(2530-09-10) Church Chat
Summary: Skyler wanders into the church and has a chat with Michael, irreverantly.
RL Date: 10 SEP 2020
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<Dilapidated Church Eavesdown>

This church has seen better days. If you look close, you can see that it has good bones, but shabby doesn't even begin to describe the rest of it. All of the windows are boarded up, and whatever was once inside the frames other than wood is either very broken or long since gone. The only two intact windows remaining flank the main door at the back and are so grubby that it's a wonder any light gets through them. That door is slightly warped and sticks in the frame. Gaps of light can be seen around it in the daylight. There are cobwebs along the ceiling and dust practically hangs in the air. The pews are set up in two sections, one to either side with a wide aisle between them and a narrower aisle to either side. The pews themsevles are beat up, warped in some places, and could use a good sanding and laquering. On the right side, about halfway down the pews, sits an unobtrusive side door, probably locked most of the time.
At the front, a pair of slightly taller than normal steps that is the width of the church leads to the dias/stage and alter. The steps would be perfect for a choir. The alter is just as shabby as the rest of the place, needing a good sanding and relaquer. It's plain wood, a square box about four feet in height on the side facing the church. At the back, the bottom has a pair of doors with shelves inside, and the top has a pair of open shelves for whatever the presiding priest might need them for. Upon the wall behind the alter, a single large crucifix that has also seen better days, the paint worn off but is otherwise intact. And clean. A single door leads to the back area on the left end of the stage.
It is a summer day. The weather is cool and drizzling.

There have been changes here. Everything has had the dust and dirt at least cleaned off, all the way to the ceiling in most places. The rafters still show the dirt and cobwebs that had started out covering the rest of the building. The altar has been cleaned, as have all of the pews. The pews all have a gleam to the wood and carvings can be seen on either end, at the top and at the bottom of each armrest. Each carving looks like some sort of stylized flower or leaf. At the bottom on either end of the pew is carved an inset archway with pointed insets long the tops of the arch. Of note is that the third pew on the right looks brand new. Along the right side of the church, as one looks forward toward the altar, two windows have been uncovered and they are, frankly, beautiful. One looks like a dove in flight with a sunset behind it. The other is some sort of saint or apostle. A third window looks like it was started and then left. Along the other side, some of the murals can be seen now, colorful and beautiful.

Michael - 6ft, short dark brown hair, silver eyes, peaceful aura
Skyler - Late teenish, 5'5" with green eyes and wildly curly brown hair.
Exits: [O] Market [Off] Office

The place is actually looking a lot better than it had when Michael arrived here a bit over a month ago. He's here today, back to cleaning. Murals, now. They appear to be about half done. There's a bucket with a rag hanging on the side on the floor to Michael's right as he stands near the front, near the stage and altar area. In his left hand, a toothbrush, and he uses it to very gently scrub along the carved bits that had been filled in with gunk and detritus through the years this place has been here. He can feel the carved bits, but until the toothbrush's bristles have coaxed the junk out of those carved lines, the carvings themselves can't be seen. So it almost looks like he's toothbrushing the carved murals into place.

It's about an hour after lunchtime, and it's cool and drizzling outside.

Skyler doesn't seem to mind the rain - she's been in it long enough to mat down her curls, stretching them to almost twice their normal length. She seems to be looking for something as she enters the building, slowly, with reserve - it's not the kind of place she normally goes, nor thinks of herself wanting to be. Still, she looks around, on a mission. She doesn't find what she seeks - as so many don't in a place like this - but discovers something else, instead. The windows. Her mouth drops open a little and she gawks at the two that have been cleaned.

And that blasted front door with its squeaky hinges gives the girl away. Michael's head tilts as he hears those squeaks. "Hello?" he calls out, pausing in what he was doing. "Who's come? Ye're welcome here." He feels with his right foot for the bucket, and finds it, then bends down to drop the toothbrush into it. It's small enough, the bucket, that the toothbrush leans against the side without falling in. Must have small bucket, that way if he tips it over, there's less mess to clean up. However, he doesn't leave it on the floor, but picks it up and carries it with him to the closest pew, which he finds with his outstretched left hand. He sets the bucket there, all the while listening for whoever had entered.

In the rudest possible way, or possibly the creepiest, scariest, or just plain wrongest way, Skyler doesn't immediately answer. She's staring at how the colors interact in the apostle's window. It looks so plain from the outside. So boring. And inside, so delightful. Is that a metaphor for something?

That's simply because, from the outside, the windows are still covered over. It's only on the inside that the two windows are revealed. There are five more on this side, and seven on the other side to be uncovered yet. For Michael, that silence denotes distraction with something. Or ill intent. So he tries once more. "Hello?"

"Oh, hey," says Skyler, not at all remorseful - if Michael didn't want to be surprised by who was around him, he wouldn't be blind! That's just a stroke in her favor, really, if they were forced to fight to the death, or something. Like Hunger Games. She doesn't know that story, but there are others like it.

Michael can't help being blind! Literally can't help being blind. If they were forced to fight to the death, Michael would be greatly outmatched, despite his greater height. While he was taught rudimentary self defense during the war.. well. Without eyes to see with, that won't do him much good at all! "Skyler?" He's pretty sure he recognizes the voice. "How are ye? How's yer pup?"

"He's good. He's … doggish," Skyler confirms it's her by not confirming it's her. And, well, she can't help being a street kid with no skillz, either. They'd both be vulture food, if it came to a fight to the death with anybody who knew anything about, well, anything.

Michael tilts his head a wee bit. "And ye, lass?" Michael walks closer to where Skyler is, his left hand on the wall as he approaches where he last heard her. He steps closer to the pews and takes a seat on one across from where she's looking at the two windows.

So, Skyler does what comes most naturally - she moves. Polo. Marco? Polo. When next she speaks, she's a few rows away, "I'm fine. How come you don't have candles? I thought that was a church thing?"

Michael stays where he is. He's sat. He's not moving for a few minutes at least. He tilts his head curiously at the question. "Well, aye. Churches do have candles. This one's not fully open yet. We're still in the midst o' remodellin'. Fire can be dangerous when there's remodellin' goin' on." There aren't really any signs of remodelling yet. That may be yet to come. "Once we're up and goin', there will be candles lit ta pray for the dead, as well as the occasional saintly intercession."

"Ahhh," Skyler says, knowingly. "It ain't candle season, yet. I guess I got no business here, then." She stuffs her one hand into her pocket, trying to look cool. It's hard to look cool with a sling, to a blind man, but the cool is there, lingering in the air. Skyler's COOL.

Michael might not be able to see the cool, but perhaps.. he can feel the cool. "Ye know ye're welcome here whether or not 'tis candle season, aye?" He just goes along with it. Michael's good that way. Easy going and laid back. "But 'twill be candle season soon. There'll be candles for the fundraiser."

"I got no funds," Skyler points out. Coolly! "I'm a freeloader off Donna and Chandra, and Dr. Cronstedt buys me breakfast cause she thinks it'll make me keep coming. I don't tell her I'd come anyhow."

Michael shakes his head. "Ye don't have ta have funds ta come ta a church fundraiser. Ye could come anyway. Ye might find somethin' ye'd like ta do. I…" He thinks about that for a moment, and then shrugs a bit. "I might sing a wee bit. But mostly I'll be sittin' where everyone can see me." On display, as it were. Grand centerpiece! Michael is clearly not so much looking forward to that part of things.

"Well, I could probably pick pockets for you, if you really wanted me to. I'm reformed, but it might not be such a serious crime if you're doing it for GOD," Skyler offers.

Michael chuckles and shakes his head. "Funds given in a fundraiser have ta be freely given, freely offered. But ye could come anyway. There will be food, and music, dancing…"

"Sounds boring," Skyler says, like she's TRYING to be a little extra annoying. "The only reasonable part you mentioned at all is the candles. Unless…they're gonna put you where everyone can look at you, in a DUNK TANK."

Michael blinks. "A dunk tank..? No… nobody's mentioned any dunk tanks.." He tilts his head and smiles. "However, if ye'd like ta be in a dunk tank, I'm sure somethin' could be arranged." He's obviously not being serious. "Maybe we could have volunteers ta get dunked."

"Don't look at me. I only got one arm; I'd drown. Plus, nobody'd pay to see me take a bath." Once upon a time, there were people who would have paid Skyler to shower. "Plus, I think maybe if you get dunk tanked in church it's a baptism, and I ain't into that."

Michael thinks about that for a moment, and then shakes his head. "No. 'tis only a baptism if the water has been blessed. I suppose I could bless the water and call it baptism by fire.." Michael chuckles at that and shakes his head. Some sort of alert goes off on his phone, and he reaches into his pocket and pushes the button to silence it. He rises to his feet and smiles in Skyler's general direction. "Me apologies. I have a meeting with God. Please, take care and ye're welcome ta stay as long as ye like." Michael walks over to the wall and, now with his right hand on it for guidance, follows it back to the back, and through the door into his office.

"Wow,"says Skyler. "I didn't know God sent meeting reminders." She takes one last look at the window, then wanders back into the rain.

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