Setting of the Mush

The TV show Firefly and the movie Serenity took place in the year 2517, six years after the Unification War ended.

Our story picks up twelve years later in 2529. War veterans on both sides are still around, although slowly heading towards middle age. There will be occasional smouldering pockets of resistance both by former Browncoats and by younger groups with an itch to rebel against the powers that be. The Alliance holds a tight grip on all Core planets and most Border planets, but leaves the Rim mostly alone as long as deliveries arrive on time.

There are all sorts of people around and available to be played - rebels, smugglers and criminals, captains and crew members of ships, local townspeople and mobile merchants, busybody Feds poking their noses in and well-educated people, usually with a Core background, acting as doctors, lawyers and local politicians.

Please see our CharGen Guide for further information, take a look at our Grid Map to see our locations and browse existing logs to get a better feel for the atmosphere.

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