Create a Character Page

Note: we have moved to a new server, which includes its own wiki and character profile pages. Please create your character (which will auto-create a profile page) there…

Here's a guide to creating your own character page here on the wiki.

Note that for PCs, you should complete the chargen process within the game before creating a wiki page for them.

Creating The Page

Fill in the character name below (just use your character's bitname for code compatibility - you can put their full name on the page), and click "Create page" to get started. The page will be pre-filled with a wiki template.
[ Page Creation Disabled ]

The Template:
Slot 1 is where you set up an image for your character. After uploading it (see below), just type the filename here.
Slots 2 through 13 are where you fill in vital statistics which appear at the top of the page. Note that all of these rows will always appear (they do not vanish if left blank).
Slots 17 and 18 are where you provide "Known Information" and "Background" for your character. Again, these headers always appear, so come up with something to put in each area.
Starting with 19, "Everything else", the page becomes free-form. You can add further information, headers, and wikidot code to set up anything you like on the page.

A set of wikidot code is pre-loaded, for two tab bars.
The first - "Inspiration" - has places to list your Description, Personality, Plot Hooks, Contacts, and Pictures.
The second - "Logs" - has tabs for RP Logs (an automatically generated list of your Logs), Memoirs, and References (an automatically generated list of other logs which mention your character).
Note that under "Logs", you need to manually replace three occurrences of the <bitname> marker with your character bitname, in order for logs to display.
Note also that you can add or remove tabs to these tab bars to suit your liking.

Tip: if you like something that you see on someone else's character page, and aren't sure how to set it up, click on "Source" (either at the top of the page, or under "+ Options" at the bottom) to see how they did it. Copy and paste that wikidot code into your editor for your own page. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Uploading Images

To upload an image associated with a page, click on "File" at the lower right hand corner (after the page is saved, and while viewing the page rather than editing it).
Click "Upload a file…" and follow the prompts to get it uploaded.

Tagging and Character Lists

To set one or more tags, click on "Tags" at the top or bottom of the page (after it's saved, and while viewing the page rather than editing it). A text box will appear at the bottom where you can fill in the tags, separated by spaces. Click Save, and you're done!

Character pages should have at least one tag, to indicate the Organization the character belongs to. This will cause the page to be automatically listed among the characters of that organization on the Character Gallery page. If you need help determining the correct tag to use, look at the Source of that page. You'll see the tags mentioned in each section, so for example where it says tags="+house-pearl -npc -inactive", that means the tag to use is house-pearl (without the plus sign, but with the dash). NPCs should be tagged npc (in addition to their org). If you're choosing to set a PC or NPC as inactive, tag the page as "inactive". The page will appear on the appropriate list.

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