Dr. Lenny Sweet
Full Name: Dr. Lenore "Lenny" Sweet
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Birthdate: March 14
Birthplace: Sihnon
Occupation: Trauma Surgeon
Organization: Eavesdown Clinic
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: No Marital Records
Children: No Birth Records
Actor: Christina Ricci

Known Information


Little is know about her background publicly, though she is very clearly from the core worlds, and her accent when she speaks Chinese would suggest Sihnon.


Lenny wears her blonde hair to just above her shoulders, usually swept back out of her expressive hazel eyes. Her skin is fair, frame petite. Her makeup is light with a touch of gold dusting her eyelids. She appears to be in her mid-thirties, slim in build, standing at just over five feet tall. Her wrists are fine-boned, fingers neatly manicured.


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