Firefly and Serenity - and the characters and details therein - are the creations of Joss Whedon and his many collaborators.

Firefly is held under copyright by Twentieth Century Fox. Serenity is copyrighted by Universal Studios. Additional canon and spin-off materials have been created by other authors and publishers, and are held under their copyrights as presented.

On our game (and this wiki related to the game) we wish to expand upon the Firefly/Serenity setting, under fair use, to tell our own stories. We intend no infringement and make no profit from this. Any issues of copyright infringement may be brought directly to our attention by contacting us.

Players on the game each create their own characters and stories, and retain ownership to those creations.

Credits and Thanks

Our game is built in PennMUSH version 1.8.8p0.

We use Faraday’s MUSH Softcode System. Note that we are using a modified version of the Second Edition of FS3, the original details of which can be read here.

Our hosting is graciously provided by Silvertree Communications.

Thanks also go to Cailleach/Eisheth for startup assistance.

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