(2530-08-01) War and Peace
Summary: Two brothers fight, and then sort of make up.
RL Date: 01 Aug 2020
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Main Street & Weatherwax Pub - Eavesdown

A pub in the classic Ye Olde England style: Soft carpets with a fanciful pattern, floral wallpaper and lots of heavy dark wood. The U-shaped counter is lined with bar stools and manned by one or two bartenders. One wall is lined with booths, the seats made of sticky blood-red vinyl leather. The free space between the booths and the counter is littered with more wooden tables and creaky chairs. There's a holo-pool table in one corner, usually hogged by a bunch of young ne'er-do-wells, and a dart board on one wall. One framed picture shows a football team holding a victory cup, another an elderly cranky-looking lady. Legend has it that this is Esme Weatherwax, the founder of the pub. A staircase leads up to the few guest rooms the pub rents out to weary travellers.

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and fair.

Chandra drops off a puppy and tries her best to console a Skyler while she's home. Though with the puppy taken care of and other things in their place, Chandra decides it best to return to the scene of the puppy napping! Though, in reality it was one third of the ownership of said puppy taking the energetic ball of floof home. Now she returns, but she skims the edge of the clinic because…she's just not ready to have a needle willingly placed in her arm. Instead she stops in the middle of the crossroads and tries to determine where she'd rather be at this point in time.

So, pub… Of course Kieran is down for that. While Chandra is heading back their direction, and they're all perhaps debating food and drink at the pub Kieran will move with them across the street toward that direction. However, as they are approaching said pub, a tall drink of water makes his way from the pub out into the street and as he sees Kieran heads toward him. At several inches taller than Kieran, and probably a good hundred pounds on the man, the muscular blond haired blue eyed man with long hair gathered back into a tail walks up to him and says, "Brother?" The big man is dressed in a tight grey tee that has a pic of a taco with the words 'I'm into fitness. Fitness taco in my mouth' and faded well worn blue jeans along with some grey hiking shoes. Kieran blinks as he looks up at the man and then there's a smile. "BROTHER!" He says as he holds his arms out wide… And then with his left hand proceeds to quick roundhouse the bigger man right in the FASE!

This sets the bigger man back on his heels, almost falling right over as he grabs his face reflexively, yelling, "Ching-wah TSAO duh liou mahng!" Apparently Kieran is not happy to see his brother, and now his brother isn't so happy either.

Tall drink of water or not, it's obvious which one Saoirse prefers, as that's the one she's arm in arm with! Well. One of the ones. And she in the middle, the shortest of the three! And so there she is when the taller guy approaches. "Y'know," she offers thoughtfully. "Sometimes it's interesting being the shortest." Only, then there's arms going wide. The redhead steps a bit to the side. Must give room for brotherly hugs? Only then there's punching. And she blinks and takes another step back, just to give herself a little room for… well. Whatever happens next! "Kier?" There's a whole world in that question. Namely a 'what the hell is going on??'.

Enya extricates herself and moves on to help someone else over at the vaccine table, leaving Donna to wrap things up with Kaydin. The older nurse's expression hardens as he makes his remarks about the now-absent friend. "I appreciate that you actually brought the man over for treatment, rather than doing further damage," she tells him in a somewhat terse tone. "I also appreciate you giving blood. You're right, it's a rough Verse, and you never know what kind of help you might need." She seems to hope that this is all that needs to be said on the matter. "Thank you for stopping by." Her gaze flicks briefly over to the new altercation, and her scowl deepens. It's just one of those days.

Kaydin nods to Donna. "This verse is made for monsters like me. Monsters who enjoy hurting and killing. Only thing which seperates me from a reaver is I rather my killing be used for something good." He says softly as he puts his coat back on. "If there is anything I can do to help, you just need to ask." He says as he gives her a card with his name, ship name and cortex contact info.

There are likely wiser decisions that could be made, but… pub, lunch, drinks, and good company are hard to turn down! So Mykaela took Saoirse's arm and agreed to it, willingly and with a bit of a bounce to her step. She's young and occassionally prone to silliness, not that it's come out much since coming to Persephone. "Oh? Interesting how?" she asks, curious. One of her eyebrows quirks as they approach the pub and there's the good looking blonde man coming out of the establishment. Her attention perks a bit as the sibling-relation is revealed, her curiosity perked. And then… wait… what? Mykaela blinks twice with a certain measure of 'what the hell?' in her features. She gives a little murmur that doesn't manage to actually embody any words just… confusion and puzzlement and all manner of similar emotions. HowWhatWhy?

Chandra spots Kieran and company and decidedly invites herself to join them - or at the very least she's of the mind to approach them and wiggle her way into the party. Just as she's coming up from behind and about to say something, she pauses as she sees the tall man call Kieran brother and go in for a hug. Then she sees Kieran punch the man claiming to be his brother - so that likely answers the question of are they really related. Due to what she knows, she's not at all surprised that Kieran punched the man, but at the same time, she can't quite believe that Kieran punched the man in the face, in public. Still, she keeps herself back a couple paces but ready in case she needs to try to somehow intervene.

Donna gives Kaydin an intrigued, assessing look as she listens to his words. One corner of her lips curls into a small, wry smirk. She nods and accepts the card. "Thanks. You know how to find the clinic, if you ever need medical help." Her gaze returns to the fight scene, making sure it doesn't turn worse, and need an immediate paramedic intervention. "If you'll excuse me, I should check on things inside," she tells Kaydin, leaving Enya to man the tables for a few minutes while she goes in.

Another swing from Kieran, this one ducked by the big man. He tries to reason with Kieran, "Waitaminute! Kier..Wait.." Kieran in turn yells to him, "Do you have any idea what ye did!" Brother dearest ducks another punch and wraps Kieran into a bear hug picking the shorter thinner man up easily, "What? I was tryin' to save your life!"

Kieran isn't having it, though the bear hug gives him pause and he almost meeps, "Ack, me ribs…" He headbutts his brother in the face, causing the man to let go, and then winds his leg up and kicks him right where it counts. The big man falls to his knees eyes wide, and Kieran grabs him by the shirt and leans down into his face. "Almost three days! Two days and on the third sometime I crawled out of that grave… All I see when I close my eyes are bodies, all I feel when I fall asleep, like they're grabbin' me and draggin me to their depths Ian!"

His brother is barely able to make out, "Sor…ry." It looks like he's trying to breathe through the pain. Kieran sighs and kisses his brother on the forehead. "When ye can walk come inta the pub, I'll have the bartender get a rag with ice." With that he steps around his brother and starts to head to the pub again shaking his head and muttering to himself.

Saoirse glances briefly to Mykaela, but doesn't answer the question as her attention is mostly claimed by Kieran and his brother. Where her eyes return a moment later. She hasn't even noticed Chandra a couple paces back on a conscious level yet. At what is said between the brothers, more from Kieran than the other, causes a small shiver in Saoirse, as though the words strike a chord within her. She glances to the brother, Ian, for half a moment as Kieran leaves him, then turns to follow the redhead into the pub without a backward glance. As she catches up to him, Saoirse lifts her hand to his shoulder but doesn't say anything.

There are some aspects about being an only child that likely lead to a lack of ability to understand just what goes on between siblings. Siblings can love each other and hate each other at the same time. That's just how it is. But when you don't have one, you don't get that. She's probably holding Saoirse's arm a bit harder than she should or needs to be. There's disbelief and confusion both in Mykaela's features as she watches the back and forth between the brothers, giving a slight twitch and a slight foot shuffle about Kieran's ribs, as though she were considering or near to stepping in. Which somehow seemed almost like a good idea and then definitely not like a good idea. The words wiggle into her brain and she can't help but to shiver from. And then everything seems… forgiven…? What the hell? How does that even -happen-? And there's a part of her that wants to ask but the rest of her thinks it's better to just not go there right now. Mykaela's quiet, chewing on the inside of her lower lip as she gives a glance to the blonde brother and letting Saoirse have her arm back. Then she gives her head a little shake and starts to head for the pub to follow along. All mouse-quiet like.

Chandra blinks as the brothers scuffle for a moment and winces as Kieran gets some pretty decent shots in. Then she spots that moment where Kieran kisses Ian's forehead and then just leaves him there. As the three step into the pub with no further action or comment to Ian - and seemingly none of them noticed her a few paces behind, Chandra actually shifts over to Ian's side. "That didn't look like much fun." Saying this, even though a part of her completely understands why Kieran was pissed off at his brother. She reaches a hand down to the man, giving him a soft smile. "You alright? Want a hand up?"

There's a nod from Ian, and he reaches a hand out to take Chandra's. Slowly he works his way to his feet taking a few more breaths bent over after he does so, blinking. "He got stronger…" He looks up to Chandra and says, "Thanks. I… I just wanted him safe, I dinna know.." He looks to the pub then starts to gingerly place one foot in front of the other to head inside, with Chandra's help if she holds on or without. "Better have gotten that ice…the shite hits like a Corrigan."

Meanwhile, Kieran heads into the bar and moves right up to the counter. "Whisky, neat." He lightly pats Seer's hand on his shoudler on the way up there, and frowns after a breath. "Also whatever they're havin… Also… A rag with some ice in it. Someone's gonna be in in a few who'll need it. He flexes his left hand some and says, "Iain always did have a hard head." He rests his hands and the bar and lets out a breath, letting his head hang a bit, eyes closed a moment.

Saoirse can understand where Mykaela is coming from. She also has no siblings that she's aware of, grew up an only child. But she's lived a lot longer and has likely seen such fights before. She feels for Ian, but she doesn't know him and cares more about Kieran right now. She walks beside him up to the bar, hand remaining on his shoulder. "Just a beer for me. That dark stuff I had the first time. Same stuff Esper had. I never did catch what it was called." After, she drops both hands to the bar and leans her shoulder against Kieran's if he doesn't protest. "Most siblings do," she says quietly. If he didn't protest, she'll lean her cheek against his shoulder too. He's enough taller than her that that's a thing!

The young doctor follows after the people she knows, into the pub and up to the counter. She's still chewing a bit at the inside of her lower lip while the others make various orders and requests. Her brow has a furrow to it, and she looks to the barkeeper when he gets to her and she gives a small nod. "Double whiskey, neat, please," she requests in a soft tone of voice. It's not a good idea given yesterday's heat exhaustion and today's blood donation but her brain isn't willing to accept less than that. For the moment, she's going to let her brain process the information gleaned from what happened outside and just not ask questions. Though while her drink is prepared she does rummage a moment into her satchel in order to bring out a small clay pot with a screw-top lid that she slides over towards Kieran. "For the bruises," she offers, a smile turning at the corners of her lips to light her features, her blue gaze turning towards him. She had promised it, and she's not one to go back on her words. She has more, and can make more when she runs out.
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Chandra is at least staying by Ian's side for the moment while he gingerly makes his way back into the pub. She even holds the door open for him so he can just concentrate on getting himself inside the bar without needing to focus on anything else for the moment. "I'm guessing you're his brother? He's talked about you once, maybe twice…" She offers at least this much while helping the man into the pub. She looks around and spies the others at the bar and then glances to Ian. "Suppose we should go meet the others then, yeah? Just… maybe don't try to fight again while we're all inside the pub…" Cause, she knows how that can end, and doesn't really need to not be able to go to at least ONE place that serves alcohol.

From the main room of the pub, two voices lift. One is likely unfamiliar and agitated. The other (Gideon's) may be familiar to some.

"I told you, I wanted it /yesterday/," the first voice demands, in a way that's totally out of sorts for the Weatherwax.

Gideon's voice is firm, but gentle, the way someone might address a fussing child: "An' I told you, ain't no way we can get that kinda stuff off Londinium in that time frame and ain't no one else who can, neither, so you'll have to wait another few days, yeah?"

There's a thump (a hand thwacking a table) and a thud (a foot stomping), and then Gideon speaks, again: "Yeah…I'm gonna use the bathroom. I'll be right back." But he does nothing of the sort, instead slipping into this back area, beer in hand. Recognizing at least two people, he pauses, blinks, then smiles, pleased with his luck.

Ian makes his wa to the bag, and chuckles slightly to Chandra's comment. "Last thing on me mind. C gets this one on me fer free, considering." He gets a rag with ice from the bartender, and motions to another of those dark beers he's pouring and makes his way to where everyone has convened. He looks at his brother and says, "Briseann mo chroí, Ciaran." He looks sad and the big man moves to very gently set himself on a stool, then places the rag full of ice right on the jewels that have been so kicked by his brother outside, a sigh of relief.

Kieran on the other hand says, "Ta bron orm, Iain." He takes the whisky as it arrives in a glass and downs it in one go, then sets the tumbler back down, his face tight at the burn from the liquor before he adds, "How's the nose? I dinnae break it did I?" At first glance his nose looks straight, only a little blood underneath, though the man might wake up with slight racoon eyes tomorrow. Kieran gives a nod to Chandra as he sees her too, and then clears his throat. "Sorry everyone."

Saoirse pays no mind at all to the thumping and table whacking. She's aware of it, but that's about as far as it goes. When her beer comes, she straightens and accepts it from the barkeep. "Thanks," she says. She turns and leans one elbow against the bar with her back mostly to it. She lifts the cup and has a healthy swig. "Happens," she says. She smiles a little to Mykaela at the pot set on the bar.

At the pot Kieran looks down at it and it takes a moment. He smiles serenely and says, "Thank's Myk. I appreciate it. Will probably need it tonight." He twists his torso slightly and winces a touch, but then asks for a refill on his drink.

For Mykaela, neither of the voices that come from the main room of the pub are familiar. But that doesn't really surprise her given that she's been on Persephone for less than a week. Though she can hear what's being said, she doesn't really pay much in the way of attention to the words since their business isn't her business. Even if Londinium happens to be mentioned along with the idea of moving stuff off of it. As the whiskey is given over for her, she deftly plucks the glass from the counter before taking a drink of it. Then she places the glass on the counter again before her attention slides to the blonde brother of the pair. "Though maybe I should give you one of the pots of salve for the bruises, too. And check your nose. If you want," she offers, eyeing the slightly bloody nose. Given that it's her profession and it would be rude not to offer her skills, she offers. She holds off on doing either of those things unless he gives his permission, though. She raises an eyebrow slightly, looking towards Kieran, and a smile tugs at the corners of her lips. "Nothing to apologize for, at least not from where I stand," she comments. Family's have issues and issues need to be sorted. It's a thing. And her smile quirks a bit more, reflecting in her eyes, and she gives a small nod. "You're welcome, Kieran. I had a feeling that you might need it. You'd best not have undone the healing of them that's happened or I might have to be mildly wroth with you. If you want help applying it, you know how to reach me," she offers. She's not going to press or push or anything of the sort. She'll lob the offer out there and just leave it there. His turn.

Chandra glances between Kieran and Iain for a moment, considering the two of them before she nods up to the barkeep who places a bottle of water on the bar for her after serving the others. Stepping up to grab the bottle, she uncaps it and looks to the brothers again before saying, "Ba chóir go mbeadh síocháin ann anois.." to the both of them then lifts her bottle and furthers with, "Slainte." Yep, the little no good doer knows a pretty uncommon language and now has a reason to show it off! She then looks to Saoirse and Mykaela - recognizing the latter a bit and the former a lot - to the point she smiles in the direction of the women but keeps her mouth closed for the most part aside from when she takes a drink of her water. At last, her gaze shifts to the pool table and she wonders if she should get a game in while she's here but THEN there's familiar shouting AGAIN and she looks around and growls. "Gideon Jones! You best not be making trouble, or I'll come finish it for you and you WON'T like me after!"

From his spot at the edge of the back room, Gideon looks about, pleased to have escaped his conversational companion. It's only when he's caught and called out by Chandra that he starts to interact. Hearing his name, he arches his eyebrows, his eyes going wide, ready to take in what she's said. But, when he hears her words, he grins, then shakes his head. "Aw, naw, Chandy. I'm just workin'," he explains, crossing toward hera and favoring his left leg while he moves. He nods to the others about. "Karen's just real fussy," he adds, his voice kept low, so Karen can't over hear him. Then, he shrugs. "But she pays good, so boss says we gotta deal with her. She can cool off for a minute, though. Ain't no one else gonna do that job."

Ian seems hesitant at first but Kieran says, "Aye let 'er look at ya, she knows her stuff." He takes the next drink from the bartender and holds it up to Chandra in turn. "Slainte." Kieran's brother looks sheepish a moment then nods to Myk's offer. "That would be nice of ya. I'd hate ta have me nose crooked." He side eyes at Kier then takes the pint the bartender gets to him and holds it up to Chandra and the others as well, "Slainte." He gives a nod to Chandra, but then she's yelling about some bloke, so he just turns back toward the doc with a quick sip.

Kieran meanwhile says to Mykaela, "I could never turn down an offer like that, feel free to check me out whenever." He clears his throat and adds, "Iffin' I'm home." Course even if he's home his open door policy is going to lead to an awkward, or fun situation one of these days.

Wroth? Wroth?? Saoirse turns at that particular turn of phrase and looks at Mykaela. Her lips twitch, and then a grin spreads, and then she's giggling helplessly, leaned on the bar for support. "Wroth," she snickers between giggles. She's still giggling when Chandra looks over and smiles, and she waves a hand in a helpless sort of gesture, kind of to indicate that she saw, she acknowledges, but there's not a thing she can do about it right this moment. Then there's a Gideon. Without a cane. The giggling has died down and she takes a few shuddering breaths. "Oh, I needed that. I really needed that." She's still a little breathless, but she hasn't forgotten Gideon. "Knee better?" She glances to Kieran and grins at him at the checking out whenever. Clearly she has thoughts about that! Thankfully, the snickers seem to have fully abated.

People seem to be enchanted with using a different language. She can't blame them, it's a beautiful and ear-pleasing language to hear, but when not everyone understands it then it can be considered exclusionistic. Mykaela picks up her glass of whiskey, then takes a drink of it, seeming to manage the alcohol content of the drink well enough. At least for now. There's a possibility that she'll regret it later. She raises an eyebrow slightly as she looks to the woman with the bottle of water shouting to someone, and then she shifts her weight a bit to put her back against the bar's counter, keeping her glass in her left hand. Her blue gaze lightly wanders, finding the man with the limp who responds to the shouting woman. She studies the favoured leg for a moment but, not wanting to be considered rude, she brings her attention back to those nearer to her. More specifically to looking from one brother to the other. She takes a sip of her whiskey, turns to be facing them, then sets her glass on the counter. A nod of thanks is given to Kieran, for his vouching for her skill, but then her attention is back on Iain. "I'm happy to help. 'Twill probably hurt a mite. Bit more than that if 'tis broken and needs setting," she advises, raising an eyebrow slightly. She lifts her hands then, placing the fingers of her left hand against the right side of his nose and the fingers of her right hand against the left side of his nose. Her eyes seem to get a sort of unfocused sense to them as she feels the bones of his nose with her fingers. Visualizing the bones she feels with ones from a textbook. She withdraws her hands after a moment then reaches out for a napkin to wipe a bit of stray blood from them before giving a nod to him. "Not broken. You're lucky he didn't hit you harder. Just a smidge more would have done it," she pronounces. She reaches to her satchel then in order to rummage a bit by feel, and she withdraws another small clay pot which she slides this time to the blonde of the brothers. And she taps a fingertip on the lid of it. "For bruises. It helps with pain and with healing of them," she explains, then withdraws her hand from it for him to claim as he wishes or not. Her blue gaze slides to the redheaded Kieran, and she quirks a smile, her eyes showing a spark of amusement. "I'll send you a message before I wander my way over to check on you. Fair?" she suggests, her tongue flicking out to damp her lips. "Or maybe I'll just have to pop in on a whim." She picks up her glass of whiskey, takes a drink of it, then looks to Saoirse at the snickerfit that the older woman seems to succumb to. "What? It's a perfectly legitimate word!" Which it is, it's just archaic as the first man practically.

Since everyone at the bar was pretty much distracted with someone else - making Chandra the unintentional fifth wheel - she snags her water bottle and moves towards Gideon. "Workin'? With that knee still bummed? Why didn't you or your siblings call me to do some local work?" Which Chandra wasn't going to turn down, it had just been leaving on Rosa or leaving with the siblings that she didn't want to do. Off planet work wasn't in her cards at the moment with everything else going on in her life. Never the less, she sort of looks to see if this Karen person was still watching for Gideon before she plants a kiss right on the working man's lips. Scandal! Never the less, she takes another drink from her water bottle and then tilts her head one way, the other way and glances towards the pool table. "I was thinking pool… or maybe even just getting out of here…what more you gotta do work wise?"

"Getting better," Gideon says, to Saoirse, then smiles. "Thanks for askin'." Watching the others for a beat, he listens to Chandra, then grins. At first he's quiet, and, not at all scandalized when she kisses him, instead kissing her back, affectionately. Then, he replies: "Karen ain't likely to send me runnin' or over a table or pull out a weapon, so I get to do the job. You know I don't like bein' laid up," he explains why he's working, even as his knee recovers. "But if she comes back here after me, you're more than welcome to handle her. She's probably just gonna wanna talk to the boss." He follows her glance. "I could do either, poor or get out of here. Karen needs to wait, one way or another. She'll probably take the hint and leave if I hang out here, long enough. I'll get her the order when it comes in."

Kieran watches as Chandra up and kisses the other bloke. He smiles a bit, finally a smile from the moody fellow. "Play a game and put on a show while yer at it." He downs the rest of his drink and then asks the bartender. "One of those blackberry porters when you get a sec mate." A smile at Saoirse's laughter, he shakes his head, elf braid swinging some and moves to lightly brush his shoulder against her as she laughs.

Iain meanwhile sits and takes the exam, only fussing a little. He carefully wrinkles his nose some, then nods. "Thanks, Mykaela was it?" He looks to the jar and opens it to take a brief sniff, then shuts it. "Thanks. I'm sure I'll need it tonight." He goes back to sippin his beer at that, watching everyone as the various exchanges take place, though a smile at the laughter from Saoirse.

The comment about Myk just stopping by gives Kieran a little evil smirk, and he says a touch softly, "Sounds like a party in the making…" He'll take a pint of the porter when offered and have a long sip, the dark drink settling on him as he licks his lips after.

Saoirse lifts a shoulder. "Dunno why, just seemed funny," she says to Mykaela. Her eyes shift toward Chandra and Gideon and the pool table, but she doesn't seem overly inclined to play. She'll probably at least come over and watch, though. "Chandra, you feelin better?" Now that she can talk coherently again. She nods then to Gideon. "Good. I'm glad to hear it." She smiles at Kieran at the shoulder touch, and reaches for her beer again. Thankfully it had been sat on the bar when the giggle fit struck! She takes a drink from it and grins over at Chandra. "I wouldn't mind watching that show," she comments. Her lips twitch a little. Parties can be fun.

It isn't a bad smelling salve. Whether it was by design or just a happy accident of a coincidence based on what's in it is something Mykaela doesn't share. An herbalist practitioner needs to have some secrets! "You're welcome, Iain. Yes. Mykaela is me. Smythe," she says, completing it by offering her last name as well. "A little bit goes a ways, with the salve. And you can apply it multiple times a day without any side effects," she offers, a smile touching the corners of her lips. She does like to help, to heal people's hurts. There's no risk of overdosing on it, it seems, which is possibly a good thing. She glances over towards Kieran at his words, a breath of colour rising into her cheeks. Then she looks to Saoirse and quirks a smile. "That's okay. You can laugh at my old words if you want," she comments, winking at the redheaded woman. She picks up her glass of whisky and takes a sip of it, letting the liquid play over her tongue to be savoured before swallowing.

Chandra glances back over to the bar as some of the peanut galley make their comments about her playing pool and giving a show. She has half a mind…half only however…to /really/ give everyone a show and make Kieran the star of it. She doesn't, however, and just smiles back to Gideon. "Round of pool could be fun. Maybe. I don't know…" It's been kinda crowded for a little bit, for Chandra anyway, and it was really beginning to wear at her mind some. A thing which, those with practiced eyes, could likely see in the way she shifts, fidgets, and otherwise manifests through physical action. "Or maybe we could go back to Rosa for a bit?" She offers to Gideon, glancing at him directly then.

Gideon also considers the peanut gallery, arching an eyebrow when a show is suggested. "You ain't allowed to climb up on these pool tables, even if you take your shoes off and just gotta sing your heart out," he shares that bit of knowledge with the group. He does seem to pick up on Chandra's discomfort, then nods. "Yeah - actually - she's got a cog that just ain't right, needs to come out and get greased up, if you wanna give me a hand? It's way down, and Doc'll let me have it if I bend /that/ far," he explains. Then, he offers Chandra his right arm in a dapper gesture that contrasts with his rough looks.

"Mmmm…bendin' far…" Kieran gets a bit of a wistful look a moment at that, the words triggering some recent memory perhaps. He clears his throat and takes another sip of his drink at that, working at wiping any smirk off his face. He offers a wave to Gideon and Chandra, then sets his drink down. He rests his elbow on the bar and asks finally, "Why're ye here me brother?"

Iain meanwhile looks about at chandra, then the other women there before focusing on his brother again. "Ma and Da miss ya, Caoimhe too. I…I know why ya haven't been back now but really, yer family misses ya. Come home? I've been half 'cross the Verse looking for ya. Ma hasn't been..the best." He frowns at that point and takes another sip of his drink.

At the mention of family Kieran flinches a bit. He bites his lip, especially at the mention of their mother. "Not the best? What's wrong?" There's a sadness, and regret in his face, and he adds, "I… I've just been so messed up, I dinnae want them to see me like…" Well a drunk most likely, but he's a fun drunk so there's that at least right?

Saoirse waves a hand at Mykaela. "Probably won't. Sorry. Donating blood makes me a bit loopy and the strangest things amuse me." She still seems amused. "Don't worry, it'll wear off and I'll be back to normal in a couple hours." She offers a smile and a wave to Chandra and Gideon as they are appaerntly taking off. She turns to look at Iain as he speaks, and the smile fades. She doesn't say anything, but she looks away again and lifts her beer to drink the rest of it in short order.

Mykaela tilts her head faintly to one side, her brow knitting a bit when it's mentioned between the brothers that their mother isn't well. She shifts her weight, standing up instead of leaning a bit against the counter, and she takes a drink of her whiskey before sitting the glass on the counter and idly tracing a fingertip around the full circle of it. She doesn't intrude herself into their conversation, at least not just yet, but she's standing near enough to be able to listen in to it. She looks to Saoirse and gives a soft chuckle. "It's fine, really. I hope you'll at least laugh if I use it again, though," she teases, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Her gaze flicks back towards the brothers though, giving a brief look from one to the other of them before she looks down into her whiskey. Right! Minding her own business, really!

Chandra smiles at Gideon and nods her head. "I don't mind helping you repair Rosa a bit. Let me just say a quick couple of goodbyes." She offers and then she turns - despite everyone - manages her way to wiggle up to Kieran and plants a kiss right on his lips. As she pulls back she whispers, "Má theastaíonn uait mé, glaoigh orm. Táim anseo ar do shon. Feicfidh mé ar ball thú." Before turning, eying both Saoirse and Mykaela with a grin before looking over to Iain. "Cuimhnigh. Seinn go deas." Saying this much more to the brother and then waves. "Later all." Before she moves back to Gideon and nods, taking his proffered arm. "Lets go fix Rosa." Which…may or may not be code for something entirely different.

As Chandra says her goodbyes, Gideon waits, patiently. When she kisses Kieran, he arches an eyebrow - not jealous, more amused. And he gives her (and maybe Kieran, for good measure) only the slightest bit of grief as they walk out: "Really? That one? Brother's way cuter," he remarks in a playful tone, then drains his beer and leads her on out.

At Chandra's kiss, Kieran kisses her back, then smiles and waggles his brows at her. He replies after a moment to her words, "I'll text ya." He takes another sip of his beer, the porter now over half gone, then slides it to Saoirse, offering her a sip. "The blackberry one if you wanted to try." He glances over at his brother, and at Myk, and reaches out to give Mykaela a brief squeeze on her hand with his, then replies to his brother, "I'll tie up some things and head back with ye."

Iain on the other hand gives a nod to his brother, but raises a brow at Chandra. He smiles and a silent laugh, shaking his head. "Nothing to worry about here. Have a good night." He downs the rest of his beer and looks for the bartender to get another one. He adds to his brother, "Just let me know I'll set up the shuttle ride back."

Kieran hmms a moment at that then asks with half a chuckle, "Anyone want a trip to Greenleaf?" He seems jittery, and starts to rub his thumb and forefinger of his left hand together.

At Gideon's comment Kieran raises a brow, but Iain just smiles and gives a look at his brother, and Kieran looks at him with his 'heeeey' look and just says, "Shut up and ice yer sack."

Saoirse lifts her eyes to nod a little at Mykaela. "I might. Might not. Will depend greatly on my mood, I suppose." She doesn't intrude on the brothers' conversation either. It strikes a lot too close to home for her. And the tapping has begun. Simply as her thumb and forefinger tapping against one another. Tappity tap tap in a pattern, a beat. She turns to face the bartender and holds up the beer, silently asking for another. She sets the cup down and rests her hands on the top of the bar. She glances over at Chandra's approach, and smiles at the display of a kiss to Kieran. "Woo! You go girl!" she calls out. She still taps. "Later." She glances down to the porter and then up to Kieran with a small smile. "Yeah, thanks," she says. She reaches the non tapping hand, her left this time, and lifts the porter to have a taste. That's all she has though, just a taste. "Ooh. That's good." Greenleaf. Saoirse takes a breath. "Yeah. I'll need to make arrangements with the home my mother is at though." She doesn't ask about a time frame. She'll make longer term arrangements for at least a week.

Mykaela's attention perks a bit at Kieran's touch to her hand, and she looks over to him before giving him a little bit of a smile. She turns her hand to be able to give his a gentle squeeze in turn, an attempt to be reassuring. And one of her eyebrows quirks up just a touch. "I've never been to Greenleaf. And if you even remotely think you might need a doctor at some point along the way — either of you, then I'm coming along. I have some time before I have to report in anyways," she says, giving a small nod and looking from one brother to the other. Because going from Ariel to Persephone wasn't culture shock enough, now she's going to go from Persephone to Greenleaf. And at Kier's last comment, she tries very hard not to giggle and instead to hide it by taking a drink of whiskey from her glass. Then she looks to Seer. "Well… if you do, then you do. And if you don't, no foul," she comments, smiling.

At Saoirse's comment about juggling stuff around Kieran blinks. Perhaps he wasn't expecting for someone to try to make it work to come with. "I… Thanks." And then A Mykaela is saying she's willing to come with too. Kieran blinks a bit and moves to finish off his drink. Setting the empty glass down he waves for another. He's not crying, but his eyes look a touch moist. "Thank you both."

Iain says, as he adjusts the make shift ice bag on his crotch, "Careful ladies you'll go to his head and he'll never fit it on the shuttle." He smiles though and adds, "I'll head out I think. Caoimhe will be happy to see ya, she barely remember's what a misfit you were, rose tinted glasses and all." He grabs the jar of salve that Myk got for him and stands gingerly, setting the rag on the counter for the bartender to take care of. The large man moves his neck side to side and then pulls some cred chits out of his pocket, setting them on the counter. "Should cover mine and…theirs, maybe part of his." He looks at the ladies and says, "Was good to meet you. See you again soon."

Kieran says back to his brother, "Take care, and tell Sis I said hi then and to not get bent outta shape."

Saoirse was a little too distracted to much notice the ice yer sack comment, or she probably would have laughed. "Should probably pack a small bag too, Myk," she says to the taller woman. "And I.. will also need to pack some stuff. I'm not going to the rim without Pearl." She steps a little closer to Kieran and slips an arm around him to give a brief hug. "Welcome." Then she steps away and nods to Iain. "Nic eto meet you too. See you soon." She steps further away, over to a quiet place, digging her phone out as she goes. She taps the screen and scrolls through the functions, then makes a call. She turns her back to the room. "Hey. Yeah. I'm going out of town for a bit. Not sure how long. Yeah. I'll call when I get back. And of course I'll wave every day I can. Yeah. Thanks. I appreciate it. Bye." She lowers the phone and taps it twice. The screen goes dark and she tucks it into her pocket. She takes a moment before she turns to walk back to Mykaela and Kieran.

It's sometime afternoonish, or early evening, depending on your point of view. It's pretty warm outside. There was a blood drive still going on not that long ago out there. Kieran, Saoirse, and Mykaela are at the bar. There are drinks. Saoirse's second beer has arrived. She nods to the bartender and claims the beer. The fingers of her right hand have resumed tapping now that she's off the phone. "Right. I'm set but for packing," she says in a slow southern draw. Definitely not from the core, this one.

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