Full Name: Sylvie Muriel Holfdanardttir
Gender: Female
Age: 20-Something
Birthdate: Feb 28th
Birthplace: Engine room of an old battered Wren-class transport.
Occupation: Mechanic
Organization: Unaffiliated
Parents: You have some?
Siblings: My crew?
Spouse: Are you kidding?
Children: Ummmm….. No
Actor: Devon Jade

Known Information

  • Rumors have it that she was recently put off of a ship as their mechanic for adjusting a leak on another crew member utilizing a plumber's wrench to do it.


  • Ask her?


Standing just a touch over the five foot mark, Sylvie is willowy and slender in figure, and serene in presence. Her eyes are arresting, large and startlingly intelligent, full thick lashes surrounding vibrant blue-green orbs that don't miss much, and set under finely arched dark silver eyebrows always perched as in polite question. She looks like the mythical species that she is. All fair, fair skin and delicate features with a delicately pointed chin, and high, noble-born cheekbones give her face a slightly wild look. As if she should be a vixen dodging through the underbrush.

Her hair is a thick mass, the color a pale, pale blonde edging into spun moonlight in color. A few locks around her face have been gathered back into braids, then gathered and split again to create almost a net over the crown of her head. A few modest beads of green and grey have been set at a few of the junctions. The rest has been gathered in a loose clasp at the nape of her neck, tucked and curled to be held in a bun and out of the way. The up-swept hair bares her slender, pale throat, with its long, swan-like grace, yet the tips of her ears have been neatly hidden by the loose fall of her hair until the nape of her neck.

Her features give away what she is, even if her clothing did not. She wears a vest of supple suede, dyed in soft buff and dull greys, which molds to her torso, laced in the front. Beneath it, she wears a simple shirt of a simple homespun, sleeves tight to her arms, and a high collar around her neck. The vest hides the waistline of her pants, comfortably worn leather in a deep brown, almost black, kept tight to her legs to avoid snags. A thin leather belt encircles her slender waist, draped in a diagonal over her hips to support the simple messenger's pouch at her side. The pants end at mid-calf, where they dip into knee high boots that have been folded down slightly, a small decoration of black snowflakes embroidered around the tops.

Her wrists are sheathed in hard leather bracers with more snowflake patterns wrapping up their surface. Worn leather gloves of a shade to match her pants sheathe her hands. A small dagger is hung on the same belt as her satchel, yet sits on the opposite hip. Over her whole outfit is a thick cloak of a grey wolves fur. It's long in length, easily reaching the ground, and has a deep hood. The clasp of the cloak twin snowflakes the lock together.


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