The Verse relies on various space ships to transport people and cargo between planets. These range from zippy little Arrowhead Couriers with a crew of two to city-sized ships like the Tohoku Cruiser or the Blue Sun Super Freighter. They go from snazzy sleek Alliance ASREVs to ramshackle Fireflies held together by spit and a prayer.

Ships as Coded Rooms

We decided that for the time being we'll do without complicated space flight. In our experience, space flight can get in the way of roleplay (i.e. if you want meet a friend on another planet and realize it takes four hours to fly there) and very often people don't take travel times into account anyway, just zipping from one planet to another like they're taking a bus to the next village over.

So your ship on grid will have one main exit, either to Eavesdown Docks or to Space. Characters can walk to the ship either way (you won't die from walking through Space). Eventually, Space will provide a link to other planets and ships, and we'll have basic flight code so that ships can be moved around. For now, you can pretend that it's wherever you want to say that it is.

Ships for Individuals

If you are operating on your own, you might want to say that your character owns their very own ship. Alternatively, you could say that they are part of some crew, where the other crew members are NPCs. In these cases, we're willing to create a ship for you which is represented by a single grid space (even if it's a larger ship with more rooms). Another choice would be to use a Temp Room for your ship whenever you want to use it for RP.

Even if you plan to use Temp Rooms rather than having a room dug for this type of ship, please send us a +request (or fill in your character background during chargen) with the basic information about your ship: its name, what class of ship it is, and anything else we should know about it. We want to keep track of what ships exist in our Verse.

Ships for Organizations

Organizations are likely to own vehicles of some sort. Some own full spaceships, plus the shuttles attached to those ships. Sometimes an org IS the crew of a spaceship. If you've gotten an active crew together to form a proper organization (see the FAQ for more information on forming an org), we're glad to build a ship grid for you with several rooms.

What rooms will be part of the ship?

To some extent this will be informed by the size and purpose of your ship. The general layout for a Firefly Class ship would be something like this:

  • Cargo Bay
  • Communal Space (like a Galley)
  • Cockpit
  • Captain's Cabin
  • 1 Cabin per active crew member

An example: You're Captain Cork and you have recruited three friends to be your crew - Waldo as the muscle, Tricia as the pilot, and Bert as the smooth-talking cargo coordinator. When you request a ship, we'll set up a Communal Space and one other room of your choice (Cargo Bay, Bridge, Engine Room), plus four cabins - one for each crew member. If you're able to recruit another crew member, say Jojo as a techie to keep your ship flying, you can +request a new cabin for them. But please only do so when your crew is growing. If Waldo has found love on Persephone and moved in with the baker Jeanny, allocate his cabin to a new crew member rather than requesting another room. We'll help you to change the name from Waldo's Cabin <WC> to Jojo's Cabin <JC>.

What if we need another room added?

We understand that good reasons can come up to add another RP space to your ship. Say you hire a permanent medic, and frequently have injuries that need tending. You can apply to have a Surgery / Med Bay room created where your crew can receive the proper treatment. Or you may want an engine room if you have an active mechanic or two. We prefer to set up permanent rooms for the things that will see the most use in RP.

Ships will be set up with the ability to use Temp Rooms, so that you can create some of these spaces on the fly (even unique nooks and crannies, like a closet, or the bogs, if you have some reason to RP there). If you want something more permanent, you can +request from staff to add another room. Please note that whether you're using a Temp Room or adding a permanent room, you shouldn't be breaking the laws of physics and stretching your ship out to somehow have dozens upon dozens of rooms!

Will you desc the rooms for us?

No. Sadly, our days have only 24 hours, too. We'll dig the rooms and exits for you, but you will have to supply the descriptions. After all, the rooms should look like you WANT them to look. Floral tapestry? A golden toilet? Sure, be our guest, but please be realistic. Cabins on space ships don't have the height for your gothic four-poster bed.

Ship Classes

While the Verse has dozens, perhaps hundreds, of different types of ships to choose from, we'll stick with a certain set of small to mid-sized ships for the ones that actually get used on the game. These will be the ones that can be operated by a small crew, and fit into the story that we're telling with our characters. If there's a particular type of ship you dream of using, and it isn't listed here, you can always contact us to discuss your idea.

Small Craft

  • Shuttle (various types)
  • Arrowhead
  • Thunderbird
  • Wren

Fighter Craft

  • Alliance Fast Attack Ship (AFAS)
  • Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessel (ASREV)

Mid-size Craft

  • CL-54 "Mighty" Mogushchestvenniy
  • Firefly
  • Hanover
  • Komodo
  • Peregrine
  • Sandfly
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