Full Name: Saoirse Marie Covington
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Birthdate: January 13
Birthplace: Boros
Occupation: PI Detective / Fed Consultant
Organization: Unaffiliated
Parents: Mother - Jeanette Covington
Father - Patrick Covington
Siblings: None known
Spouse: Jackson Bennett
Children: Cara Bennett
Actor: Poppy Montgomery

Known Information



The first, and perhaps most notable feature of this woman is the red hair. Waist length, it flows down over her shoulders and down her back in waves. Arched red brows accent hazel eyes with copper flecks, framed by red lashes. She looks to have a ready smile, her lips and nose complementing the rest of her face. Her skin is fair and the freckles are thick enough that they probably appear everywhere. As it is, only those on her face and hands can presently be seen.

A black leather jacket that hangs to her thighs and dark grey jeans hide the rest. Boots that might be seen on many a soldier or anybody working outdoors adorn her feet. She wears a necklace of silver, the chain fine and attached on either side to a pendant; silver in a circle set around an ivory horse head. She stands about four inches over five feet tall and appears to be to be somewhere in her upper thirties or maybe early fourties.

When her arms are bare: On her inner left forearm, a series of three chinese kanji, just below the bend of her elbow. On her inner right wrist, a name, Jackson.

When her feet are bare: Outer portion of her left foot, Faith Not Fear along the edge of her foot and a series of three stars just above it on her ankle. Each blue star is edged in black, with the bottom star being the largest, the one above that one the smallest, and one equidistant to the other two to the right in between.


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