Full Name: Timur Varghese
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthdate: December 21
Birthplace: Ithaca
Occupation: Mechanic
Organization: Seraphim
Parents: Yes
Siblings: Maksim Varghese
Spouse: Not yet
Children: Definitely not yet
Actor: Eric Etebari

Known Information

The new kid at URS on Persephone, doesn't say much but gets his job done


Story goes that he was street kid a mechanic took in as an apprentice. Once he learned the trade, he decided to explore The Black as a mechanic for URRS and now he's staying planetside for a spell in their main offices on Persephone.


The raven black hair is kept short, easiest way to make sure it never gets caught in anything while working among the moving parts of a ship or a MULE. Straight nose, straight lips with a strong chin that's kept fairly clean shaven combine to create a quietly handsome face; quiet being one of the best descriptions of the young man overall. There's just a touch of green to his dark eyes, which always seem to be seeking something.
The mechanic coveralls or t-shirt and pants (that he sports when not working), hang slightly from his just over six foot frame, as if he's not quite buff enough to fill them out. His hands usually have some grease in the seams that never seems to come clean, but they appear strong and capable.


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