(2530-06-23) Gone But Not Forgotten
Summary: Memoir Summary
RL Date: 23/06/2020
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Cabin 07, Seraphim

Timur remembers his twin. Through all his years he remembers, and not just because his parents told him about his twin, but because he has memories. Memories like vivid dreams that can’t be forgotten no matter how old he is. And because of that empty place in him that misses his twin like an amputee misses their limb.

From birth, he shared everything with his twin. They were together, those months before they could walk they shared the same breath in their basket where they lay side by side. Little heart beats in rhythm, his twin’s urging his own along, urging Timur’s heart to grow stronger. Then they shared what meager food there was for the two little boys, and shared the mischief that could be had when a mother’s back was turned. They shared that magical cupcake that Timur will always remember. Not just because it was so unheard of for their family to have any kind of cake, but because it was the last thing he ever shared with his twin.

The warnings of the Company being on the move again came too late to their little village.
Everyone had heard of the Company (although they didn’t know it by name), “When Ezra passes the constellation of the beetle, the men come to gather the healthy, strong boys” - the ones old enough to not need their mother’s milk, but young enough to forget their mothers given enough time. It had been an age since the last time it happened, and some thought it an old wives’ tale to scare unruly boys into behaving. But on this fateful day after they turned three, the twins found the story to be true. For months after, just the sound of footsteps coming to the door would send Timur scurrying to hide. To this day, his first thought is to disappear when loud noises of someone approaching sound outside. The Company took Timur’s twin, and left him, the smaller and sicklier of the two, to languish; but not to die as they had suspected he would.

Perhaps it was not having to share the food with another mouth any longer, or perhaps it was the fire to find his brother again, but whatever it was, from that horrible day, Timur began to grow stronger. He would never be brawny, but he was healthy and dextrous. He could work with his hands, hands that could deftly pick a pocket before anyone even realized he was there. Until that one day, the young woman grabbed his wrist without even looking at him and dragged him to the back of the shop. He couldn’t shout, because it was his hand he’d lose if he tried to call for help, so he waited to find an opening and run.
The young woman took the coin out of his hand and placed it on the table, then pulled him over to her, eye to eye, and asked him why he stole the money. He lied. She asked him again. He lied again. She asked him a third time, and finally, he told her he needed money to go find his brother. So she told him the truth of The Black. If he wanted to go anywhere to find his brother, there were two people every ship’s captain needed; a pilot and a mechanic. Without those two things, a ship was just a house with engines, sitting on the tarmac. She kept the coin but told him to come back the next day and be her apprentice. She would teach him to be a mechanic, and he could fly around the ‘Verse someday to find his brother.

He came back the next day.

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