Full Name: Marcus Kincaid
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Birthdate: 2/2/2501
Birthplace: Bellerophon
Occupation: Pilot
Organization: Ex-Military
Parents: Estranged
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Actor: Jack Lasky

Known Information

Core World born and raised, graduate of the Alliance Naval Academy, Spotless Career in the Alliance Navy serving on Alliance Capital Ships as a Astrogation officer.



Slightly tosseled light brown hair over a pair of bright blue eyes, a slightly off center smile, sharp nose, and just a little too large ears make up the face of this young man. He stands around five and ten, with a slight but athletic build. His clothing looks to be of high quality and well tailored, but not exactly brand new. The material is just on the side of servicable over fashionable, made to last while still looking acceptable in high society, mostly dark colors and neutrel tones rounded out with what is clearly a form of military service boot. His stance and his walk, is that of a man who is use to moving in formation, as a cog in a larger machine, every move exactly timed, nothing calm or easy about his gait or posture.


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