Our game has the following Organizations. Each character should be a member of one active org.

Active Ship Crews

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel is a supposedly reputable crew that has a Captain who comes from a now disgraced noble family. If you ask the people in the right underground circles you hear that they do very questionable things for people. If you ask anyone outside that circle they are a crew that barely makes ends meet and typically takes small amounts of cargo and passengers for credits.

Org leaders: Martie, Nikias

Silver Dragon

A small Sandfly ship captained by Nicholas Adler, a former Browncoat. He and his small crew take all sorts of jobs that keep them flying, not always on the legal side.

Org leader: Nicholas

Other Active Orgs


The Union of Allied Planets. This org covers anyone actively part of the Alliance "machine" - soldiers, cops, politicians, nobles, and many other career paths are all employed by the Alliance. For more information, see the Alliance page.

Org leader: Staff (NPC: Corinna Abel)

Eavesdown Clinic

The small local hospital of Eavesdown can be found on the Main Street. If you're a doctor, nurse or other medical professional, you can join staff at the clinic and help save lives. You can read more here: Eavesdown Clinic.

Org leader: Finnegan (NPC: Dr. Leo Ito)

House Pearl

The local Companion House in Eavesdown. Admittance requires staff approval.

Org leader: Staff (NPC: Florence Yang)


Criminal activity is pervasive in the Verse, with groups forming, aligning, competing, and committing their crimes on pretty much every single world. Some have a ship and travel the Black while others are ground-based.

In Eavesdown on Persephone, the criminal group in power is referred to as Pepela's Butterflies… she being the daughter of Badger and taking the reins of his criminal organization several years ago. You could play a criminal who works directly for her, or one who is active in Eavesdown without a direct connection. Your character would still need to be aware of the Butterflies and have some relationship with them - possibly selling goods to their fences, or getting odd jobs from them.

Org leader: Staff (for Eavesdown, NPC: Pepela)


This is a catch-all. Anyone not part of another org should join the Unaffiliated org.

Inactive / Past Orgs


The Seraphim was the flagship for United Reclamation, Repair and Supply (URRS) - a company which provides resupply, repair, and support services for many communications arrays, terraforming units, mining rigs, and similar platforms that are out there in the Black, both manned and unmanned. They occasionally serve space stations as well, though those usually have their own supply systems already in place. For more details, see the Seraphim page.

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