up his vows for them. She raised the child on her own for the first years, naming him for Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes and when Jude was old enough to ask questions, decided it was better to tell him that his father was dead rather than that he wanted nothing to do with him. As the years went by Jude lived his life on Kerry, unaware that his father was alive and racked with guilt. When the shepherd caught a deadly virus, he confessed everything to Donna and asked her to find his son and check on him as one final favour.

A new start

It took Jude quite a bit to digest the double shock of his mother‘s lies and the fact that his father had lived… then died before he could meet him. But he also realized that Donna was his chance to get away from Kerry. He followed her to Persephone where she was working as a nurse and, aware that he couldn‘t live on his rock star dreams alone, decided to follow in her footsteps by enrolling in nursing school. Now he divides his time between school, the clinic, a job at an Irish pub and his music.


His weedy built makes Jude appear taller than he really is. He has a thin face with full lips and a pair of large green eyes, flecked with gold. He has an impressive mop of -very- blonde hair though one closer look is enough to realize that it's growing black at the roots. Skinny legs in very tight fashionably ripped black denim are stuck in clompy black biker boots. When he isn‘t covering up with his leather jacket, his skinny arms are revealed to be covered in cheap tattoos.


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