Before you may start CharGen you must +accept our game policies. A short version can be found on the relevant page when you start CharGen. Here's the longer version which we ask you to read thoroughly. Once you type +accept and hit enter on the mush we will assume that you have read this longer version and consented to its contents.

Real Age

By writing +accept you confirm that your real age is 18 or above. We cannot accept younger players as we cannot guarantee that players will not encounter mature content on occasion. Should we find out that you lied about your age and are not yet 18, we reserve the right to newpassword and/or nuke your character and block you from logging on again.

Character Age

When you create a new character, their minimum age must be 18. This is again to protect your young character from potential mature content. Should you play a character with IC children younger than 18, you may include them in your RP as NPCs.


You can play more than one character on a game. When you do that, your characters are known as "alts". For the time being we will allow two alts per player. So you could play a shopkeeper on Persephone and a ship's technician having adventures in space.

You can also ask us for a third temporary alt if you are planning a large-scale TP that spans several weeks or months on the understanding that you need this alt to run the TP and the character will eventually go home or die.

Please remember the basic rules of alt use:

  • You are not allowed to have more than one alt in the same scene (except under extraordinary circumstances such as big events that both your chars would have a good reason to attend and only by explicit permission from other players).
  • Your alts may not benefit from each other. I.e. if you play a Fed and a street urchin, you may not use the street urchin to flirt with a smuggler, learn all his secrets, then pass them on to your Fed.

OOC Information

Information learned OOCly (that is, from out-of-character sources) should not be used ICly (in character) unless there is clear reason to believe your character would have learned the same thing. For example, if everyone is talking on the Public channel about a parade through Eavesdown, you can assume that your character has heard about it, and have them show up. However, if someone lets some information slip out through any OOC method (channel, pages, etc) that your character wouldn't know, they cannot act on it. If the Feds are planning a raid, or the crooks are planning a heist, you may not hide your goodies unless you've been tipped off ICly.


We try to keep a fair balance between being a consent-based game and ICA=ICC. What does that mean?

ICA=ICC stands for in-character actions equal in-character consequences. Let's say you're a bratty young pickpocket in the Docks and get collared by a Fed. If you decide to keep playing your character as bratty, giving the Fed some lip (your action), you must expect that the Fed will lock you up and you might be given a prison sentence for your accumulated misdeeds (your consequence). You as the player have to weigh what would be the better course of action for your char and even if you don't like the consequence, you must accept it. No use complaining that you can't RP for a month because your char is locked up.

Any situation that may have serious and unforeseeable consequences for a character, including (but not limited to) major injury, jail time, contracting a disease, being marooned, or having something major given to them or taken away, should be discussed with the player OOCly to gain their consent before it proceeds. If you aren't sure whether the other player(s) can foresee certain consequences, err on the side of checking with them OOCly.


Under no circumstances will we allow non-consent death. If a player is ready to kill off a character in a TP or simply because the character has run their course, it's fine for him or her to go out in a blaze of glory. We expect you will have sorted this beforehand. But we won’t allow you killing another char if the player has not agreed to death, even if the dice say you dealt a deadly blow. In such a case, we’d say, it will be a very serious wound, but not actually kill them (just like that big "death" at the end of a TV season, from which the character manages to return alive and well next season).

Note that if you consent to kill off your character, and build RP around that with others, you can still change your mind about dying but might need to face the other consequences of the situation. For example: if you've promised that your ship passes to another PC after your dramatic exit, and play a month of great RP to lead up to that death, you might decide that you don't want your character to die after all. In a situation like that, we want a solution that everyone can (literally) live with - such as the other PC getting the ship he had expected to get, and your character being presumed dead before coming back.

Sexual Situations

Sex scenes (often called TinySex, or TS) and other sexual situations can and do happen on a game like this.  We're all adults (more or less) and we hope that our players possess the necessary maturity and respect for each other to approach this reasonably. If you and another player consent to having hot steamy sex, sure, rabbit away.  But if a character says no, or if a player informs you that they are not interested in sexual advances, you must accept and respect this.

Another policy about sex scenes is that they must happen in private locations on the game.  If there is no lock on the door, and there is a chance that others will walk in, move it someplace else.  You can always use a TP Room to say "this is the broom closet at Manny's Motel" or "behind the bushes in the Rose Gardens" or wherever - while also being in a locked room so that others aren't going to wander into your sex scene.

Bullying and Harassment

We do not tolerate OOC bullying or harassment of other players. If someone has asked you to leave them alone, or to stop treating them a certain way, show them some respect and do as they ask. Persisting in the unwanted behavior won't get you what you want. Approaching things in a civil manner might actually lead to a resolution that you and the other player can agree on, if that's what you're trying to bring about. (If you're just being mean to be mean… well, stop that and reexamine your life). If you feel that you are being bullied or harassed OOCly, please take screenshots and send them to us, so we can deal with the situation.

Similarly we do not tolerate IC bullying or harassment beyond a certain level. Recognizing that the Verse can be a rough place, we also want everyone to feel comfortable playing together here. If your character treats some group of people with condescension (everyone of a certain race, or gender, or sexual preference, or religion, or whatever), we aren't immediately going to say no - but you do have to be prepared for the IC responses this is sure to bring (remember, ICA=ICC) and for some players to decline to play with you altogether. If asked to tone it down, please work with your fellow players to find a good balance. Conversely, if someone is making you uncomfortable with their gameplay, we suggest that you speak up: let them know it's crossing a line, and you'd like to change direction, and if that doesn't work it's best to excuse yourself from the scene. If someone persists in pushing too far in a direction that you don't want to go, please take screenshots and send them to us, so we can address it.

Admin responses to bullying or harassment can range from a stern talking-to all the way up to perpetual banishment from the game.


While the theme of the Firefly/Serenity Verse contains a broad and varied mix of possibilities, it is not endless. There are no aliens here, no lightsaber wielding Knights, and none of the full plate mail and broadsword variety either. If you intend to play something (especially a TP) that pushes the boundaries of our theme, check in with staff to make sure it doesn't step over the line. We want this to be a Firefly story, not an anything-goes story.

If you want to put a new area, city or even planet into play (for example have your char talk to others about his home town) please talk to staff first about your ideas for the concept so we can be sure it goes well with the overall theme. Once approved, it will be considered part of the Verse, whether it’s coded as part of the grid or not. Read more about how to stay in theme here.

Admin Rights and Responsibilities

Admins reserve the right to:

  • investigate issues that are brought to our attention, using methods appropriate to the gravity of the situation. Our goal here is to protect the safety and integrity of our game and its players, and ensure that game policies are being followed. We will not use investigations to be petty or serve our own interests.
  • monitor the activity of individuals involved in ongoing issues. We will communicate with anyone subject to such monitoring. Only in extreme circumstances would we carry out such monitoring on a short term basis prior to communicating with the subject about it.
  • retcon (reverse or alter) any RP that doesn’t correspond with the theme of the mush and/or is deemed damaging to the timeline/overall story.

Admins will not enter a room with other players, DARK and/or not announcing themselves. Admins will ask for permission to join any players in a private room, prior to joining, if being in the same room is deemed helpful for communicating and working through a situation. Admins will not abuse their powers to "spy" or "meddle" - all monitoring and disciplinary action is for the sake of the game and its playerbase as a whole, not of any individual admin.

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