Full Name: Kieran "Ciaran" Corrigan
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Birthdate: June 8th
Birthplace: Greenleaf
Occupation: Cook
Organization: Unaffiliated
Parents: Fearghus Corrigan
Aoife Corrigan
Siblings: Iain Corrigan
Keeva Corrigan
Spouse: None
Children: None
Actor: Tivor Pusch

Known Information



Before you is a man who's about 6'2", 180 lbs who looks young at first glance, still maybe in his twenties, until you get a look at those eyes, the eyes of someone who's been through things. He keeps his long fiery red hair with the most of the sides tied in a tail and the rest loose almost touching his shoulders. Regardless of how he changes his hair has a thin long elf braid by his left ear clipped at the base by a silver bauble, some Celtic work adorning it. His deep emerald eyes are very piercing, and his walk is with reasonable grace and assuredness. He is thin, but not emaciated looking, seeming definite musculature on his lean frame. Perhaps wiry would best describe the man. A slight beard and moustache adorn his face, probably to counter the baby face.

A silver ear clip with a Celtic design is on his right earlobe, both ears having large gauge rings in them however, stretching the lobes some, and he has a sliver pendant with a rune on it, pulled tight against his throat. The look of some more leather cords are there around his neck but anything they might hold dip below his green buttoned shirt, a darker shade than his eyes. A multi pocket brown waist coat is worn over it, and some dark leather suspenders over that, with metal loops that look like they're able to have something clipped to them, holsters for weapons perhaps. Those suspenders are clipped to the loops of his faded and worn blue jeans, a brown well worn belt also looped through, some cared for but well used cowboy boots adorning his feet. Today worn over all that is a brown armored coat, the typical kind that Browncoats wore during the war.


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