Full Name: Nicholas Adler
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Birthdate: 8th January
Birthplace: Beylix
Occupation: Smuggler Captain
Organization: Silver Dragon
Parents: Alive and Well
Siblings: Several
Spouse: None
Children: None
Actor: Idris Elba

Known Information

Nicholas (Nick) Adler is the Captain of the Silver Dragon, a Sandfly class transport of some small reknown in the criminal underground as a fairly reliable smuggler and occasionally other things.


Nicholas Adler was born on Beylix. He was one of the many children who grew up around the scrapyards and garbage dumps, sent at a young age to try and find useful pieces of material dumped there. His parents were poor but well-intentioned, so he grew up loved but under-educated. When the war came around, he joined up with a group of his friends; gangly youths who saw it as their way off the trash planet. Along the way, he developed a belief for the Browncoat cause, and rose through the ranks to become a Sergeant. He was at Serenity Valley, where an explosion that was too close to him took him out of the fight, and left him with burn scars on his body, and a partial loss of his hearing for the rest of his life.

When the defeat of the Browncoats came, Nick slunk back to Beylix. With his newfound strength and training, he fell in with the criminal underworld there. Now he was sending gangs of urchins to fetch and clean scrap, which they sold to the smugglers who made their pit stops on the world. With his easy charm, his technical knowledge and (when all else failed) his ability to lie through his teeth, he made a fairly good living. Growing bored of the planet, he signed on as a crewmember aboard a smuggling ship, and there he spent a good ten years learning the trade.

Eventually, he had enough saved up for a ship of his own. The Silver Dragon, a Sandfly-class transport. He’s been travelling through the ‘verse for about half a decade now, taking on all manner of jobs. Mainly smuggling, although he’s not opposed to a bit of theft – especially if it annoys the Alliance. A recent brush with a gang of pirates killed a couple of crewmembers and most of the others jumped ship when they got back to Persephone, so he’s looking to fill out the Dragon’s roster before moving on. Although Nick isn’t a bad Captain, as such, but he dislikes strong ties to people and so he tends to take on temporary hires. It takes an unusual person to stick with him for long.


A tall, Black man with a solid frame. Short hair and a neat goatee are both dark, peppered with grey. These, and the lines around his eyes and mouth, give him a grizzled look. His eyes are a deep brown. He wears worn, hard-wearing clothing beneath a long, brown leather coat. A pistol sits on each hip, their grips old but well-maintained. He has a Border accent, his voice low in the bass and as smooth as silk.


(2530-10-07) Unexpected Cargo
Summary: The Silver Dragon has a job - to pick up some cargo and hold onto it. It's not quite what...

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