The Seraphim was the flagship for United Reclamation, Repair and Supply (URRS) - a company which provides resupply, repair, and support services for many communications arrays, terraforming units, mining rigs, and similar platforms that are out there in the Black, both manned and unmanned. They occasionally serve space stations as well, though those usually have their own supply systems already in place.

The company formed just after the war as "United Reclamation" - a salvaging operation which accepted former soldiers from both sides, who wanted to put the conflict behind them. The Seraphim was the company's first ship, and became its most flexible workhorse. It came out of the Independent Navy's shipyards just as the war closed, and didn't see active service. After several successful salvaging runs, the company cornered the 'space platform' market around Persephone and established its headquarters in Eavesdown - where it now has a permanent base with their own private shipyard.

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