Full Name: Lt. Nicola "Nikki" Kennedy
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthdate: September 15th
Birthplace: Boros
Occupation: Alliance Pilot
Organization: Alliance
Parents: Mother: Col. Ruth Kennedy (Rtd), D.F.C. and bar
Father: Unknown
Siblings: None known
Spouse: None
Children: None
Actor: Michelle Rodriguez

Known Information

Hot-headed and disrespectful to authority. But, a damn sharp pilot.


Flying is in Nikki Kennedy's blood. Her parents were both pilots in the Alliance during the U-war, but she never knew her father - her mother didn't even ask his name during the one night of passion that resulted in Nikki's conception. Her mother was a war hero, earning a commendation at the Battle of Sturges for scoring four kills in her AFAS. She never made the fifth kill to earn her the title of 'ace' - at the Battle of Serenity Valley she was shot down before she even fired a shot. The war was over before she recovered from her injuries and married the Alliance medic who had treated her. Young Nicola absorbed the flying bug like a sponge, piloting under her mother's instruction a decommissioned ASREV at the age of 10 (sitting on a cushion so she could reach the controls). First solo flight at 12, first solo hop across the black at 14 - that last was not with the approval or knowledge of her mother, stepfather, or the family friend who owned the ship, and she was literally grounded for three months for that little stunt, the punishment later commuted as a result of Nikki never actually shutting up about flying.

There was never any doubt that she would fly, and fly fighters, for the Alliance. In the Navy Academy on Boros she studied and played hard - flying, rugby (back row forward), flying, partying, flying, and being hauled up before the Superintendent for some misdemeanor resulting from her impetuousness - she never could turn down a challenge. Oh, and flying. She scraped through the Academy's disciplinary procedures on the back of her ability in the air and in the black - she isn't just a damn good fighter jockey (but she'd never admit anything more than that), she's actually a fair tactician and damn good leader - in sims and in exercises, mind. And her mother's war record assisted, because nepotism works.

Thus graduated Lt Nicola Kennedy, class of 2529. Her first six months duty as a commissioned officer were spent pushing papers, categorizing boots and blankets and belts and buttons and all the impedimenta of the Alliance military machine. Probably the infamous drunken night that finished with the Superintendent's son handcuffed naked to the flagpole resulted in that assignment. Her new orders finally came through: report to the Advanced Flight Training School. Two glorious months of flying with and against the best that ended tragically one wintery morning in mock-combat. Nikki zigged when another pilot trainee zagged. The formal report noted a mechanical fault and Nikki was cleared of blame. Not that she blames herself - she knows she did the right thing and bad things happen, but it's lurking in her subconscious. Not only that, but now her former reputation as a daredevil pilot has turned towards that of a reckless pilot. So off to the backwater of Persephone she has been shipped, the youngest of four pilots in the Eavesdown Fighter Escort Group. The fighters are aging and obsolete and the most exciting things to happen are escorting the bullion ships out to the black. She's bored.


  • Her mother is a decorated Alliance veteran who made full-bird Colonel after the U-war. She was conceived behind a pub, and she (and her mother) don't know her father's name.
  • It was no secret that the Superintendent of the Alliance Naval Academy on Boros, where she was commissioned as a Lt, wanted her discharged. The connection between that, and the infamous occasion when his son (another cadet) ended up naked and handcuffed to the flagpole in the Academy quad, is known to all.
  • A training mishap claimed the life of another pilot. The official inquiry exonerated her, but the dead pilot's friends have certainly not forgiven her.
  • She is impulsive and can never turn down a challenge.


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