Frequently Asked Questions

We try to cover some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you can't find an answer to your particular query, please contact us and we'll answer privately.

About The Game

Do I need to know the show if I want to play here?

We won’t quiz you on your knowledge about Firefly when you apply for a character. It may be enough to read up on the show, for example on its Wikipedia page. But of course it helps a lot to understand the setting if you have seen the show. Firefly is only 14 episodes long (plus one movie), so we feel it’s not too much of an effort, especially since it’s widely available on streaming websites like Netflix. And of course it’s a damn good show worth seeing, that’s why we’re here. So go ahead and watch it, you know you want to! Read more about Firefly and Serenity here.

When is your mush set?

Firefly picks up about 20 years after the war and 12-13 years after the TV show/movie. Read more about our setting here.

How does your economy run?

It’s simple: We tell it as part of the story - there is no coded economy. We want our players to be able to focus on RP and develop stories and not run around to earn coded money to trade for coded weapons and armor. We feel that a coded economy puts those at an advantage who are online virtually every day and can spend a lot of time on earning money through cargo runs and the like and then stockpile and upgrade weapons. While we appreciate a dedicated playerbase who spends a lot of time with us, we don’t want to disadvantage those who can’t RP during the day from work, who have a family or other hobbies, etc.

How do I get my own room / house / shop / other space added to the grid?

If you want a private home, a shop, or some other space to play in, the first option is to use a Temp Room. These can be created from many locations on the grid, named and described to your liking without staff intervention, and will be recycled overnight if they are not still actively being used. See +help +temproom in-game for the command syntax and more details.

If you would like a space added to the grid on a more permanent basis, just put your idea in a +request. You must supply the description for it yourself. We'll be glad to discuss it with you - we might ask for more information or a slight adjustment - and then we'll set it up for you.

Note that we want things to stay thematic and sensible… your scruffy orphan gunslinger wouldn't have a ten-room villa in the poshest part of town.

Also note that we strongly favor rooms that will generate RP. If (for example) you want to play a character with a noodle shop, we'd be glad to set up one room as the shop, and another private space as your living area behind the shop. We wouldn't build out additional rooms for you (such as a balcony level for extra seating, a kitchen for the shop, or additional rooms in the private area) unless there is a compelling case that they will facilitate more RP for the game. You can use Temp Rooms or your imagination to fill out those spaces as you play, without every single one being built on the grid.

Likewise, if we already have a noodle shop in town we might suggest opening a different type of shop, or combining forces with the person who already runs the noodle shop.

Can I have my own ship?

The short answer is yes. There are several things that connect to using a ship that need to be considered, and the setup will differ depending on whether this is just a ship for you or it's a ship for an organization. See the ships page for more details.

Can I form my own organization?

Organizations are smaller groups of players to make it easier to find RP within your group and develop stories. The Alliance is an organization, but so is a ship’s crew or a smuggling ring operating out of Eavesdown Docks. There are a few admin-run organizations to facilitate RP, but players are welcome to create their own organizations. Please mind the following rules:

  • In order to set up an organization, your new organization must have at least four active players (that includes you).
  • Should one (or more) of your active players become inactive, you must try to bring the number up again as soon as possible by recruiting a new org member.
  • If your organization sinks below three members and you are not making attempts to boost numbers, we reserve the right to set the whole organization to inactive. You can of course keep playing your char, but you must play him/her as having lost their ship/job/business.

To apply for an org, you can put a +request in. Please share the following information in your +request:

  • The name of your org (for ship crews, this is the name of your ship).
  • The name of every org member who’s joining you, and an indication of who is/are the org leader(s)
  • What room(s) you wish us to @dig for you (i.e. a basic ship, a shop in a certain street).
  • A short blurb for the org: What’s your theme and purpose (see the Organizations page for descriptions of current active orgs).

Once your +org has been approved and your rooms dug for you, we ask you to create a page for your org on the wiki and we’ll link to that from the main overview page.

How strict are you about theme?

We don’t want to stifle creativity by micromanaging everything, but we do want to make sure that our game still remains true to the Verse Joss Whedon conceived. For example there are absolutely no aliens, so please don’t make a char that looks like a Twi’lek or have your character tell others that his best mate at school was a Klingon. However, we do know that there were mysterious things afoot in the Verse such as River’s incredible capabilities. If you come up with a fun idea within the realm of the possible, run it by us and we’ll see if we can make it work. Perhaps your character has a genetically altered pet that looks like a tiny dragon and lights your cigarettes for you or has an implant in their index finger that allows you to make payments.

Since we know not everyone can keep track on all the RPGs, graphic novels, novels, etc. that Firefly spawned, we treat only the TV show, the comic book "Those Left Behind", and the movie as firm canon. So planets seen in those or being mentioned and described, should be treated as such – think of Ariel and its shiny modern medical facilities or the mudders on Higgins' Moon. But if very little or nothing is known about a planet or moon in the verse, you are welcome to pick it as your char’s home planet and imbue it with a description of your liking – make it a beach paradise like Hawaii, a snowy icy wasteland or a boiling hot desert. But please check first if someone else hasn’t given the planet another description already (of course, just like our good old Earth, any planet can have different geographical areas), and submit a +request with your new concept so staff can review it (as detailed in our Policies).

If we find that you have gone way over the top with your imagination, we reserve the right to nix your description or ask you to adapt it to match theme. The same goes for new grid rooms that you +request.

Will you create planets on request?

There are no plans for now. Current plans include expanding the grid on Persephone to include more areas and to create one Core planet and one Rim planet for additional RP. Beyond that we’ll have to see how active the mush gets and what kind of creative input we get.

Character Concepts

What kind of character can I play?

One of the TV show’s biggest attractions was the varied cast of characters. You can draw inspiration from them or make up your own character. Some examples:

  • Gunslingers like Mal, Zoe and Jayne (with or without military background)
  • Pilots and Techies like Wash and Kaylee
  • Doctors like Simon (or other medical staff like nurses and medics)
  • Shepherds like Book (of any religious persuasion)
  • Companions like Inara (travelling or planet-bound)
  • Shady dealers planetside like Badger
  • Various Feds
  • Various townspeople like tavern owners, shop owners, farmers, etc.

We know that some concepts are more popular than others. We don’t want to deny anyone the opportunity to play what they want to play, but if things become very unbalanced (for example if we have ten female characters, five of which are companions) we reserve the right to restrict chargen on that character concept until things feel more balanced again.

If you want to own/run a shop or a farm, please talk to us about your concept and we may add a room for you. Please make sure that your concept fits with the theme of Firefly and more particularly our setting on Persephone. Please read this page about CharGen before you start making your character.

Can I play one of the TV characters?

No. While Mal & Co. still live somewhere in the ‘verse and might occasionally be seen around Persephone, the TV characters are not available for RP. This includes smaller parts like Niska, Patience, Badger, etc. Of course you’re welcome to make up a character BASED on your favourite show character, whether it’s a grumpy but oddly charming captain or a chirpy female ship’s engineer, but give him/her a new name and background.

Can I play a Noble?

Yes - but be aware that we've separated the concept of nobility from the notion of being rich and powerful. Joss Whedon never really clarified how people got to be nobles in the Verse, considering that humankind would probably have left the idea of nobility behind on Earth-That-Was. So we’ve come up with our own concept for it, which you can read about on the Nobility page. You are welcome to create a Noble character, but for now the person won't be very rich or powerful, just someone clinging on to his noble name and standing in the local community.

Can I play someone rich and powerful?

Right now, no.  At least for starters we want to be sure that every player meets a level playing field and that there is no abuse of power.  We'll open up some higher IC positions such as politicians, rich business types, crime lords or nobles with an inherited fortune later.

What about playing Feds?

Feds, Federal Agents and Federal Marshals, are the law enforcement of the Alliance. You are welcome to play a Fed who’ll make life difficult for the various shady dealers operating on Persephone. However, for the time being you will only be able to play a low-level Fed who can make arrests, write fines and so on. In due course higher ranks will be available to characters (and players) doing a good job.

Can I be a char like River with extraordinary capabilities?

For now, no, as it's very easy to abuse special abilities like reading other people's minds. Perhaps some time we'll allow someone to play a character like that for a short period during a TP.

What about playing a Reaver?

We don't really see the point. If you really want to play a crazy ultra-violent space zombie we may let you NPC one for a TP though. See the Reavers page for more details on how we include Reavers on our game.

More About Characters

How many characters can I play?

For now we allow each player to play two characters (alts). Please read more about Alts on our Policies page.

What do I do if I want to play a new char despite having two alts in play?

You can always play more chars as NPCs or a create temporary alt for a TP, but for the time being we won't allow more than two regular alts per player. If you've had a brilliant idea for a new character concept you want to put into play, consider giving one of your two current alts up. Create a grand exit for the char before he or she leaves the story.

Do you purge idle characters from time to time?

Yes. We don't want unused chars to clog up the database and we want to encourage players to log in and RP regularly. But worry not: You will be warned before a character is purged and you will have ample time to log in again to tell us you're alive and just RL busy.

Any unapproved characters (still in chargen) will be placed on a warning list after they've been idle for a month. We'll try to reach out by email (if an address has already been set, in chargen) to invite them back. After a second month idle, they'll be nuked. This will free up the name and actor and all. The player is welcome to return any time.

Approved characters are placed on a warning list after they've been idle for three months. Again, we'll reach out by email to the address provided in chargen. We know people get busy or change priorities or favorite games, that's all understandable. We just want to offer a chance to speak up, so we can tell if you're really gone. After another month idle, and with a second message, those characters will be moved into our freezer - the Cryostasis Facility. From another month after that point (or a total of five months idle), we might decided to nuke the charbit - but that will all be decided case-by-case.

If you know you're going to be away for a while, i.e. on vacation or dealing with RL stuff, you can also set the Vacation attribute on your char (&Vacation me=<message> - this will show up in your +finger) or contact us to let us know. That will keep us informed about what's going on.

How can I improve/advance my character?

FS3 uses a very simple experience point system:

Each week, regardless of your activity on the mush, you will receive 1 Experience Point (XP). You can use your XP to advance your skills. The slow progress reflects the time it would take your char ICly to learn a new skill or train to get better in his skills. You can also use XP to learn a new language.
Read more about XP on the game under +help fs3_xp

The more proficient you are, the more XP you will need to spend to get even better. It’s easy after all to learn how to hold a gun and direct it at the barn door, but much harder to hit a fast-moving target over a great distance.

Please don’t forget to use your XP for improving yourself. You can only save up to 16 XP in total. You won’t be getting any more then.
Also note that once you’ve improved a skill you need to wait 72 hours until you can next use XP. This way the system prevents you miraculously acquiring amazing skills just as you get stuck in a sticky situation.


In addition to XP, FS3 uses Cookies as an internal reward system. If you enjoyed someone’s RP in a scene, give them a cookie. You can hand out individual cookies by typing +cookie <player> or hand out cookies to everyone in a bigger scene by typing +cookie/here. Cookies translate into Luck Points for your characters. You can use Luck Points to boost your chances during Combat or an Ability Roll. Read more in-game: +help +cookie and +help +luck

Other Questions

Do you have an Age Policy?

Yes. Read more on our Policies page.

How do you deal with harassment on the game?

We want everyone to be happy and enjoy a stress-free environment. Please read more about our policies on harassment and bullying on the Policies page.

What do I do when I'm in a scene and someone is behaving terribly or we got stuck with a conflict we can't solve?

Please pause the scene and page any admin you see online. If possible, one of us will join the scene and help to resolve it. If no admin is immediately available, see if you can work it out for yourselves. Otherwise write a +request and we'll deal with the situation as fast as we can, so you can resume your RP. Also please log the scene up to when the trouble occurred, so we know what happened!

What can I do if I need help from admin?

There are various ways to reach us that are listed on the contact page.

Of course you can also talk to us directly on the mush, either on +pub or +newbie channel or through pages. We'll try to respond as quickly as possible.

Are there any other ways to connect to players on social media or something?

We do have a Discord server to chat and discuss stuff. Ask on game for an invitation.

If there is enough interest, we might consider setting up a forum on Wikidot here for discussions, event planning, etc.

We have no plans to set up a Facebook page as we understand that many players prefer to keep their real lives separate from their online gaming lives.

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