Full Name: Michael Marcus Murphey Jr
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Birthdate: August 13
Birthplace: Ariel
Occupation: Anglican Vicar
Organization: Unaffiliated
Parents: Mother - Michelle Murphey - Nurse
Father - Michael Murphey Sr - General Surgeon
Siblings: Rachelle Jessica Murphey - Neural Surgeon (PB Katie McGrath) (35yrs)
Genevieve Cassandra Murphey - General Surgeon (PB Kim Director) (38yrs)
Spouse: The Church
Children: None
Actor: Tom Mison

Known Information



The first thing one might notice at first glance about this man is the white clerical collar that is common to priests everywhere. The fact that everything he is wearing is black makes that collar stand out all the more. He is about 6'1" in height and is very slender, which might give the illusion of more height. He almost always has a long, narrow white cane with him, which tends to be out in front of him sweeping across the ground in arcs when he's moving. And when he can, he's always touching something. A wall, the top of a counter or table, the back of a chair. Something.

His shoulder length dark brown hair has a little bit of silver at his temples and has been pulled tightly into a tail at the nape of his neck. He has thick eyebrows the same shade as his hair that arch over his eyes. Silver, those eyes never seem to settle or focus on anything around him. His nose is long and narrow, his lips seem always ready to offer a kind smile. He beard and mustache are neatly trimmed and groomed. His expression is often one of serene tranquility, but the pale eyes are kind.


(2530-09-26) The Church Fundraiser
Summary: A fundraiser for the reopened church doesn't go as planned RL Date: 26 Sept 2020 ...

(2530-09-20) Unification Day
Summary: Speeches, medals, and a gas attack by drone. RL Date: 20 Sep 2020 Related: None ...

(2530-09-10) Church Chat
Summary: Skyler wanders into the church and has a chat with Michael, irreverantly. RL Date: 10 SEP...

(2530-08-17) Simka Speaks
Summary: A mute child talks and a blind vicar sees RL Date: 17 Aug 2020 Related: Link to Logs...

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