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In 2518, the crew of Serenity uncovered the secret of how the Reavers came to be, broadcast that information to the Verse, and instigated the "Universe Battle". They drew the main Reaver fleet away from Miranda into a confrontation with the Alliance over a communications relay station. While the Reavers did inflict some heavy, haphazard damage, the better organized and equipped Alliance fleet soon gained the upper hand and destroyed most of the Reaver force.

Following the battle, the Alliance did make an effort to clear away any additional Reavers around Miranda. Some Reaver ships escaped this cleanup, and there were other groups of roaming Reavers which weren't near Miranda or Mr. Universe's relay station at the time. These small bands continued to roam and attack settlements on the Rim, rebuilding their numbers in the process. They gravitated toward Deadwood for a time, attacking settlements there and on the moons of Haven and New Omaha. Settlers alerted the Alliance and mounted their best defenses, resulting in the "Battle of Deadwood".

This drove the Reaver force off again, but didn't crush it (as some hoped). Instead, the remaining Reavers flew into the Uroboros Belt where they remain today. They prey on (and disrupt) the mining operations in the asteroid belt, and conduct occasional raids on other parts of the Blue Sun system. There are fewer Reavers than there were before the Universe Battle, so the threat of running across them is reduced. Settlers and travellers still keep out a wary eye. There has been some talk of attempting to wipe out the last of the threat, but the Reavers' new position among the asteroids makes that nearly impossible.

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