CharGen Walkthrough

Character Generation consists of five rooms, which we'll explain here step by step:

I. Policy

This is just a bit of necessary bureaucracy. We need to be sure you are old enough to play on Firefly and that you have read and accepted our most important rules. So nobody can claim later that "they didn't know about this". You'll find a full overview of our policites on this page as well.

II. Demographics

This is where CharGen begins properly and you set up the basics. First of all their name, age and gender. You will also add your organization and position. This is partly to better organize the mush and to help us with book keeping, i.e. we want to see how many Captains, Doctors, Mechanics, etc. we have and if we need t make a move to improve the balance. Being part of an organization means, you can join that particular channel and chat to other members. Right now we only have very basic organizations in place:

  • Alliance (everyone who is actively part of the Alliance, such as Feds, Politicians, etc.)
  • House Pearl (the local Companion House)
  • Underground (criminal networks and never-do-wells)
  • Independent (everyone else)

It is the plan to eventually add ships as separate organizations, so when you join a particular ship's crew, you will join that organization.

Lastly, you can choose which actor or actress is meant to portray your character. Please check +actors first to make sure the person you have in mind is not yet in use.

III. Abilities

Here's where you flesh out your character and make him or her unique. Abilities are made up of five parts:

  • Attributes: What makes your character. Are you big and brawny, but a bit slow? Are you full of sparkling wit and can sell fridges on the North Pole, but couldn't run half a mile before collapsing? Balance your attributes according to your character's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Action Skills: This skill set has been pre-set by us. You can choose which of these skills your character is really good at, has a passing knowledge of or doesn't know at all. Make sure they match your character's profession. If you're a Pilot, for example, you will not only need Piloting skills but probably at least some basic knowledge of Electronics to handle the computers in the cockpit and Mechanics to identify basic trouble with the ship.
  • Background Skills (+abilities2): These are freeform to add some more unique touches to your characters. You want him or her to be an excellent chess player? A pastry chef? An expert at medieval Japanese literature? Here's where you add these skills. We've given you a list for inspiration, but almost anything goes (and if not, we'll get back to you on that).
  • Languages: Everyone starts out with English. As most people in the Verse seem to be bilingual, we would suggest you add Chinese, but it's not a necessity. We assume there are plenty of children who bunked off their Chinese lessons at school or just aren't good with languages. Your character can know some basic Chinese expressions and swear words even without the language skill, but would not be able to have a proper conversation with a native speaker.
  • Quirks: These round off your character. Everyone has odd quirks. Maybe you are terrified of spiders, have a tendency to hoard or a fairly well hidden drug problem. You can use the samples for inspiration.

To make sure that your character is a well-rounded character and not just a very very excellent sharpshooter with no other skills or interests in life, you will be asked to distribute your points evenly. Type +limits for more information on that. If you are uncertain about something, do ask on the newbie or public channel.

Don't worry if your character isn't yet as proficient as you envision him to be. You will keep earning +XP during your time on the mush which will in turn enable you to raise your stats. This may take some time but it will reflect the human learning curve for any newly acquired skills.

IV. Background

This is pretty self-explanatory. Tell us about your character's background and their life so far. To make sure that you have really spent some time thinking about your character, we require you to write at least 200 words about them. "Grew up on Ariel, studied Medicine, now a doctor looking for work" is not enough. There is no upper limit, but there's no need to write novels. If you feel you have much more to share about your character, you can write it down on your wiki page later. Try for about 200-500 words here.

V. Finishing Touches

Here is your change to check through everything again and make last tweaks before you submit your application. You can also write a longer description of yourself that people will see, when they actively look at you (+look <charactername>). This doesn't have to be very expansive: Give them a sense of your physical appearance and what you are wearing.

&shortdesc is a handy little thing that appears beside your name in the room, so even those players who are too lazy to +look at others and read the long description get the most basic impression of you who are. Keep it short and simple, i.e. "Young blonde woman, wearing combat attire, carrying a gun" or "Smartly dressed middle aged man with a big moustache".

Ready now? Submit your background and go hang out in the Waiting Room. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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