Full Name: Tanner Quinn
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birthdate: Feb. 23
Birthplace: Orbit over Whitefall
Occupation: Companion
Organization: House Pearl
Parents: Charlie and Jess Quinn
Siblings: One younger sister
Spouse: None
Children: None
Actor: Booboo Stewart

Known Information


Tanner Quinn was born on a smuggler's ship somewhere over Whitefall. His father, Charlie, was a murderous, ruthless underworld menace who captained the Tiger Hawk and ran goods for all sorts of rough folks. His mother, Jess, was the engineer on the ship, and though she was hardly kind-hearted, she wasn't the monster her husband was. As a child, Tanner's mother would tell him about his father before the war - how he was kinder and mostly ran the Tiger Hawk clean and legal. The war had left him broken and carrying baggage, tormented by severe post traumatic stress syndrome. This would often lead him to punch, kick and toss Tanner whenever the boy disobeyed. Jess grew to fear him, and her dedication to him kept her simply turning away during these episodes and later, mothering the boy back to health with gentle words of encouragement.

Thankfully, Tanner's younger sister was spared this wrath. Charlie never laid a hand on her until Tanner's eighth birthday. On that day, Tanner accidentally locked his father outside the Tiger Hawk. To teach him a lesson, Charlie locked the boy in a storage closet long enough that it should have killed him. Tanner was in the tiny storage room with no food or water for almost two weeks.

Tanner had always played these beatings off to his sister as if they were a game, to protect her, and he convinced her in this final instance that secretly bringing food and water and slipping it through the vent to him during those two weeks was also game. When she was caught, Charlie hit the girl for the first time. Finally, Jess had had enough. She intended to slip away with the two kids, but her daughter decided to run away. Jess snatched Tanner and fled, hoping to return for the girl when she turned back up in a few days, but Tanner has no idea if that ever happened.

Jess felt horrible for allowing Charlie to have treated them so badly for so long, so she took Tanner to Sinhon, dropping him off at a Companion house, and leaving. He never saw her again. From that day forward, his life was immersed in Companion training. He became Buddhist, and his training included heavy emphasis on martial arts, gymnastics and dancing. He also began to dabble in poetry. Upon completion, Tanner eventually made his way to Eavesdown, where he connected with House Pearl.

Tanner has never looked for his mother. To find her would open old wounds. He doesn't hate her, but he isn't sure what he feels about her. He does often wonder what happened to his sister. As for his father, Tanner has never crossed paths with the man. It's quite plausible he's been killed in some nefarious dealing. Regardless, Tanner still deals with his own baggage from his childhood, often thinking when people treat him poorly they are showing affection and believing that true love always hurts.


Tanner is a young man who stands around 6' tall, with broad shoulders and a lithe but muscular build. His long, beautiful black hair hangs past his shoulders, flowing and billowing with just the right amount of volume to frame his delicate, beautiful face. He has small, dark brown eyes that seem to always smoulder, set above prominent, sharp cheek bones and a dimple-laden smile that exudes charm and flashes brilliant white teeth. He is usually wearing incredibly fine, expensive clothing that clings to his frame. Generally, his clothing is light in color, and his shirts are left loose and casually unbuttoned at the top enough to show his toned chest. On his wrist, he wears several large bracelets made of leather chord, beads and some gold.


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