Full Name: Nikias MacRoberts
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Birthdate: September 23
Birthplace: Verbena
Occupation: First Officer for the Fallen Angel
Organization: Fallen Angel
Parents: Jared and Sarah MacRoberts
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: Don't think there are any?
Actor: David Boreanaz

Known Information


Nikias was born to Jared and Sarah McRoberts on Verbena, September 28, 2486. His parents were farmers but his head was always in the clouds with a desire to see the 'verse and fly those amazing ships that brought cargo on and off planet. He went through normal schooling and got himself hired onto a ship as an apprentice pilot when he turned 18. Everything was going well for him he was learning to fly with the ease of a natural and eventually he ended up being primary pilot for a crew hauling goods between a few of the border worlds.

Then the war kicked off and his desire to continue to be a free man and not having the Alliance meddling in everything going on in the 'verse caused him to join the Browncoats… His skills as a pilot kept him flying transports hauling supplies from one base to another as well as running a few blockades to get goods to those who needed them. He saw action just like about everybody else in the the war but he spent most of his time shipside. When the war ended he sort of drifted for a while before he was hired on by Martie to act as her pilot. Then the mechanic couldn't keep the ship flying so Nikias went off to work little jobs with other ships earning some money to buy the parts to repair the ship and get flying again with Martie and crew.



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