Full Name: Mykaela Aeryth Ryleigh Smythe
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birthdate: November 18
Birthplace: Ariel
Occupation: Doctor
Organization: Alliance
Parents: Mother - Edith Smythe
Father - Darren Smythe
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Actor: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Known Information



Standing at about six feet in height, Mykaela is what could be considered fair of face. Her complexion is the shade of dusky milky tea, her skin smooth. Steely blue eyes have a hint of darker shades, a natural almond shape to them with a bit of a lift at the outer corner, with black brows above them. She has black hair that reaches to her mid thigh in length, tumbling in soft waves over her shoulders and back. The sides are drawn back and secured with a black hair tie. Dangling from her earlobes are two pairs of earrings, the first of which is a small silver hoop, and the second of which is an engraved bone hoop. The skin of her neck is mostly hidden by a length of thin crimson fabric looped loosely and knotted to the right side, short tails dangling free. She has a crimson cotton blouse that buttons up the front, the top few buttons undone and showing a bit of skin. The shirt is styled to fit close but be comfortable. The sleeves are long, neatly folded to her elbow and secured with a pair of buttons. Below her shirt, Mykaela wears a pair of brown leather pants that fit her a bit loose, for sake of comfort. The pants are supple and soft, showing a bit of wear.

On her feet are a pair of black leather boots that have a thick but soft sole to them, her pantlegs pulled down overtop of them. Either worn or carried by the slender and athletically-built woman is a black leather duster.


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