(2530-09-26) The Church Fundraiser
Summary: A fundraiser for the reopened church doesn't go as planned
RL Date: 26 Sept 2020
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Additional characters played by Chandra and Donna.

Dilapidated Church - Eavesdown

This church has seen better days. If you look close, you can see that it has good bones, but shabby doesn't even begin to describe the rest of it. All of the windows are boarded up, and whatever was once inside the frames other than wood is either very broken or long since gone. The only two intact windows remaining flank the main door at the back and are so grubby that it's a wonder any light gets through them. That door is slightly warped and sticks in the frame. Gaps of light can be seen around it in the daylight. There are cobwebs along the ceiling and dust practically hangs in the air. The pews are set up in two sections, one to either side with a wide aisle between them and a narrower aisle to either side. The pews themsevles are beat up, warped in some places, and could use a good sanding and laquering. On the right side, about halfway down the pews, sits an unobtrusive side door, probably locked most of the time.

At the front, a pair of slightly taller than normal steps that is the width of the church leads to the dias/stage and alter. The steps would be perfect for a choir. The alter is just as shabby as the rest of the place, needing a good sanding and relaquer. It's plain wood, a square box about four feet in height on the side facing the church. At the back, the bottom has a pair of doors with shelves inside, and the top has a pair of open shelves for whatever the presiding priest might need them for. Upon the wall behind the alter, a single large crucifix that has also seen better days, the paint worn off but is otherwise intact. And clean. A single door leads to the back area on the left end of the stage.
It is a fall day. The weather is cool and raining.

There have been changes here. Everything has had the dust and dirt at least cleaned off, all the way to the ceiling in most places. The rafters still show the dirt and cobwebs that had started out covering the rest of the building. The altar has been cleaned, as have all of the pews. The pews all have a gleam to the wood and carvings can be seen on either end, at the top and at the bottom of each armrest. Each carving looks like some sort of stylized flower or leaf. At the bottom on either end of the pew is carved an inset archway with pointed insets long the tops of the arch. Of note is that the third pew on the right looks brand new. All of the stained glass windows have been uncovered now. Along the right side, one looks like a dove in flight with a sunset behind it. The rest are all some sort of saints or apostles.

Just outside the front door, a dunk tank sits, along with tables holding an assortment of food. There is another smaller table set up with a donation box and a chair next to it.

(Joining scene in progress.)

Philip frowns a little as he looks Michael over for a moment. "I had no idea you were one of the many affected by the events of U Day. Finnegan had texted me…she hadn't come home that day due to all the people affected. Simka and myself had to stay in the house." If Philip knew…he likely couldn't have done anything until very recently to help Michael. After a moment more he takes a breath. "Well I am glad she's got you on some stuff to help further take care of it. Is it…complications? I know you've never been one to deal well with inhaling dangerous stuff." Smoke. Poison. That whole ordeal. He wasn't trying to be crass, just more blunt in the moment.
Edwin sputters a moment longer after more water washes over his face and then he gives a light laugh. "Aye, Marcus. I'm fine. Someone just decided it would be funny to push the lever without me knowing…" He hadn't expected to be dunked so soon! Never the less, he moves to climb the little ladder inside and settles himself on the seat again. "Alright! Who wants the first toss!"

Michael hears that giggle from Celeste, but isn't sure just what it's from, yet. His attention shifts to Darius as the man speaks. And he blinks at that revalation. "Eddy got dunked? I'm afraid I don't know visual descriptions…" Someone else might, though! Just not him. He considers Darius and a smile appears. "I'm sure someone will take a crack at ye, Darius. Ye're more than welcome ta try it. Maybe I'll get up there and try ta hit the target on ye or Eddy." That does sound amusing, right? A blind man trying to hit a target he can't see with a ball he can't aim. Michael doesn't see Philip's frown, but he can hear the tone of the man's voice. "Aye. I was there, listenin' ta the celebration and speeches when 'twas hit." He nods to the question. "Aye. Complications. But ye're right, about bad things bein' inhaled. Never have done well with 'em." His attention shifts to Edwin's voice, and he smiles, relieved at hearing that voice. "Ah. Someone with brown, curly hair, accordin' ta Darius." He looks tempted to take that first toss for himself, but it really would be a waste, since he really can't see. So that honor will be left to someone else. Maybe Riley's children will get that honor?

Darius gives a look across his cheekbone sidelong at Michael. "Should be a spectator sport that, you attempting to dunk me. You might drum up a number of extra donations from bets," he chuckles, then waves in Edwin's direction, gesturing at about Skyler's height. "So high, young woman. Looked like she was trying to hide that she was here and participating. She slipped out after she pulled the lever on you," he frowns a bit though, glancing more fully at Michael, then Philip beyond him. "I was on Bellerophon, for U-day celebrations, keeping it quiet. What happened? Am I hearing about airborne poisoning or something? Ricin? Sarin?"

Edwin actually gives a grunt at the description. "Skyler. My sister's roommate. That figures…" He offers this much before giving another chuckle and shakes his head. "It'd be like her to do something like that…" Then he looks and sees Samuel, Riley's son, grabbing one of the balls and looking at Edwin. He grins. "Alright, here we go. Take your best shot!"
Philip looks to Darius and grins. "I would pay to see something like that." Then, at the thought of paying, he shifts to pull something from a pocket and places it into the donation box. "Well if you or Edwin need anything, do let me know…" He would comment further, but he doesn't want other ears listening in. Mostly Simka. He doesn't know what the posion was so he doesn't answer.

Michael doesn't see that slanted look, but the words? Oh that brings a laugh from Michael. And then a light cough. And then a Michael holding his breath for a moment to get the tickle to go /away/. And then some controlled breaths to further get the tickle to go away. And then he's fine again. He sits back again, but nods to Darius's question. "I'm not sure what the poison was, but the treatment was Thoraquin." He'd probably heard what the poison was, but at the time was more than a little out of it so didn't retain the knowledge. He turns his head in Philip's direction, toward the sound of his voice, and he lets out a little chuckle. This one doesn't set him to coughing, thankfully! "Well then. Maybe I'll have ta try. D'ye want me ta try ta for Eddy or Darius?" He pauses, head tilted. "Or both?"

Donna arrives from the direction of the Transit Hub that connects Eavesdown to Persephone City. She heads straight for the festivities outside the church, taking things in, including the game of dunk-a-psychiatrist. She's in ordinary street clothes today, a purse pinned protectively under one elbow. She smiles softly as she takes in the scene.

<FS3> Darius rolls Bioengineering: Good Success. (1 3 1 2 8 10 6 2 9 5 4)

Darius blinks at Michael's response and as such, doesn't respond to anyone else. It's an odd looking fugue state, where he's staring straight through the priest, with his eye ticking left to right a little and his face going slack. Eventually, his left side ticks considerably more and he shakes his head, glancing at the dunk tank and others with a smacking of his lips gently. "That's odd. Well, it's not odd at all, really, that would be a neutralizing agent. But that … huh. Attacked by a… weed… killer…" he scratches at his cheek. "Terrorism. I keep forgetting that we're not past all the past."

Philip smirks. "You should go for them both, and they should both honestly tell me if you got them or not…" He offers this much and then sighs. "I'm sorry, my friend, but I am afraid I have to go." This said to Michael after a moment. "I will try to return if I can." Then he looks to Simka, still happily nomming one of the last of her strawberries. She signs something as best she can with one hand, her lips all red from berry juice. "Ah.." And he pulls a coin from his pocket to give to Simka then moves with her so she can place it in the donation box. In goes in with a soft *thunk* and she squeals with delight. "Good girl. I am very sure Father Michael will enjoy the gift."
Samuel takes careful aim and then lunges the first ball at the target but the aim is too high and pings off the top. He frowns and takes up a second, tosses, and it's not a hard enough throw to set off the lever. Third time is the charm? He aims, lunges and….another miss. He frowns a little but then grins. The balls are retrieved and set back on the table for Emily to take a turn.
Edwin smiles. Then seems to be relieved when he's not just yet dunked a second time. At least the weather is a bit on the warmer side, so being soaking wet is keeping him a bit cooler.

Michael thinks for a long moment after Darius' words about weed killer. "'twas… 'twas….." He pauses, shakes his head, and then brightens. "Paraquat," he finally supplies. "I have heard it called terorism, aye. I've also heard others say 'twas supposed ta be a practical joke on anyone at the celebrations as bein' Alliance sympathetic." He shrugs. "I dunno. 'twas. Done now. And whoever did it.. must be hurtin' in an awful way ta be driven ta do somethin' like that." Yes Michael. Be suffering complications from that event even still, and /still/ you have sympathies for whoever did it. He tilts his head toward Philip as the man speaks. He nods with a smile. "I should," he says. And yet, he doesn't move to get up at all. Maybe later, yeah? "'tis alright, Phil," he says. "I'm glad ye came either way. Take care. Maybe we can get together for lunch or somethin' when we both have a wee bit more time." He tilts his head as he hears the thunk of the coin going in, and smiles at Simka's obvious delight. "Thank ye, Simka," he says, assuming from Philip's words that that was who it was. Other than keeping an ear toward the dunk tank area, Michael really pays little mind to it. He reaches for his iced tea, sliding his fingers along the top of the table until he finds it. He picks the glass up and takes a drink.

Vel walks down the street past the church. She is dressed in a long elegant dark brown silk walking jacket, which has been tailored to fit her body's curves. Her hands are covered in soft matching leather gloves. She is also wearing makeup. Her long black hair is down and styled in such a way it does not get in her eyes. Beneath the brown walking jacket, a hint of a black dress can be seen. Over her shoulder, she is carrying a red reusable shopping bag that appears to be full. Her shoulders are back, and she stands at her full height. She is about to go past the church when she notices the gathering; changing her course, she goes to find out what is happening.

Mykaela managed to sneak in the side entrance of the church. After being discharged from the hospital, she did send her godfather a message to let her know that she was on her way, would sneak in and get herself presentable before coming to the event. So at least he would know. She let herself into the living quarters and was there for a bit more than half an hour before emerging again. Neat and tidy, in clean clothes (blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a rainbow across the back), and her black hair drawn back and secured into a braid (still damp from her shower). Then she heads towards the front, her satchel left in the living quarters. She pauses just beyond the door, a bit to one side so she's not in the way, and she takes in a deep breath as she looks about to see who is where. No doubt looking for her godfather.

Donna makes her way over toward Michael and Darius, still taking things in. "Hello there, Darius… Father. It's Donna. I thought I'd drop by on my way to work. This looks like it's all going well?" She scans the group again, waving toward Philip and Simka as that pair makes their departure. She spots Vel next and sends a soft smile and a wave in that direction.

"Hurting? Mm. Oh, yes, I suppose so. Purposed though. Just because it's not that easy to get your hands on any more, what with more stable and safer options, the dirty style of herbicide tends to only roll out where it has ahh… /other/ uses." Darius murmurs all of that, some of it to himself, some like he's having a conversation with an invisible person. He gazes at Edwin and the kids taking potshots at the dunk lever, blinks around the crowd and because of the nature of Shiny THings and how they draw the eye, ends up moving past DOnna, over Mykaela and settling on Vel. High society in a humble place stands out in a crowd. "My word."

Edwin watches as Emily tosses the first ball but misses. Then she takes up the second, aims, sticks out her little tongue and chucks the ball forward. It hits the lever, the bell dings and *splash!* into the water the pychiatrist goes! It takes him another moment to surface in the water and he sputters and laughs. "Nice shot!" Giving a smile to the girl who's all excited and cheering for herself.
Riley then gathers his kids and heads off with them, a final "Goodbye Father Michael!" offered before they make their way back towards the slums. Which, unfortunately for them, is home.

Michael is sat at the little table with the donation box at the chair right beside the little table. There are larger tables set up with snacks of all sorts. He finishes as much of a drink as he wants at this moment, and sets the glass back down on the table, making sure he has it all the way on before releasing it. There's a smile for Donna as he recognizes her voice. "Hello Donna. I'm glad ye could make it. 'tis goin' well, aye." He hears the ding, and the drop of the seat, and the splash that signify Edwin has been redunked, and smiles. "Good job," he says. Then, "Good bye, Riley. Take care o' yerself."

Vel offers a bow of her head to Donna and a warm smile as she raises her hand in greeting. She calls out, her words accented by a slight flare that could place her from Bernedett or Hera, but of society. Her voice is loud and carries, "Donna and Father Michael, it is a pleasure to see you here." Her blue eyes hypervigilance seem to scan the crowd as she speaks.

Mykaela is dressed in blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a rainbow across the back, and her black hair drawn back and secured into a braid (still damp from her recent shower). She is, interestingly, without her satchel, though that's perhaps to be expected given that it's a fair crowd. It takes her a moment to spy her godfather there at the little table where he's sitting, but once she does, she starts to pick her way towards him. "Hey, Marc," she greets him, once she's nearer, though she falls quiet after the greeting in favour of not wanting to be intruding on the conversation he's already having. Though she hasn't said much, her voice has an Ariel accent to it.

Donna smiles as she hears the Padre's answer. "Good, I'm glad to hear that," she answers him. She unzips her purse to fish within for something, producing a few 20-credit bills and slipping them into the donation box. She looks over at the psychiatrist sputtering in the dunk tank, smirking to herself, then looks toward Vel again. "It's good to see you too," she calls over. "Excuse me a minute," she tells Michael, at a more natural volume, and starts to wind her way over toward Vel - passing Mykaela on the way and offering a nod and smile in greeting. Since they're both in motion, it's just a passing thing. The diminutive nurse steps up to the much-taller noblewoman. "How does this afternoon find you?" she asks, no longer having to shout.

Tall and elegant is coming this way. "My word," said again, in appreciation, Darius 'comes to' with the awareness that his name was spoken no that long ago. A little colour suffuses his cheeks after having drained with the realization. He clears his throat, looks AWAY from that SHiny THing and to Donna, then … "Mykaela, when did you get here?" she's been here a bit, you idiot. And "miss Donna, good to see you instead of failing to. The eye is all healed." Obviously. He sheepishly smiles, looks down at his cane and then over at the dunk tank and Edwin's second dip in the drink. "Bravo. Is it my turn?"

Vel's blue eyes watch the smaller nurse make her way towards her. Her eyes now are just on Donna, and when the nurse is closer to her, she head, "It is but an afternoon; I am off to feed and walk a dog for an old friend. He is in the clinic currently. How are you doing this afternoon and our ward?" Her gaze then moves towards Darius as she makes another pass of the area; she offers him a courtly bow of her head. Then that same gaze finds its way to Mykaela and then Edwin before her eyes rest upon Donna again.

Edwin climbs out of the pool after setting the bench up once again and then he climbs out of the tank itself. Still dripping wet, he walks over to a small table where he has his cigarettes and a drink laid out. He takes a drink from his cup of tea and then looks around a moment more. There's a smile on his lips, and then he considers a cigarette. After only two dunks. Maybe he'll wait. None the less, he pads back to the tank and then looks over to the donation table on the other side of the tank but away enough nothing is getting wet. "Anyone else wanna chance to cool off for a moment?" He grins then.

Michael smiles at the sound of another familiar voice. "Hello Velda," he calls back. He smiles as he hears Mykaela. "Hello Mikki," he greets. "How are ye feelin'?" He nods to Donna as she makes her way off. He doesn't seem to mind. Mingling might be the name of the game. For him, the mingling has to come to him. If he tried, he'd probably be bumping into people all over the place. Which is why he's not having a go at throwing the ball at the dunk tank. Even though there's been an expressed interest, both in him throwing the ball and in being in the tank himself. "Mikki got here a few minutes ago, Darius," he says. He, of course, doesn't have any idea how tall and elegant Vel looks, nor that Darius had been distracted by her. He tilts his head at the man's question of turns. "Yer turn for which? Ta throw the ball, or ta be dunked in the tank?" He sounds amused at that. Maybe he's pondering a dunking. It's probably a bit warm dressed all in black sitting in the sunshine. Or maybe he's enjoying the warmth.

Donna smiles pleasantly again to Vel, taking in the taller woman's response. "I'm doing as well as I can, at the moment. Our ward's okay too, from what I can tell." Yes, there's something a little off about Donna today, and on closer inspection she looks like she's been missing some sleep. She looks back over to Darius as he catches up on the greetings, sending him another of her soft smiles and a nod. "Shall we?" she suggests to Vel, indicating walking over to join the group by the donation table.
Another couple enters - a man carrying himself with a bit of rigidity, and a woman hovering by his side… not touching or holdings hands, but clearly with him. She's scanning the crowd. He hones in on the donation table, striding over to give it a proper look, the woman following close behind.

Mykaela offers a smile and a nod to Donna as the two pass ways. There's a polite nod offered to Vel, whom she can't recall meeting before, which happens as her gaze is in passing. She glances towards the dunk tank, hearing the splash and noticing only as she does look that it's Edwin who's in it, which makes her giggle. Her gaze finds Darius then, and she gives him a smile. "Good afternoon, Darius," she greets him. "I've not been here long, really. A few minutes, at most. How're you doing?" she asks, curious. Then she brings her attention to her godfather at his greeting. "I'm better, Marc, thank you. Apparently I was a bit dehydrated from it all," she says with a touch of a frown then a mild shrug of one of her shoulders. Then she leans to whisper in his ear, "Kidney infection, all good, I have meds." She'll be fine so long as she behaves!

Sipping off his flask, Jay makes his way towards the church with head tilted a whisper with nose twitching. "Heh, dunk tank." He rumbles amusedly and weaves through the crowd towards the table that has food. Of course, the big lug heads for the table of foods.

"Oh, all healed in the eye department," And dressed far better than he usually is, is Darius. A tailored jacket, slacks, shiny shoes, silver snake-head cane and a dapper hat atop, at a jaunty angle. Groomed! But looking like the care taken for clothing has had the opposite effect on psyche, he too does not look like he's had terribly good sleep of late. A little sallow, is the walking wounded. "I recouperated on Bollerophon, which is always an adventure." The sarcasm doesn't so much drip as slide sidelong off that statement as he heads toward the dunk tank, removing his hat and his jacket, to place on the dry area. He also takes his shoes off, which takes a bit more time to organize. "Father," is called brightly "the blind have to try and dunk the half-blind. Take bets and donate them!"

"We shall, and we should talk more, my friend, but perhaps later. Are you on your way to work? If you are not, would you like to join me when I walk and feed the dog?" Vel asks Donna warmly. Her gaze moves towards Darius, "I have a feeling the week has been hard on many. It is a time of remembrance. I call it my Alfablot." She looks from Darius then back to Donna before looking over at the dunk tank and Edwin where Darius has gone to.

Edwin smiles brightly towards Darius and then gives a laugh. "Oh this will be interesting then for sure!" He says this much before tilting his head one way and then the other. The odd 'couple' that approach the table and give it a look over are eyed a moment and then he hums and looks towards Darius again. "Come one, come all! Watch the blind dunk the not so blind! Bets taken here, but all are going into the donation box! Who's got a credit to spare!" He shouts out with a laugh before turning and walking back to his little table. He snags a small orange bottle, uncaps it and takes a single pill out before capping the bottle and placing it back on his table. He then skirts around and walks behind the donation table towards Michael. "Marcus, on your left, it's time to take your medicine…" He offers and touches Michael's left arm so the man knows where Edwin's hand is. Another glance given to man and woman who seems to look stern but he's trying not to pay them any mind.
Among the crowd is a Chandra. She arrived at some point and now she is here. There are many people about and she can blend into a crowd pretty easily. Of course, she has her own donation in her pocket and so she'll slowly try to make it over to the donation table but she's still steps away yet.

Michael is sitting right there next to the donation table, in plain sight of everyone. He is pretty unmistakable, in his black clothing with the white clerical collar at his throat. About the only thing missing right now is the thin white cane he habitually wears. He nods to Mykaela and wrinkles his nose. "I do too. Speakin' o' which, me next dose should be…" There's a smile as Edwin approaches. "Right about now. Perfect timin', Eddy," he says. He accepts the offered medication and pops it into his mouth before reaching carefully for his tea again. As before, his hand slides along the table until he finds it. Then he picks it up and takes a drink to swallow the pill down. He smiles at some thought or another and then sets the glass down again. At Darius' challenge, and Edwin's acceptence on his behalf of said challenge, Michael shifts to stand. He has not yet noticed any of the newer arrivals. He blows out a breath and leans for a moment against the donation table. "Well, so long as someone will tell me which way ta face, I'll try it. Or if ye'll tell me which way the lever is from yer voice." He turns away from the stairs, meds forgotten for the moment in lieu of something much more entertaining. He knows where the little table with the balls on it for the dunk tank is, so he goes to that. And reaches for the balls he knows are atop it. His fingers first bump one and knock it off the table before he successfully manages to snag a ball. He hefts it in his left hand, testing the weight of it. "Alright, Darius. Which way am I throwin'?"

Donna nods agreeably at Vel's suggestion. "I'd definitely like to talk more soon. Unfortunately, I /am/ on my way to work, and just thought I'd pop over here on the way to see how it's going. Another time though, hopefully. I have my court date on Monday, which is the main thing weighing on me. I can't wait to have it behind me," she admits, the tension audible in her voice.
The rigid fellow looks back at Edwin, hesitating a bit as he watches the handoff of a pill to Father Michael. He fishes in his pockets, and nudges his counterpart who is now watching the group around the dunk tank. "Darling, do you have any cash on you?" he asks - his tone nearly as stiff as his bearing. She scowls a bit, and fishes, finding a few coins that she can drop in the donation box. The man gives her a terse nod, and says, "quite the nice scene here, I hate to break it up. Unfortunately…" at that moment, a pair of fully armed and armored Feds appears from around the corner of the church. Mr. Rigid closes on Mykaela. She may not know him yet, but he knows her. "Dr. Mykaela Smythe, you are bound by law." His female partner is now following someone else. The priest. Stepping up behind him, she hit him with the matching stern statement, "Father Michael Murphey, you are also bound by law. Don't Move!" And suddenly there are clusters of armed and armored Feds in three other key positions, circling the crowd.

Chandra spends 1 luck points on Sneaky Chandy Activate!.
<FS3> Chandra rolls Stealth+5: Good Success. (6 9 6 9 1 8 2)

"That's great to hear, Darius! I was hoping it would heal up well for you. Oh! I have some teas for you to try, remind me later and I'll fetch them for you," Mykaela says with a smile. She gives a small shake of her head. "I've not been to Bellerophon to know what it's like, but I hope it was kind to you, at least," she offers. Then she can't help but to laugh lightly at his suggestion after he's reached the dunk tank, and she grins and she looks to her godfather. "That's a great idea!" she says in a bright tone. She looks over to Edwin as he's come up to Michael, and she gives a nod to him as he tends to the medication part of things. And she smiles brighter when Michael accepts the challenge before giving a nod. "Mmhmm! We'll help," she says. As she takes a moment to do a bit of a look about, she spies Jay, and so lifts a hand to offer a wave. "Hey Jay!" she calls out in greeting to him. Wait… what…? Among friends, she's not used to hearing her title and first and last name, so it tends to get her attention. The words she hears after it causes her to turn towards the rigid couple, and she blinks in surprise. She is all manner of confused and her mood immediately deflated. "What's going on? Under what charge?" she asks, unable to keep the fear from her voice.

Edwin watches as Michael gets up and begins to make his way to the table that's away from the dunk tank - with the ammo there to start hurling at the dunk lever. Though the couple gain his attention /again/ as the man asks the woman if she has any cash. After she seems to place a couple coins into the donation box…all hell breaks loose. Especially as the man goes to Mykaela and places her other arrest, and the female does the same to… Michael? Michael?! "What in the nine blazes! What do you mean they're bound by law? On what grounds!?" The psychiatrist asks as he quickly moves to approach…well he's not sure which. Mykaela's closer but Michael… Michael may panic. Fall down. Edwin can't have that and so he begins to pace towards Michael. "What right do you have to arrest a priest!?"
As soon as the feds reveal themselves from around the corner, Chandra scowls. "Oh hell no…" She says this much and then she ducks through the crowd to at least get herself to the donation box. In fact, not only does she stuff her donation into the donation box, she actually grabs the donation box and then carts it off into the church. She can't be around the Feds. If she's around Feds, bad stuff happens, and she doesn't want the Feds walking away with the donated money as evidence, so she's got half a mind to secure the money and THEN she'll help deal with these fucking purple bellied bastards.

Vel is about to say something back to Donna when the Feds show up. Instead, she closes her mouth for a second. Then she touches the side of her head. "Braxten," she says loudly, "Yes, Braxten, this is Velda Cronstedt. " Apparently she made a call, "Yes, you have a client now by the name of Michael Murphy; he is being taken in, I am not sure what the charges are, but he has been bound by law." She looks at one of the feds. "May have your badge number; he has a lawyer. Father, I would keep your mouth shut." She offers.

"Give me a moment Father," Struggling that last shoe off, Darius was making his way to the tank, bare feet on the steps, hauling himself up to the precarious seat above the water, when the pin drops on the grenade and there is unprecidented WTF going on. So shocked by this turn of events is he, that he stands on the dunk tank lip, slackjawed and holding onto the rails as he blinks in utter surprise. "Arrest on what grounds?" he calls over, suddenly holding a steady voice, which is rarely heard in him. Excuse him a moment, as he slides back down and limps his way toward the officers, barefoot and slightly damp from the pool edge. He slips his right hand to his pants pocket and pulls out his ID card, proffering it without a single word and with a lot of frowning, to the female agent for scanning.

Whatever that pill was, it's gone now. However, the bottle of them is sitting not far from where Michael is now, at the dunk tank table. On another little table along with Edwin's cigarettes and drink. Michael is getting all set to wind up and throw the ball, when the words from that rigid man hit his ears. Hate to break it up? What? Michael's brow furrows. Then Mykaela and the words 'bound by law' come next, and Michael blinks. The ball falls from his left hand, completely forgotten as he turns toward the sound of that voice. This puts him almost exactly face to face with the woman who speaks the same words at him! "Wait. What?" That's about all he can get out, and his skin has paled to the point that there's no color to him at all. His silver eyes are wide with fear. He isn't moving now. And it might be obvious to at least some people that Michael isn't moving because he /can't see/. Slowly, though, he brings his arms up and holds them out to show that he has nothing in them. He doesn't even ask as much as Mykaela had. He doesn't seem capable at this moment in time. As pale as he is, it might be all he can do to stay on his feet. His head turns a little more, toward the sound of Edwin's voice. The fear is building toward panic. Anybody who knows him would be able to see that. The pecaeful serenity he normally displays is not showing at all. Nope. Still not capable of speech in this moment. All he does is swallow hard and keep his mouth shut.

<FS3> Michael rolls Body: Success. (5 9)
<FS3> Michael rolls Willpower: Great Success. (6 8 10 9 3 9 5 9)

Mr. Rigid is watching Mykaela with a firm gaze. "Conspiracy to commit murder, for you. If I was you, I'd want to shut up about now," he suggests. "Hands on your head." He's already going for the cuffs. He totally misses Chandra picking up the donation box - that's not part of what they care about here, so Chandra manages to get inside with it, clean. He glances over to Vel, scowling. "I'm Sergeant Ivan Menchell. Badge number four niner stroke three two eight six. Attached to the local Fed Station, where we're taking these two. Process of law will be followed," he says it darkly, in a stay-out-of-our-way sort of tone.
Miss Stern has a hand on a holstered sidearm that was concealed under her clothes. It's as if they expect an armed response. Half noticing Edwin closing in, she barks, "stay back, sir, this is official business." And then Darius is stepping up to show her a card. She barely looks at it. "I don't care who you are. These two are wanted for committing multiple murders over the past three months. Take it up with the station commander." She has cuffs out in her other hand now, and snaps one of them around one of the priest's wrists, moving to pull that arm behind him as she steps around him, releasing her grip on her weapon at last to reach for Michael's other arm.
Donna looks as stunned as anyone else here, mouthing a "what the…" as the Feds pounce on Michael and Mykaela. She stays put, keen eyes taking everything in. Maybe sh'll see something that will be useful at some point.

<FS3> Darius rolls Willpower: Good Success. (4 6 10 5 3 9 1)

Vel repeats what the Mr. Rigid says, the rank is given along with the badge number, the office they are going to. Yes, she is the lady from Galaxy quest repeating info. When she is done talking she calls out to Michael. "You have a lawyer do not talk." To the Feds she says, "His lawyer is Braxten Adams." She looks leans back on her heels and grows quiet and takes a step back. She then taps the side of her ear hidden beneath her hair. She is now most likely recording.

A pastry snagged from the table with gaze flicking about the crowd and Jay half lifts gloved fingers in a wave towards Myk. And that's when the Feds roll in which cause him to blink with nose twitching, he munches on the pastry as his free hand slips towards the heavy pistol hidden beneath duster. Dusting fingers off on duster as another pastry is snagged, he refrains from drawing the weapon in favor of not having new stitches and scars. Rather, he strangles the desire to do so and simply stays where he is and munches on another pastry.

Edwin stops when he's told to and then watches as the woman practically manhandles Michael. "Hey! Careful! If he's just a suspect that doesn't make him guilty so he deserves a little better treatment than that." Not to mention, she's whirling around a blind man who has already been unsteady on his feet. There's fear in Edwin's eyes and then he looks over to Vel and mouths the words 'thank you' if she's looking his way and able to see such. Of course, Edwin does have a little more respect for the feds than his sister does, so he stays where he stopped and just looks towards Michael and then over to Mykaela. "We'll figure this out. I promise…" Then back to Michael. "Marcus. I love you. It'll be alright…"
Chandra comes back out of the church now that the money is securely somewhere else, even if it didn't need to be. She comes out in a fury too, looking at the man who's got Mykaela all about to be handcuffed. "What right do any of y'all ruttin purple bellied bastards got to be interruptin' a church affair and be arrestin' folks ain't done nothin' wrong!" She's steps away from Mister Stern-Face when she spouts off too, and has no immediately seeming intentions to stand herself down.

Darius's jaw squares as much as it is able. The fed station. He knows where THAT is. Nodding curtly to the female officer, he turns on his heel, limping to jacket, shoes and hat. It's a good job they're slip-ons, but it still isn't the most graceful of things for him to get them on with the state of flexibility he completely lacks. PDA retrieved from his pocket, he starts a hasty transmission, typing one handed and with the skill of one that's had to do THAT at least, quite frequently. An ear piece is also pulled free from the device and gently placed in his ear, the tiny little filament from it pulled down to his mouth. "Kais, please send the car to the church in eavesdown. Yes, that one. There is an incident. Inform… mother, also."

Michael closes his eyes and just concentrates on breathing instead of hyperventillating. Concentrates on getting his breathing slowed down and deeper steadier breaths. He doesn't speak to the cop arresting him, but his eyes open as he continues to focus on his breathing. The moment she touches her, he jumps, flinching like he hadn't expected the touch. The cop will feel that he's tense, and his limbs tremble ever so slightly. But the fear is fading from his eyes. This has to be some kind of mistake. He winces as his arm is pulled behind him, but now he's expecting what happens, and so doesn't jump when his other arm is touched. He doesn't fight it being moved and cuffed. He doesn't resist at all. He does finally speak. First to Edwin. "Aye, Eddy. I love ye too." His voice his soft, but audible enough. Then to Chandra who he can also hear. "Chandra, don't get yerself arrested. We're innocent. 'twill get sorted out." The Vicar has come to the fore, burying the fear and panic somewhere deep down inside of him where it isn't affecting him in the moment. It might come back out later, but not right now! For now, he doesn't resist at all. And he says nothing further unless something comes up that needs saying.

Conspiracy to… wait, what…? The notion is absurd! At least, it's absurd to her. She's a doctor, she took an oath to save lives not take lives. She's not only surprised, but shocked and in disbelief of it as well. Her brain stalls as though there's literally been a wrench jammed in the gears of it. She wants to argue it, to shout at them about how crazy such a thing is, to do anything but meekly obey. If she was about to say anything at all, she ends up saying nothing, rendered quiet perhaps by the words spoken to her or perhaps by the serious nature of the situation. She's never been arrested before for anything, and there's a visible tremble to her hands as she lifts them to her head, her cheeks paler now than before this all had happened, and it would seem she has no resistance to offer. It's overwhelming, and more than a little nerve-wracking. This can't really be happening, right? Maybe it's all just a terrible dream. A terrible, awful, horrible nightmare. Since she'd had to turn in order to face the Fed making accusations against her, it's her back that's towards the food table now. And she dares not look to anyone lest her look be deemed as 'in league with' and condemn someone. She might be scared, but at least she doesn't pass out or throw up on the man's shiny shoes. Which would have been likely, yesterday… and will be likely when her current dose of meds wears off, which she isn't thinking about in the moment.

Menchell (Mr. Rigid) doesn't seem fazed by Vel's quick action to get a lawyer involved, nor by her recording things. He likewise ignores the words hurled by Chandra. A few other crowd members are recording events, others are starting to disperse, while others simply watch in amazement. The cordon of Feds around the scene thickens, but allows people to depart… the entire squad's focus is on the two suspects. Menchell actually gives Mykaela a respectful nod, stepping around her now to clip cuffs onto one wrist, then pull them down behind her back to complete the process.
Miss Stern does take Michael's other hand, pulling it behind his back to finish cuffing him. With one hand gripping the cuffs and the other moving to his bicep, she pulls Michael around to face a new direction. "Walk," she instructs, giving him a nudge to get him started. If he wavers or stumbles, she'll keep a firm grip on him which might help keep him steady even. None of her actions come across as gentle. "You can drop the act now, we've got you," she adds, in a low tone meant just for him. They're headed for a side street where a heavily armored car has been parked - open rear door facing the festivities. The armed feds in that direction start moving into the crowd, pushing open a corridor leading the way to the paddy wagon.

Chandra scowls as she's not answered, and she's about to storm after them when her brother, of all people, comes over to her to take her by the shoulder. "No, Chandra…we can't meddle. You know this…" He says and she turns to him, anger and fear in her eyes before she looks away from him. "It's not fair…" She offers before he nods and pulls her in for a hug. "I know it's not… but we'll figure it out. Okay? And remember… not all connected to the Alliance are bad people. Please remember this…" He says this much more and then looks around the gathering as the crowd slowly but surely begins to disperse. A video will likely pop up soon and that causes him to scowl a little. "Come on…" He looks around. "Let's go have a smoke, figure out what our next move is." He does shift to walk past Darius offering him a "Thank you." Then he tries to see if he can walk past Vel. If so, he offers the same to her and then to both he offers, "We'll be behind the church. There's a little spot where we smoke…" And then he turns and moves with Chandra towards that certain spot.

Vel watches and listens, well records what is going on. She studies their movement from the how straight she is standing with her shoulders back she would appear to be waiting for either an attack or another shoe to drop. She looks to Edwin and offers him a bow of her head and a nod as he walks past. She looks back over to Darius.

Darius steps to the doors of the church, following the general stomp of Alliance out to those paddywagons. He watches the feds march, looking up to the sky and back across the crowd and to the lady Velma. Very shortly, a sleek little personal transport with the very recognizable symbol of Blue Sun glides to the dust of Eavesdown, a lean persian man in a suit and dark, mirrored glasses stepping out to hold the door open. "We will be going to the fed station, Kais." "Yessir. Contact has been sent to Osiris."

There's no resistance from Michael. He literally isn't capable of resisting. Not right at the moment. He stumbles as he's pulled around, feet tangling briefly on each other with the sudden movement. When he's directed, and nudged, he starts walking in the direction he's shoved. He doesn't speak, but it's obvious her words about an act have him confused. As they reach a slightly rough spot in the grass, Michael's left foot catches on a bit of turf sticking up that he just can't see. He trips on it and likely would have gone down if his jailor hadn't held him up. Act? There is no act here. This man obviously cannot see what's right in front of his face. He's still far too pale, but at least some of the color has come back to his face so he is no longer white as a ghost. In that way of blind people everywhere, Michael's eyes don't focus in on anything or anyone. Finally, "I don't know what ye're talkin' about." He listens for one voice in particular, but he isn't hearing it now. They're too far apart and that voice is too quiet to hear over the murmur of the crowd still watching and recording. "Mikki? Are ye okay?" He isn't even sure she's nearby, let alone whether or not she's okay.

There are too many questions that need asking. Too many answers that need finding. Too many ideas and words and thoughts that tumble over each other in a mish-mash jumble of noise in her brain. Her brain feels squidgy, nary a concise thought to be had within it. She has no focus, left ungrounded, turned numb from the shock of it all. She doesn't struggle or fuss or resist at all, letting the Fed secure her into cuffs as he wishes to do. No good outcome would be the result of any fuss she might give. Mykaela is quieter than a church mouse, which likely seems an almost unnatural thing in and of itself, for those who know her. "I'm behind you, Marc. I'm okay," she replies, trying to be loud enough that he'll hear her while not being too loud. And going quiet right after.

Miss Stern does indeed yank on her prisoner to keep him from falling (or fleeing). "Committed, I see," she remarks, and keeps pressing him forward. They soon reach the wagon, and she slows. At least she starts treating him as a blind man, if that's how he's playing it. "There are two steps up into the wagon here. It's a low ceiling. In you go," she'll guide him in as much as she can, and manhandle him in the rest of the way.
Menchell isn't as rough with his charge, telling Mykaela, "okay, let's go," and following along through the opened corridor to the wagon. He likewise guides her up the steps - both arresting officers settling inside the passenger compartment of the van, along with two of the armed cops. Pulse rifles are known to knock the hardiest of people to unconsciousness. The wagon is closed up and moves along, accompanied by an appropriate escort.
Half of the Fed force remains on the scene. "All right everyone, move along, the show's over." They work to disperse what's left of the crowd, and secure the church (which will no doubt be searched carefully, along with both suspects' living quarters).

Second pastry devoured, washed down with the contents held within his flask and Jay's fingers twitch in desire to flick duster aside, draw weapon, and… He takes a deep breath with eyes closing a moment and snags a bit more healthy bite of food. One of those little sandwiches that is quickly consumed and he snatches up another pastry. "Great…" He rumbles about a bite of pastry as he hangs by the food table for the moment and out of the way.

That little bit of direction is a good thing. But even with it, he isn't sure just how close to the wagon he is and he smacks his shin on the bottom step before he finds it. Mykaela's answer seem to bring him at least some measure of peace, at least! Then he's being guided and manhandled into the wagon. With the low ceiling, he still bumps his head on it, despite the warning. He doesn't know about the pulse rifles, which might be a good thing for his state of mind. Once in and seated, awkwardly because of the cuffs, he remains silent for the duration of the ride.

Vel stands there a little longer her back still straight, and her fist are now balled up. There is a look of anger in her eye, that she is keeping in check. She takes a deep breath, "I will be back, I need to feed and walk a dog."

Donna looks plenty concerned, but not actually angry. "I… will be at work. Wave if you need me," she tells Vel, and heads off in her own direction.

(Scene adjourned to the Fed Station.)

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