Guide To CharGen

Your character is your most important prop on the mush. If you have never created a character before or it's been so long that you have forgotten quite how, please follow our step-by-step guide that will help you through the process.

Before you launch right in, please take a moment to consider who you want to be and what her or his backstory should be. Firefly is set in 26th century and the planets are populated by an ethnic mix of all people that left Earth-that-was behind. So you are free to choose any ethnicity from our real Earth for your character.

Make sure to match his or her abilities to the concept you're chosen. If your char is a master chef from Londinium, opening Persephone's first Michelin-starred restaurant, he will probably swing a spoon well, but may be less impressive with a gun. Unless he's a secret assassin for who being a chef is only a disguise. Make sure you allocate the matching stats, i.e. high skills in cooking for this character.

Please not that you cannot create any chars that were in the TV show. This includes minor characters like Patience, Badger and Petaleen. You are of course welcome to use them for inspiration, give them a new name and tweak the a little to make them your own new character.

If you're unsure what character to play, you can also log into the mush as a guest first and ask around what's needed. Many players are looking for siblings, parents or partners for their characters, crew members for their ships, staff for their shops and so on.

You can also take inspiration from other shows and adapt them for the Firefly setting. If you want to be a meth-cooking chemistry teacher or a farmboy with serious Daddy issues, there'll be a place for you. But please notice that the Firefly Verse does not have any aliens or fantasy creatures. You can't be a budding wizard with or without glasses or fly a dragon instead of taking the bullet train across the planet.

Now go ahead, think a bit about who your character is, what he or she looks like and how their life has gone so far. Write up a little background (you'll need it for CharGen) anyway and try to think of an actor/actress who would play your character in the TV show. This will help you get a better visual idea of him or her.

If you have questions on the whole CharGen process or about a character you're thinking of making, please contact us.

One final thing: Two archetypes that are very popular are Captain and Companion. Naturally Who wouldn't want to be as cool and sassy as Malcolm Reynolds or as beautiful and sophisticated as Inara Serra? We generally don't mind you creating a captain or a companion, but we reserve the right to refuse approval of further captains and companions when we feel that there are too many of them on grid and too few of everything else. It's nothing personal. Just a wish to keep the playerbase balanced.

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