(2530-08-06) Mini Golf... what could go wrong
Summary: Jude and Celeste go mini-golfing
RL Date: 06 Aug 2020
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Blacklight Mini Golf at the Arcade in Persephone City

There isn't really one.

Having never done mini-golf before, Celeste wasn't sure what to wear. She has, however, seen /actual/ golf played, so she had something of an idea. Therefore, she's wearing jeans rather than a skirt, with a t-shirt showing the logo of a local rock band that she thinks is cool. She's meeting Jude at the place, since both of them have Stuff to Do in the daytime. The driver drops her off just at the right time.

Jude has… not dressed up. But then he never does. He likes seeing Cel in jeans though. It's as good as dressing down gets for her. "Hey, Cel.", he greets her with a smile. He's lurking outside the Arcade, under the bright neon signs that flash even before the sun sets, playing noisy commercials.

"Hey!" Celeste greets him with a hug and a kiss, beaming up at him. She smells of lavender and vanilla. "Have you had a good day? I've been looking forward to this all afternoon."

"Been okay.", Jude replies with a smirk, "First orientation day back at school. Just mayhem." He'd much rather smooch for a while and show off to the skinny teenage nerds pushing past them into the Arcade, but decides to rise above. "Shall we, then? Do you want to grab a bite first?"

"Sure." She's only a little hungry and she could wait, but she figures he'll probably want to eat. Celly is learning that food is an important factor in the care of a Jude. She links her hand into his and beams at him. "This is so nice," she declares. "Going on actual /dates/ and things."

Judes definitely function better when they are regularly fed. He doesn't want to waste much time though, so there's no fancy meal. They walk through the upper level of the arcade with its countless blinking, tinkling noisy games and take the escalator down to the food court. "Pizza? Burrito?", he suggests to her hopefully.

"I don't mind," Celeste says. And unlike generations of girlfriends who say this and don't mean it, she actually /does/ mean it. She'll genuinely enjoy whatever they get, at least to some extent. "Pizza or burritos. Can you get a pizza burrito? Does that exist?"

"You can roll your pizza up?" Jude is nothing if not practical. He dithers for a moment, then pizza wins and they head to the faux-Italian place where he orders a big slice of peperoni pizza and one with spicy chicken along with a fizzy drink.

Celeste orders herself one of the kid meals, which comes with a smaller slice of cheese pizza, a little bag of fruit, a bottle of juice and a tiny teddy toy. She lets him pay, because then /she/ can pay for the golf. Equality!

Jude really has to bite his tongue to not comment on the kiddie pack, but he willingly pays and eyes the teddy toy with a smirk. He knows it will make an appearance as a fashion accessory somewhere soon. "So how was your day?", he asks, knowing that's what boyfriends are supposed to ask. And if she talks, he can peacefully gobble his pizza.

"Oh, it was good! I saw the people from my fashion course again. They're all /fascinated/ with the designs I've been working on over the summer. You know, the Persephone fashion? I've done some expensive stuff, but also some affordable. We're apparently going to be doing some business this year. How to set up your own company and such." Celeste nibbles a little bit of her pizza, then takes a drink. "I'm doing less of the fashion classes this year and I signed up for a few more history ones."

"Can you do that?", Jude wonders, "I mean… we can't just ditch anatomy and chemistry to, ionno, start taking history classes…" He looks a bit jealous.

Celeste goes quiet for a moment, and fiddles with her drink. "…Well… my family are paying for it. I think… the classes I take, they're basically just… there. For wealthy people. To keep us busy. I mean, it's not like I'd ever /need/ to get a job."

One dark eyebrow rises so much, McDonalds may sue him for copyright infringement. "I see…" He doesn't really know what else to say. "But don't you wannna be the best you CAN be at your game?"

"Yes. No. I don't know any more. I mean… it's not as if fashion design is going to /help/ people, is it?" Celly looks down at her pizza. "I was… I was thinking… maybe if I can get the pre-requisite credits then… next year I could look at politics."

"Doing what?" Jude can't help wondering, then shrugs. "Well, frilly overpriced stuff isn't going to help, but you could make affordable sturdy clothes that don't wear thin after wearing them twice. Something that people can enjoy even if they're poor."

"Yeah…" Celeste pokes at a bit of cheese. "I was thinking I could do that. But maybe I could do… more. You know? Things are /so/ unfair. People need to speak up about it…"

"Yea, well, last time people spoke up about it against the Alliance, it didn't go so well for them", he points out, then softens some and smiles. "It's good you want to help though. The poor need more people to speak for them among the powers that be."

"I don't mean a war. No violence. That's not the way to do it." Celeste eats a little more of her pizza, feeling better now that he's not just dismissing it, or calling her silly. She isn't sure yet if people will take her seriously.

Jude frowns slightly. "How ELSE you wanna do it? By saying 'pretty please' and get laughed out of town?", he asks curiously. Not in a way dismissive of her, just of the Alliance as such.

"No… it's about influence and… power, isn't it?" Celeste puts her pizza down. "It's just that the people getting in power are the ones who don't care about anything /except/ power, really. Right? What if somebody with money and influence used that to get somewhere, instead of just… wasting it?"

"Yea… well, I know you got money, but… influence?", Jude wonders, "Where's that gonna come from?"

"Connections. My family know a lot of people. That's who're at the balls. People with power. I mean… one of my friends - my old friends, the ones who are sort of fake - is the niece of a local governor. And my brother, Peter? One of the guys he used to play tennis with is the grandson of a local Alliance official…" Celly says. "It's all like that."

Jude nods along to that, mostly occupied with chewing pizza. But when he's done, he smiles ever so slightly greasily. "It does sound good. Even if it's just small things you can achieve, each of them is worth achieving. Ready?", he asks, now that the pizza is gone.

Celeste eats the last bites of her pizza, but she puts the fruit packet in her bag, along with the little teddy. "Ready," she says. "Jude… I hope you'll help me, you know? If I do go down that road."

Jude looks… alarmed? Flattered? Both probably. "I wouldn't know how, but… yeah?", he offers vaguely, then grins. "I can write the theme tune for your election rallies?"

That makes her laugh, and she takes his hand. "You've taught me a lot. And shown me a lot. Just keep doing that, okay?"

He was going to warn her that his hand is full of pizza grease. Oh well. He lets her take it anyway because he's busy smiling. "Alright then. Now… up for some mini golf?"

Celeste is so happy, she doesn't even mind pizza grease. "Yes! Teach me how to play mini golf." She lets him lead the way, almost bouncing in her excitement. "I watched some Cortex videos. Is it really like that, with lots of little windmills and things?"

"Well, that's the outdoorsy version. This is … different." As she'll notice when they approach the mini golf entrance. Everything beyond is nearly pitch black, with some things glowing in lurid colours, including bits of clothing… and very white teeth. They get two clubs, balls and a little pad to take notes on. Even the balls glow in the dark. (No, not those. Get your mind out of the gutter).

Celeste's teeth are probably the whitest of them all. She finds it all terribly funny, and she gets a fit of the giggles as she looks down at her shirt. And again when she waves her ball in the air, and it seems to leave a trail behind. "This is great," she says, when she can breathe again. "Oh - I have some clothes that would look /amazing/ in this light."

"There's night clubs doing this kind of thing too.", Jude replies, "Except the music there is even shittier than here." He cringes at the cheap dance beats coming out of the speakers. "And I saw some dudes last year doing black light for performance art. It was pretty out there." Especially when sky high. "Well, look -" He places his ball at the start of the first course. "Now you give it a nudge with the club and it should go into the hole at the end there -" He points. It's the first lane, so it's all straigth and easy with no obstacles.

<FS3> Celeste rolls Body: Embarrassing Failure. (4 1 4)

<FS3> Jude rolls Body: Failure. (7 3)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body: Good Success. (9 9)

"Okay…" Celeste winds up and takes a swing at the ball. She hits it way too hard and in compleely the wrong direction. It bounces like a mad pinball from side to side, ricocheting and rocketing back towards them. She squeals and covers her head.

"Less power.", Jude recommends, though his own ball hasn't gone anywhere near the hole either. At least on the second round he manages to sink it.

<FS3> Celeste rolls Body: Good Success. (1 8 10)

"Less power," Celeste agrees. She tries to emulate him, the second time, and she very carefully swings the ball with a tap. It goes slowly, but after a moment it falls into the hole. Celeste gives a cry of joy, and throws her arms around Jude. "I did it!"

Jude laughs at the enthusiasm and hugs her. "You did! See, it's not that hard…" He makes a note of their scores and walks on to the second one. This one is L-shaped.

"This is fun," Celeste declares. "It's much better than normal golf. That's just a lot of walking, and people handing you different clubs." She lets him go first, this time. That way she can watch him!

<FS3> Jude rolls Body: Failure. (7 2)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body: Failure. (7 7)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body: Failure. (2 6)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body: Success. (8 2)

Jude is obviously rather shit at mini golf. His first hit manages to get past the bend, but fizzles out. Two more fail to get into the hole until the fourth time finally hits home.

<FS3> Celeste rolls Body: Success. (10 3 2)
<FS3> Celeste rolls Presence: Success. (9 5 3 4)

Celeste rather enjoys watching Jude. He's a good sight to watch. And it gives her a better idea of how to do it! She even puts a little wiggle into her stance - not to show off, but just because she's enjoying it, and she can't help moving to the music. She gets this one around the corner first tru.

Jude stares a bit. Mutters something about beginner's luck, before he grins a very white-glowing toothy grin. "Well done!" They walk on to the next one… a large shark, glowing a lurid green, sits in the middle as an obstacle and the ball has to go through its open jaws.

<FS3> Celeste rolls Body: Success. (3 3 10)

"It's a shark!" Celeste says, delighted. She's clearly very taken with it. "It looks like a cartoon I used to watch when I was a child." She sets up her ball. She watches the jaw go up and down for a little bit, getting the rhythm of it, and then knocks her ball straight through.

<FS3> Jude rolls Body: Success. (9 5)

Maybe it's good that Celeste goes first, so he can watch her and the obstacle for a while. The strategy pays off as he also manages to knock the ball straight through. Or maybe it wasn't THAT hard. It was only no.3 out of ten after all. The next one looks a bit more difficult with a glowing red looping in the middle, only two inches wide. The ball needs to have enough momentum to pass through the whole looping to get to the other side.

<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Failure. (6 2)
<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Failure. (6 3)
<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Success. (4 10)

Celeste is over-confident by the time they get to number four. The first time she tries, she doesn't put enough power into it and the ball falls down. The second time, she misses the loop entirely. The third time, however, she's successful, and she does a happy little dance.

<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (4)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Embarrassing Failure. (1)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Success. (10)

Jude follows her example and gets the power wrong the first time, too. Which leads to him hitting the ball so hard it flies off the track altogether and almost hits a little boy nearby. Muttering, he goes to retrieve it and tries again. This time it works.

"We should make bets!" Celeste makes the declaration before they go to the next one. "Oh… maybe we should have done that before we started. "I don't know what we'd bet, though…"

The next course is z-shaped, making it even harder to get the power exactly right to make it to the end of the course. "I don't know.", Jude admits, "Loser has to cook up a surprise for the other one."

<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Failure. (2 2)
<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Failure. (5 5)
<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Success. (9 3)

<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Success. (8)

"Literally cook? Because I don't know how to cook. Does it count if I get Cook to do it?" Celeste puts her ball down. "Maybe the winner picks the next date? Except I like everything you pick…" She thwaps her ball too hard the first time, and it comes right back at her. The second time, she's not hard enough. The third time she gets it in, and she jumps with happiness.

"No, that doesn't count. Literally cook.", Jude insists. And maybe that puts the fear of God in him, because he manages to get the ball in at the first hit. "Woo!", he cheers, rather relieved.

"Oh no. Well… I can get Cook to show me how to make something…" Celly gives him a hug from behind in congratulations anyway, and moves on. The next one is a little spaceship, with the ball needing to go through a mock engine, a turbine revolving slowly inside it.

<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (6)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Success. (10)

"And no lying about who made it.", Jude warns with a grin, as if sure that he'll win this thing now. The first time he gets the spaceship wrong, but then it goes through.

<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Good Success. (9 8)

"I wouldn't!" Celeste pretends to be offended. And she really wouldn't. Although it might mean that Jude is in for some interesting food, if he /does/ win. She watches him, and when it's her turn to have a go, her ball sails perfectly through the mock engine and drops right into the hole. She beams at him.

Jude can't help chuckling. "YOu really don't want to cook, do you?", he teases and moves on to the next one. This one has a little volcano, glowing red and orange at the end. The hole is the caldera, so the ball has to go up the slope to plop in.

<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Failure. (5 6)
<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Success. (4 9)

<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Embarrassing Failure. (1)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (5)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (6)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Embarrassing Failure. (1)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Embarrassing Failure. (1)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (5)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (4)

"Well, it's really… messy," Celeste says. She lines up her shot and swings her club a couple of times before she hits it. It rolls up the caldera, then stops and rolls back down. She frowns, and has a second shot. This time, it rolls up, teeters on the edge… and falls in. "Yay!"

It's one of those obstacles that just don't work. Jude tries… again and again. The ball flies off course three times, but it refuses to go in. "Oh fuck it all.", he finally mutters and gives up after the seventh try, accepting a penalty point.

<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Embarrassing Failure. (2 1)
<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Failure. (7 3)
<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Success. (2 9)

Celeste manages not to giggle at poor Jude, and she consoles him with a kiss instead. She's also not the sort of person to gloat. On to obstacle number eight! This one has water, with a bridge across it. And so on her first attempt, Celeste hits her ball far too hard and not only does her ball go in, but splashes her too, and she gives a little shriek. It takes her another couple of tries to get the ball across the bridge.

<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (7)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (5)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Success. (8)

This time Jude isn't doing quite so badly and manages to get the ball across the bridge on the third attempt. Though he knows he's probably lost the game thanks to his performance at the volcano. On they move to the ninth one, this one a ramp, made to look like a miniature skateboarding ramp full of colorful glowing graffiti. The ball has to get across at exactly the right speed and power to let on the rest of the course and not fly over.

<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Failure. (3 7)
<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Failure. (5 2)
<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Embarrassing Failure. (1 1)
<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Embarrassing Failure. (1 6)
<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Success. (9 3)

<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (7)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Success. (8)

Celly struggles a bit with this one. The first two tries, she just doesn't get it right. On both of the next two, her ball goes flying off. The second time it does, she stamps a foot, and says "Oh… crap!" And then she puts her hand over her mouth, mortified at herself. Thankfully, she manages to get it through on the next try, before she can say anything else with that potty mouth!

Jude seems amused to hear her swear. He does better himself, getting it right on the second go. "You got 21 now and I got 25.", he announces before the last course which is L-shaped and has an obstacle. This one is a glowing dinosaur, curled on the track. The ball has to go into his mouth, run through his tail into the second section. If you don't get the power right… the ball disappears into the dinosaur.

"Oh, it's cute!" Celeste declares, and she whips out her mobile device to take a picture. Then she stands back a bit. "Let me take a picture of you doing it?"

Jude bites back a snarky question of doing WHAT. He just nods, in defeat. He's now a social media thing. And the whole Verse can see him make an arse of himself.

<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (7)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (3)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (4)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (6)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Failure. (7)
<FS3> Jude rolls Body-1: Embarrassing Failure. (2)

Aaaand the Dino eats the ball.

<FS3> Celeste rolls Body-1: Good Success. (10 9)

Celeste beams at him as she takes a moving picture. Luckily for Jude, she's just taking it of the swing, and /not/ the result of it. So when she puts it on her feed, it won't be the terrible failure that they both know happened. Then she hands her device to him. "Here, do one of me!" She beams at him. And then promptly hits her ball perfectly first time, and it rolls merrily through the dinosaur and into the hole.

Jude manages to capture the shot and makes sure he's finished the video before grinning. "Now you're just showing off." He doesn't need to add up the points anymore. "Well done." He wraps her into his arms and kisses her.

Celly happily kisses him back, wrapping her arms around him. When they come up for air, she says, "What are you going to cook for me?" She's teasing, rather than gloating.

"That'll be a surprise.", he declares. Oh who is he kidding. He can only make ramen by pouring boiling water over a prefab plastic cup.

Celly tucks her arm into his, snuggling close when they return the clubs. "Maybe a cake," she says, "Or… some muffins! Or toast. Or… " She blushes a little, hidden by the darkness, and suggests, "…breakfast?"

The darkness makes Jude's smile even whiter. "Maybe?", he teases and hugs her, then leads her out of the mini golf area and back into the brightness of the Arcade to perhaps do another thing or two before going home.

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