Full Name: Skyler McKellen / Enola Ollonfew
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthdate: Jan, 2512
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Pan Handler
Organization: Total Loner
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: Nope
Children: Also Nope
Actor: A young Kaya Scodelario, with green eyes and shorter, curlier hair

Known Information


It changes with each telling thereof. What her true background is, only she knows, at this point.


Skyler, known to some as Enola, is all crazy hair and grunge. Curls and tangles of medium brown fall to just below her chin, often allowed to eclipse her soulful green eyes. Her personal style might be considered tomboy, skater, or street. Her long-sleeved t-shirt is intentionally oversized, cuffs hanging well below her hands. The narrow stripes are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, in that repeating pattern, and the crew-neck collar is ribbed black elastic. Her jeans hang off her non-existent hips, and the canary-yellow canvas high tops thumb bright sunshines or smiley faces at the otherwise grim world. Average height for a young woman of her age, measuring in at 5'5", she's comes down a little too eagerly on the 'I'm going for the professional model look - feed me something!' side of normal. She's probably in her late teens, but could be early twenties playing at being a kid.

On the inside of each wrist she has mirroring tattoos in untidy block letters that are no taller than a quarter of an inch. ALONE MA I and I AM ENOLA.
On the inside of each wrist she has mirroring tattoos in untidy block letters that are no taller than 1/4". ALONE MA I and I AM ENOLA.


(2530-09-20) Unification Day
Summary: Speeches, medals, and a gas attack by drone. RL Date: 20 Sep 2020 Related: None ...

(2530-09-10) Church Chat
Summary: Skyler wanders into the church and has a chat with Michael, irreverantly. RL Date: 10 SEP...

(2530-08-05) Lessons in Tea Drinking
Summary: Vel takes the young ones to the tea house RL Date: 05 Aug 2020 Related: none ...

(2530-08-01) Summer Festival at the Clinic
Summary: A blood and vaccine drive outside the clinic RL Date: 1 Aug 2020 Related: None ...

(2530-06-22) Dear Gideon
Summary: Gideon gives Enola sage relationship advice RL Date: 22 Jun 2020 Related: none ...

(2530-06-20) The Persephone Polka
Summary: The ball continues, with dancing and merriment. RL Date: 20 Jun...

(2530-06-20) Do I Hear A Waltz?
Summary: The start of the Midsummer Ball of 2530. RL Date: 19 Jun...

(2530-05-24) To (almost) catch a (not) thief and other hijinks
Summary: Enola/Skyler gets falsely accused of stealing a comic, a vomitous reaction .just another...

(2530-05-24) It's all in Skyler's head
Summary: Skyler is not feeling well, turns out it was all in her head. John sees his first patient. ...

(2530-05-11) Child's Play
Summary: Enola is babysitting, and the kid decides he wants to see the Seraphim. RL Date: 11 May...

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