Here is an overview of active characters of our game, sorted by their organization. Note that not every PC has a wiki page / icon, to be listed here:


fine_icon.jpg mykaela_icon.jpg nikki_icon.jpg

Eavesdown Clinic

cassiopeia_icon.jpg donna_icon.jpg finnegan_icon.jpg john_icon.jpg jude_icon.jpg max_icon.jpg

Fallen Angel

betsy_icon.jpg galen_icon.jpg isabel_icon.jpg marcus_icon.jpg martie_icon.jpg nikias_icon.jpg

House Pearl

ezmeralda_icon.jpg tanner_icon.jpg vesper_icon.jpg

Silver Dragon

ezequiel_icon.jpg josephine_icon.jpg lanyu_icon.jpg nicholas_icon.jpg




alana_icon.jpg ambrose_icon.jpg ava_icon.jpg bjorn_icon.jpg celeste_icon.jpg chandra_icon.jpg jing-wei_icon.jpg kieran_icon.jpg lukas_icon.jpg mari_icon.jpg michael_icon.jpg philip_icon.jpg saoirse_icon.jpg skyler_icon.jpg sylvie_icon.jpg timur_icon.jpg tres_icon.jpg vel_icon.jpg

NPCs (run by staff or players)

florence_icon.jpg harris_icon.jpg iain_icon.jpg ito_icon.jpg missy_icon.jpg pepela_icon.jpg sprague_icon.jpg

You can also view a list of inactive characters (both PCs and NPCs that aren't actively played any more), and the main icon gallery (where new icons should be uploaded).

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