(2530-05-14) A Daring Rescue
Summary: Abigail, Lukas, and Valentin rescue some kidnapped children.
RL Date: 17 May 2020
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Once Jeffry has received message from Abigail and Lukas of their return after making decisions on what to do. Not like the former Alliance man was really expecting a no, Abigail had given her agreement before leaving. Marion is with his bodyguard, still looking like he will burst into tears at any given moment. Each time he tries to speak Jeffry stops him. The contrast between simpering lord and commanding bodyguard is obvious. As the previous time Marion's home boasts of wealth, or the appearance of it. Everything is stupidly posh. When Valentin, Lukas, and Abigail arrive, they are, this time, brought to a sitting room. It is quite gaudy and the chosen colors clash. Marion has no taste, it seems. The lord is seated and the stoic bodyguard is standing at the fireplace, leaning against it. It is not lit and her arms are crossed over his chest as he waits.

They have a plan. It is, perhaps, not a /great/ plan, but it is a plan. And, even more importantly, they have allies! And the Captain's blessing. Sort of. It's good enough for Abigail. And they might even be able to pull it off without losing their jobs. She's asked Valentin along, with the reasoning that three heads are better than two, and she needs somebody to use the tracker.

Valentin tags along with the other two, having secured them a decent tracking device on the market. He's heard the plan, and for whatever reason has agreed to not only allow it, but to participate. Crew bonding experience, anyone? He remains silent as he takes in the new surroundings, letting the others lead.

Lukas has dressed up. He looks downright noble, wearing designer clothes that even Celeste would be impressed with. He has on tight black pants with a fancy belt, wearing high boots as well. His shirt is a white button up that's gauzy and puffy, a wealthy Londinium youth's dream shirt, left unbuttoned halfway to show his silver necklace and the cleft between his pecs and abs. Even his hair has been puffed up to perfection, spikey and stylishly mussed up. He smiles widely, and offers a noble bow to the Lord. "Good evening, Lord."

It should be noted that Abigail definitely does /not/ look noble. She has on a long trenchcoat (black) instead of her usual leather jacket, and has a bulky sort of bag with her, slung over one shoulder.

Jeffry is the one that acknowledges the arrivals, "Welcome, Abigail." he greets first, as someone he knows better. Lukas, "And Lukas." then to Valentin Jeffry settles and from his spot sitting Marion whines, "This is more people than agreed on." However he is quick to shut up and stop complaining from a look from Jeffry. The more stoic bodyguard dips his head to Valentin, "Abigail must trust you to get things done." He likely knows exactly what position each person holds and what ship, considering he is hiring Abigail and company. To all three, not giving indication of what he knows, "I assume we will be hearing a favorable decision and potentially of the plans oyu have?"

"Yep," Abigail says. She shifts the bag on her shoulder. It looks heavy. "We're gonna see what we can do to get your kids back. Just don't go expectin' some great crusade, since we ain't the law, or mercs." Well, she's a merc. Sort of. One with a job, though! "And my priority is the safety've his Lordship here," she indicates Lukas with her head. "If it goes south, I ain't gonna hesitate to pull him out." She then motions for Lukas to take over, presumably to explain the plan. Such as it is.

Valentin takes in the simpering of the lord, and the steadiness of the bodyguard. He nods to Jeffry, answering, "I'm just here to help out." He falls back into somber silence. He could have said 'lend a hand', but he's not in a joking mood. Like Jeffry, he doesn't let on how much he knows.

Lukas nods, a bit more serious now. "We intend to make use of our resources, one of which happens to be a teenage noble of some importance that fits most of the patter for the kids that have been kidnapped. I'll be hanging around some of the places your files said the kidnappings happened and hopefully lure them out. When they try to kidnap me, these two will be there waiting."

Jeffry looks to Lukas then back to Abigail, "That is fine. IF you need to retreat, try to do it before the guards are aware of what is going on. So nothing happens to the children." Marion's so very simpering objection is cut off with another look from Jeffry. It is surely hard to believe Marion is the employer with how easily Jeffry controls him. Even with know knowledge of the two beyond boss and employer it is obvious Jeffry was not hired by the weakling lord but someone else. "We will provide a small ship for you guys to get the children, as they are off planet (AKA giving Lukas skill shines). Anything further you need beyond that?"

Abigail considers asking for grenades just to see how badly it makes Marion react, but she's not quite that mean. "I don't reckon so," she says. "'Less there's anythin' else you think we need to know, we should get makin' tracks."

Valentin manages a thin smile, and chimes in with a simple, "I'm good." He looks over from Abigail to Lukas, then awaits the moment they get to head for this ship.

Lukas nods, "Just… one thing." He reaches into his pocket and he pulls out a piece of paper that is folded in half. "Should we get the children back," he says as he hands the paper to Marion. He waits for a response, and then bows once more. "Thank you, Lord Parkeson." He nods at Jeffry, "Sir." And then he'll lead everyone out, unless the Lord or Jeffry need more.

Once they have all confirmed they are good Jeffry moves to escort the group to where the waiting ship is. With how lavish Marion's place is the ship is surprisingly modest in look. It is one that can be piloted by a small crew and children can be kept safe on it. Coordinates are given to Lukas and once he has assured everyone is aboard and taken off Jeffry turns to return inside. When Lukas gives Marion the paper he doesn't look at. He's too preoccupied.

Abigail gives Lukas a questioning look at the paper, but she doesn't ask then. That's something for Later. And if the job goes too badly, it won't matter anyway. Once they're on board the little ship, she sits down and opens her bag. A shotgun in a back holster is produced, which is held across her lap for now, and some extra ammunition for her pistol which goes into her coat pocket. Then she straps herself in.

Valentin maintains the silent guard routine, on the alert as they head toward the shuttle and climb aboard. He too straps himself in - the process taking a bit longer given he only has the one hand to work with, but he can make it work. He looks across to Abigail, and then up toward the cockpit where Lukas is presumably doing the same. "Good back here," he announces. He looks toward Abi again, a question on his features. "Anything I haven't heard about this plan, that I need to?" he checks… just to make sure.

Lukas straps in and he does a quick preflight. "This is a lot more like what I learned on," he notes, clearly comfortable in the pilot's seat of this small ship. As they take off, he looks at Abigail, "You're in charge now that we're in the field, Abs. Anything else we need to know?"

Abigail gives Valentin an amused look when Lukas says she's in charge. She mouths 'that fine?' to him, but out loud she says, "No… other'n the fact that it's a right flimsy plan. But maybe simple's gonna work in our favour. Don't think they'd be expectin' that kinda plant." She checks the loadout of her shotgun. "Most important thing to remember, Lukas - me an' Valentin, we're gonna be followin' you. So don't panic. Or - pretend to panic, but don't /really/ panic. And if shootin' starts, you get yourself behind somethin', or at least on the floor, an' make sure the kids do the same."

At first the flight seems uneventful but most of the way there the ship starts to sputter a bit, as if something unexpectedly came loose. Considering how thorough Jeffry has been about everything thus far it was not something expected. He likely had the ship checked over multiple times. So, it was an unavoidable issue. However, wit some skilled flying it could easily be brought down and even while coming down the problem would be easy enough for someone to do while in flight and landing.

Valentin catches the look and mouthed question from Abigail and nods firmly. He isn't here to take things over… it's fully Abi and Lukas' thing. "My understanding is, we'll trail for as long as we can, hoping to find the kids? But I'm with Abi on things here… we're looking out for you," he says forward. He turns his head, as the ship begins to sputter, frowning thoughtfully as he listens to the shuttle.

<FS3> Lukas rolls Piloting: Success. (4 5 6 6 3 8 7 1)

Lukas furrows his brow as that sputtering sound catches up to his yoke. "Hrm. Something's not right." He flips a few switches to compensate, "Valentin, she's pulling pretty hard aft. It's not drag, but it feels like we've dropped an anchor out the back corner and started lugging it along. I'm throttling manually to compensate, we should be able to land okay, but I wouldn't want to take this bird back up without you checking it out…"

Abigail just tightens the webbing holding her in. She's going to leave the technical stuff to the two of them. Her knuckles /do/ go a little white where she's holding her shotgun in her lap.

Valentin takes in Lukas' comments, along with the coughing of the ship. "Roger that. Holler if you want me up and poking into this before we land, otherwise I'm staying strapped in and will gladly take a look after." He sends a concerned look across to Abigail, saying a touch quieter, "I hope they have a toolkit aboard."

Lukas notices Abigail's white knuckles and he smiles at her, amused but also some of that charming comfort. "We're alright, Abs. I promise." He turns his attention back to the flying. "Gonna have a little bump as we hit atmo, might be a little more than normal with whatever's wrong." Indeed, a moment later, there's the normal shudder of hitting first air, but it is stronger than normal. He signals landing control and a few minutes later, they're on the ground. He locks it down and spins once in the chair, all the way around, before looking at the other two and grinning widely. "That excitement's gonna cost them extra."

Abigail glowers, with the age-old unhealthy coping mechanism of turning her nerves into anger. She keeps herself quiet, though. Lukas just gets a glare to the back of his head. "I hope so too," she replies to Valentin, her tone thin with the tightness of her jaw. Once they're down, she stays still for a long moment as she collects herself.

Valentin takes a grip on his seat harness as they make re-entry. Deep, steadying breaths. The girl holds together, and they don't die in a firey explosion… phase one complete. "Let me take a look at whatever that was, for a minute, and make sure we're ready to take off again… just in case we're making a hasty exit later," he suggests, as he unhitches himself from the seat. He catches himself, and looks to Abigail, adding, "with your permission."

Once safely landing on the moon, it doesn't take much to find a good spot to enact the plan done. They have landed in a place that is a little bit more remote but close enouh to a busy town that they could get a decent place to stay if they didn't want to stay on the shuttle.
The spot they've picked isn't far from where another kid was taken, and after Valentin and Abigail gave it a security once over, they leave Lukas to look nobly and stuffs. Lukas picked up a map from a store, and an expensive bottled water, and has spent a few hours asking for directions and otherwise just being out of place and 'lost' in the area, being sure to wind through a few shadowy alleys that Abigail and Valentin approved of as well.

<FS3> Valentin rolls Mechanics: Success. (4 4 2 5 1 7 6 6 9)

Valentin fixes the shuttle engine somewhere in there. He plants the tracker on Lukas, and makes sure it's working before sending the lad off… and settles in for the wait with Abigail.

Abigail just watches Valentin do his thing, while keeping an eye on their end of the tracker, to see if and when Lukas goes out of the area they surveyed. She's not making a big deal out of the 'you're the boss' thing, especially once it's just them. Any more comments from him in that respect are met with a little smirk and a shake of her head.

It doesn't take Lukas' antics to get the attention of the kidnappers of the children. It starts with a lure. Maybe it is a scantily clad woman trying to seduce him to a discreet little spot for some 'fun'.(he is on the older side) or maybe a young man assuring he'll show Lukas were to go. Regardless of which it is Lukas is led to an isolated spot where he gets jumped by three other people along with the Lure. They are not gentle with their actions. There is no doubting Lukas will, at the very least, end up with a mountain of bruises and potentially a broken bone (Lukas can feel free to determine how bad it really is. He is very visibly hurt). The tracker isn't found, the group is not that thorough.

<FS3> Lukas rolls Unarmed Combat: Good Success. (3 6 10 9)

It's the guy looking to help him find his way that gets Lukas. He's led through a short cut alley, about halfway down which he's jumped. The first one steps out from behind a dumpster and does his best to punch Lukas. Lukas is expecting the jump, however, and ducks in time. They go fisticuffs for a few punches before Lukas clocks him hard enough to drop him. The second and third guys catch him by surprise, tackling him to the ground. He does his best to fight them off, landing a few good hits, but taking considerably more. They're particularly angry he knocked out their buddy, and they make no qualms about taking that out on Lukas. By the time they're done, he's out cold and dragged off to who knows where.

Valentin leans against the side of the shuttle, chatting a bit with Abi on light topics, not enough to distract them from the task at hand. He doesn't press the leadership question, either.

"Wei, he's outta the zone," Abigail says, the moment the tracker alerts her. She tucks it into her belt and picks up her shotgun from where she left it leaning, sliding it into the holster on her back. She glances at Valentin to make sure he's behind her, and then takes off at a jog to follow the signal.

The tracker takes a complex set of directions, undoubtedly to avoid Alliance or anyone who will ask to many questions. Occasionally the tracker stops for a brief time, likely to answer questions that can not be avoided. Likely just questions that are along the lines of 'is he okay?' which are brushed off with excuses of a drunken brawl. Lukas is brought to a small house that is two stories high. IT is quite run down, very dirty. Should he taken up in the time it takes to get there he will get a decent idea of how many guards are there. Which is between five and ten. He is brought to the second floor, his pockets patted for some sort of id. They need something to figure out who to message. The children of this group are mostly young ones with one in her late teens. Each child is a little worse for wear but outside of being dirty they seem to be fine. The older girl is holding the very young ones, which vary between five and eight. One she holds particularly close. Maybe he is her sibling. However, the girl and the one she is holding tight fit the description of Lil and Ron. One not to much younger than the girl huddles away from the others, she seems like she thinks she needs to be brave because she is older.

<FS3> Abigail rolls Alertness: Good Success. (10 7 10 6 7 4 4)
<FS3> Valentin rolls Alertness: Good Success. (1 3 8 1 9 10 3)
Martie pages Valentin and Abigail: Between both of your good successes.. You know for a fact there is 10 guards… From observing you note that while they travel is pairs, they do not do it well. Sometimes one lags behind, sometimes they go the wrong way, etc.

Lukas groans, slowly rolling over after laying on the floor of the room for a while. He reaches down and feels in his boot - the tracker's still there, and he breathes a sigh of relief. He pulls himself to sit up, leaning against the wall, bloodied and battered, as he looks around. He sees the two he has seen the photos of. "Lil? Ron?" he asks, weakly. Making sure the guards aren't around to hear, he tells them, "Hey. It's gonna be okay." He offers a wounded smile, "Help's coming."

Valentin snaps to attention at that word, and does follow close behind Abigail, navigating through town at her lead. When they come close to the house, and find some cover from which to observe it for a moment, he scowls. "I don't like the look of it. I count at least six… no, there's another pair. Geez, they're not trained very well, at least we can use that." He looks to Abi, asking "what's the play?"

<FS3> Abigail rolls Unarmed Combat: Success. (9 1 2 6 1 2 5 1)
<FS3> Abigail rolls Unarmed Combat: Success. (5 1 5 6 6 6 3 8)

"Quiet-like, until we have to go loud," Abigail says as she crouches beside Valentin. She hands him the tracker. "You focus on gettin' to Lukas and the kids and gettin' them out, I'll try an' make you a hole." She waits to make sure he's got it, and then she watches the patrols. When one of those two-person ones gets close enough, she darts forwards and grabs the rearmost one from behind, dragging him backwards and cutting off his air with an arm around the throat. When the second one comes to investigate, he receives a punch right to the neck. Nobody would call it fancy, but it gets the job done.

Lil and Ron both give a surprised look when they hear their names spoken by the newest captive. Towards the door door all the children look, listening. When Lukas assures help is coming they give a collective sigh of relief. They are trusting this new captive. He seems to know what is going on in the world outside. The girl huddling along finally breaks down and joins the rest. The ray of hope in the form of hep cmoing is enough to make the majority of the children start to sob.

Lukas tells the kids, "Listen, when it's time, we'll need to go. Stay low and move fast and do as you're told, okay? If you hear gunfire, get down." He winces, catching his breath a little. "So, we just hang in here for now."

Both Valentin and Abigail take out two targets. Abigail ones outside, Valentin some inside. Abigail makes a little noise but not enough to cause concern. Valentin does it soundlessly. No one is the wiser to his presence. There is 6 guards left. Two inside, 4 outside.

Valentin spends 1 luck points on We totally need luck here, for Tin to be able to get up into the house where Lukas and the kids are..
<FS3> Valentin rolls Stealth+20: Great Success. (8 1 6 6 10 5 8 3 8 4 7 5 8 2 2 5 4 1 4 5)
<FS3> Valentin rolls Unarmed Combat: Success. (3 2 2 10 2)

"Roger," the ex-soldier answers, adjusting his grip on the tracker and watching Abi dash forward to dispatch those two guards. He hustles in through the gap she created, to get up to the house. Pausing for only a moment, he gives a quick glance to the sky, then breaches the kitchen door as quietly as he can, emerging into the darkened room. He sees a few of the guards moving through the other, lit rooms. He's able to tuck himself into a spot in the hallway to wait until one of them passes by alone… a pounce, a scuffle, that one is slammed into the wall. Tin lights through the kitchen around into another room, and out another doorway to the same hall, to get behind the others who clearly want to find out what that noise was. His gun is planted at the base of one of their skulls and he growls, "not a move. Not a sound, from any of you, or I start shooting. Dong ma? Weapons down now, nice and easy."

As luck would have it the fellow Valentin takes 'hostage' is the leader and the rest still awake are put in a panic and quickly yield when their leader has a gun to his head. Despite the yells to shoot Valentin. There didn't have their weapons at hand. Val caught them off guard. All of them can very be easily locked in the windowless pantry.

<FS3> Abigail rolls Unarmed Combat: Good Success. (1 4 4 10 9 4 5 9)
<FS3> Abigail rolls Unarmed Combat: Good Success. (5 10 10 2 6 1 3 5)

Once Valentin is in, Abigail heads around the outside. She spots the next pair of guards easily enough. This time she waits around a corner and when the first one comes around it, it's to be met by her fist. The second is dispatched a moment later. She drags the bodies over to the first two and leaves them there. There's not the time to do much more with them at that point. The next two are more spread out, and the one ahead has his head bounced off a wall, the other meets the business end of her foot somewhere sensitive, and then is smacked in the face. She's got no sympathy for people who'll kidnap kids.

Valentin does usher them on into the pantry, repeating gruffly, "if I hear yelling from you, I'm going to unload this clip through the door." They're shut in. A chair is wedged under the door handle. He stays positioned there, as he tries to take stock of things… not sure how Abi's doing outside, nor how Lukas is doing upstairs. At least he doesn't see or hear more guards moving. So he takes a minute.

Once the outside guards are down, Abi taps her earpiece. Because I'm going to assume her and Tin have them! They're smart like that. "Clear outside," she whispers. "Six neutralised."

Between the actions of Abigail and Valentin the only sound is the muffled sobs of the children and the assuring voice of Lukas. It seems the place is pretty safe now. The group is neutralized. The silence is almost deafening upstairs for the children and Lukas. Before any call or approach of Abi and Val there is a feeling that Lukas could lead the children down to Abi and Val easily.

Valentin sighs with relief, and taps his own earpiece. "Seems clear inside. Four neutralized. Can you get upstairs to Lukas? I haven't done a proper sweep, but if anyone else had a bone to pick, I think we'd know about them by now."

<OOC> Martie says, "I assume you guys will call in Alliance to take in all these guys?"
<OOC> Abigail would call Jeffry and leave it to him, once the kids are safe.

"Roger." Abigail leaves the thugs outside and slips in, not bothering to move quietly. She was a Fed, not an assassin, after all! She takes the stairs two at a time, and starts opening doors to look for Lukas.

With the commotion, Lukas pushes up to his feet. He limps a bit, holding his side, moving slowly to the door. One of the kids moves to his side, helping to prop him up. He slowly turns the handle, opening the door. Propping against the doorframe, when he sees Abigail, he wearily grins through his bashed up, swollen face and bloody lip. "Look, kids, it's my hero…"

<FS3> Valentin rolls Thinking Outside The Box: Success. (9 7 2 5 5 6)
<FS3> Abigail rolls Medicine: Success. (3 9 6)

Valentin rigs something to make noises in the kitchen, so the guys in the closet won't be in a hurry to smash their way out. Then he finally regroups with Abi, Lukas, and the group of children, as they make their exit and head back to the ship.

After meeting up and doing all things they do Valentin, Abigail, and Lukas return to their ship, well, shuttle. A call is placed to Jeffry and he arranges for the criminals to be picked up. The trip back to Marion and Jeffry is uneventful. Smooth sailing even. Jeffry has promised everything requested will be arranged by the time they set down. Which it is. Even Lukas' desired gift. Though, that is said that it will be delivered where it is wanted. Jeffry does give the options of claiming the shuttle or taking credits from the nobles who got their children returned.. To note, it is a slightly hire tiered ship. Jeffry even arranges for them all to be delivered. Save for Ron and Lil.

The children are following Lukas around like he's the pied piper. He carried through on his word. Him, Abigail, and Valentin are heroes to the kids and they are not planning on leaving them until safe.

They take the credits, and whatever Lukas requested.

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