Eavesdown Clinic

The clinic is a small hospital where a handful of dedicated doctors and nurses do their best to keep the population of Eavesdown alive - often with very limited means. Serious cases are patched up and moved to the better, bigger hospitals in Persephone City. The clinic caters to everyone: kids with a fever, arthritic elders, people getting into a pub brawl or being crushed by heavy machinery in the Docks. There's also a dentist on the premises. If you're lucky and he's around.

The clinic has three exam rooms for emergency or non-emergent treatment, plus the dentist's setup and a room for eye and ear exams. There is no operating room - surgeries are done ad-hoc when it becomes absolutely necessary to operate before transporting patients elsewhere.

The patient ward holds about 20 in-patients, including separate areas for children and Intensive Care. Shifts run around the clock, and there are typically one or two doctors and two or three nurses on duty. The clinic has two ambulances to transport patients, and the staff sometimes does outreach in the docks or at events in town.

Currently the clinic is staffed by the following PCs:

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NPC - Leo Ito - Head Doctor (family medicine) - played by Finnegan, the OOC org leader
Finnegan Hill - Doctor (Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology, and Orthopedics)
John Holliday - doctor (Diagnostic medicine) surgeon (Trauma, Neurology)
Elizabeth Silvera - doctor (Pediatrics)

Many of the doctors are not full-time staff, but are on rotation from Persephone City General Hospital. These include but are not limited to:
Cassiopeia Johnstone - Surgeon
Lenore "Lenny" Sweet - Surgeon (Trauma)
NPC - Frank Myzering, - first year of resident who wants to serve a little on the 'front lines', bumbling but well meaning, quick learner.
NPC - Juliet Arnett- General surgeon, mother of PC Ava.

Donna McKellen - Nurse (Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics)
Jude Connelly - Trainee Nurse
NPC - Xiang Wu - Head Nurse
NPC - Enya Littlefield-Chen - nurse
NPC - Noelle Lang - nurse
NPC - Deandra "Dee" Hayward - nurse trainee

Support Staff:
Silah Riley- Paramedic
Maxim "Max" Vargas - Head of Security
Jamendithas Pegason - Security
Arjun Temple - Security
NPC - Marcin Betkowski - part-time dentist
NPC - Willoughby Wilde - part-time ophthalmologist
NPC - Marvin Maclean - lab tech
NPC - Suzie - receptionist / administrative assistant

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