Missy - NPC
Full Name: Everyone calls him Missy, even to his face.
Gender: Male. Despite the name.
Age: Late twenties
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Persephone
Occupation: Shipping Company boss (and criminal)
Organization: Underground
Parents: Unknown at this time
Siblings: Unknown at this time
Spouse: Several mistresses
Children: Unknown at this time
Actor: Marcus Jean Pirae

Known Information

Missy runs a shipping company, the middleman between suppliers/consumers and the transport ships. If you're a ship's captain, he'll make sure you have a full cargo in and out of Persephone - for a cut, of course. If you're a trader, he'll make sure your perishables and your livestock and your high-value goods and your goods that aren't declared on the manifest get there intact - for a cut, of course. If you're unwilling to pay the middleman, then accidents happen. Cargo gets diverted. Perishables end up rotting in the sun. His isn't the biggest shipping company on Persephone, and when you first do business with him he's the cheapest. After he gets to know your cargos, your timetable, your crew…then the price starts to increase. He's careful enough to stay low on Pepela's radar and takes care to 'donate' to her promptly, adding a little extra here and there in the way of expensive presents.

He's a flamboyant, gaudy, generous, womanizing, sadistic, sonofabitch who makes big donations to charities, particularly those benefiting orphans and, of course, law enforcement. He has expensive tastes in alcohol and women and terrible tastes in clothes and decor.

He works out of a fortified warehouse and yard on the edge of the Eavesdown docks. Comprised mostly of stacked shipping containers, it's where the cargoes are transferred and stored, day and night. Razor wire, floodlights, and an assortment of heavily armed disposable thugs deter the curious. He is usually accompanied by his bodyguard, Dani, whose skills with various oriental weapons from the katana to some of the very nasty ones is notorious, and a variable and ever-changing quantity of disposable secretaries, mistresses, and secretary-mistresses.

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