(2530-04-20) Red vs Blue on air!
Summary: The Cortex view of the Red vs Blue docks incident
RL Date: 19 Apr 2020
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The local Cortex channels, only.

The local Channel 9 News ("A Finger On The Pulse Of Eavesdown") has been running the story all day, at least until it was displaced by the more newsworthy pig born with two heads. Their cameraman caught long-distance shots of purplebellies rushing someone on a stretcher, shooting, explosions, people running, a fighter flying erratically and disappearing out of sight, and an escaped cow. Their rookie reporter, a personable young lady with long wild green hair and a gushingly enthusiastic manner, made up for missing all the cameraman's shots by interviewing at length an old man. He spent the interview interrupting her and waving a pretzel threateningly, cursing the Alliance in such explicit terms that the reporter turned to the cameraman and whispered in embarrassment, "We can't use that!" Of course they used it.

The piece is wrapped up by a still of the Alliance flag. The Fed spokesman's words are played, the caption reading 'Statement from Captain Sven Lindholm, Alliance Navy'. The bastard phoned in his statement to the press. "Today, a joint readiness exercise was terminated in an overabundance of caution when discrepancies were found in the equipment records. Two soldiers were treated for minor injuries when a munition malfunctioned, and a small number of civilian casualties were reported when agitators in the crowds failed to follow clear instructions to disperse, causing a minor panic that was rapidly bought under control. A freighter bound for Beylix disobeyed Air Traffic Control's instructions and lifted into the path of an Alliance fighter, causing light damage to the fighter and forcing it to make a precautionary landing. The freighter fled, but the crew will be bound by law in Beylix."

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