Pepela - NPC
Full Name: Evelyn "Pepela" Rowley
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Birthdate: 2501
Birthplace: Persephone
Occupation: Criminal
Organization: Underground
Parents: Supposedly the daughter of "Badger"
Siblings: Several siblings and half-siblings, including Liam and Connor
Spouse: None
Children: None
Actor: Brooke Williams

Known Information

Badger’s successor and supposed daughter, running the Underground Scene at Eavesdown Docks on Persephone. She's known to be rather ruthless.


Badger was the undisputed king of Eavesdown's criminal society for over a decade. Nothing happened in the city without his knowing about it. He bribed and befriended key Feds, maintained the facade of being a local businessman, and ran a no-nonsense operation. He kept his personal life well out of the public eye. There were occasional rumors that he had a wife or a husband, and possibly an expensive estate in Persephone City. The most popular tale was that he had multiple wives and mistresses stretching everywhere from the twin cities to the Seven Hills. He did see mistresses and the occasional woman from his own whorehouses. A few women represented that he had fathered their children. He recognized (in private) some of the children of two of those women, quietly supporting them with the proviso that they not cause trouble for him.

In the 25-teens, he inducted two brothers - Liam and Connor - into his gang. He still didn't acknowledge them publicly, or give them any special treatment or position of power. He made it clear that he was "just offering an honest job." These two boys had several siblings or half-siblings. It's unclear who fathered each child in the family. One of their younger sisters, Evelyn, was keen to follow in her brothers' footsteps. However Badger made it clear to her and her mother that she wasn't "one of his." She set out to prove him wrong. She started skipping school and learning life on the streets instead. She joined in on street fights and other hooliganism as an early teen. Once, Badger used his influence to have her released from lockup, which gave her great pleasure and spurred her on (especially since he continued to refuse to acknowledge her otherwise).

In the early 2520s, Badger's grip on the Docks began to falter. Other gangs began moving in for territory, and his enterprise was overstretched and in a precarious situation. Now 21, Evelyn saw an opportunity to make a move. She gathered Connor and several loyal friends, and entered the conflict. They would fight the Chinese and leave evidence that the Georgians or Misfits had been involved, they would fight the Misfits and leave evidence that it was the Chinese, and so on. Soon the other gangs were fighting each other. Badger's forces continued to fight each of these groups as necessary, but the balance shifted. The Chinese withdrew first. The Georgians wore down the Misfits until they couldn't go on. Public sentiment, among those who cared about who prevailed, was that the Georgians had a stronger leader than Badger, and that there might soon be a new crime lord of the Docks. That leader was a short, wily man who had started as a boxer on Boros. He went by the name "Pepela" (The Butterfly), and used the same battle cry on the streets that he had used in the ring: "Veravin daichers pepelas!" ("No one can catch the butterfly!") It became known to the people of Eavesdown as his gang gradually gained influence there.

The pivotal day was 17 August 2523. Evelyn's gang caught up with the Georgians and attacked, using battle cries from Badger's gang which did pull in some of his nearby supporters. Fighters for all three leaders rushed to the scene. Evelyn blasted an air horn several times as the fighting and chaos heated up, and at this signal some of the Georgians turned on their brethren. A half hour later, Pepela was disarmed and pinned to the ground, his troops in tatters, and the battle won. Evelyn strode over to the ex-boxer with a fillet knife, ripped open his already-torn and bloody shirt, and carved a large, crude butterfly on his chest. As she cried out "Veravin daichers pepelas!" the others cheered her victory. She then slit the Georgian's throat, finishing him and the threat to the Docks.

Connor began to spread stories and details about how Evelyn had influenced key events over the previous year. She instantly gained recognition and respect throughout the Docks, and people began cheering and thanking her, calling HER Pepela. Most importantly, Badger asked for a sit-down. He admitted to respecting her hubris and tactical skill, and agreed to acknowledge her as his own. More than that, he recognized the outpouring of respect she was getting, and placed her at his right hand to groom her as his successor. He spent the next two years teaching her the ins and outs of his criminal empire. Gradually, they shifted roles so that Pepela was the public face of the gang as Badger stepped back. Finally, he moved somewhere undisclosed to live in retirement while his heiress continues to hold an iron grip on Eavesdown's criminal operations.

Occasionally, the butterfly symbol is used as a calling card - appearing in some form or another at the scene of crimes, or attached to a message. Pepela is a bit more ruthless than Badger was, and holds a position of both fear and respect. Some people secretly call her "The Wasp" or "The Praying Mantis" (especially after one of her purported lovers turned up dead and dismembered. The identity of the killer was never established). If you know what's good for you, you won't let her catch you using those names!



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