Lukas Farmington III
Full Name: Lukas Jenner Farmington III
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthdate: March 23
Birthplace: New Cardiff, Londinium
Occupation: Pilot
Organization: Unaffiliated
Parents: Lukas Farmington II, Wilma Farmington
Siblings: TBA
Spouse: None
Children: None
Actor: KJ Apa

Known Information


Lukas Jenner Farmington III was born in New Cardiff on Londinium. His father, Lukas Farmington II, serves in Parliament and is a powerful, wealthy noble with a great deal of influence. His mother, Wilma Farmington, is the curator of the Farmington Gallery of Modern Art, a prestigious fine art museum in New Cardiff. This left Lukas to be primarily raised by his tutors and nanny, Mrs. Philpott.

Lukas' education was the best that could be purchased. He learned the fine points of etiquette, music, horseback riding and fencing. That upbringing and private education also left him a bit isolated. He grew up with few friends and little exposure to the rough and wild world outside of his mansion and the upper crust neighborhood of New Cardiff. It was something he began to imagine as a universe of adventure and excitement that he desired to see.

As a teenager, Lukas begged his mother to convince his father to allow him to take piloting lessons. His father was rather against it, as he believed Lukas should follow in his footsteps and serve in politics. Several arguments later, Lukas was begrudgingly granted private piloting lessons with a professional transport pilot. He loved it, but more than anything, he saw it as his opening to eventually leave Londinium looking for that wild adventure he so craved.

When Lukas turned 18, his father presented him with the paperwork and opportunity to attend one of Londinium's most renowned universities with the expectation of him pursuing political science. Lukas flunked out after one semester, and instead of telling his parents, he hopped a shuttle offworld. Now, he's looking for a crew to join so that he can buy his way onto the great adventure that awaits!


Lucas is an attractive young man with thick, short brown hair. He stands 5"9' tall, with a thin waist that's overshadowed by broad shoulders, large arms and a thick chest. While not an athlete, he's definitely carefully sculpted his appearance for maximum aesthetics and spent plenty of time maintaining his body. He wears simple, black denim button up shirt, the top buttons left open to show the pendant hanging from the leather cord around his neck and the divot between his pecs. His slacks are a dark green cargo pants with strategically torn holes over the knees. While his outfit is meant to look like an average spacer's, those in the know would see the illusion is blown by the fact that all of the clothing is from the most expensive core world brands.


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(2530-05-11) Child's Play
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(2530-05-11) Busy Lunch
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(2530-05-10) Doohickey Repairs
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(2530-05-07) Lost
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(2530-05-05) Companionship
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(2530-05-04) Hard Lessons
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(2530-05-03) The Deal
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